SpecDrums Unboxing & Review | Future Tech Reviews | NowThis

SpecDrums Unboxing & Review | Future Tech Reviews | NowThis

This device turns colors into music and your fingers into instruments. Join Dain as he unboxes and reviews SpecDrums.
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Please note that this video was originally published on December 22, 2017. Since filming this video, the Specdrums team has begun manufacturing these rings and shipping to their customers. They’ve also made updates to their iOS and their Android software, such as adding looping and customization features and resolving bugs.

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I tried out these spectrums and I'm here to tell you about them they're these little silicone rings that register color and play a sound when you hit a color all you have to do is link the Rings up to your phone or tablet and get to making some music it comes with this little like dual USB charger I just plug mine into my computer then you also have to make sure that your bluetooth is on and if it's not on they're not gonna works very well first you have to connect them and all you do to do that is tap a surface any surface until they start lighting up if you see the light all you do to sync it up to a color on this well I'm gonna introduce there's this blank button right here all you have to do is press and hold that blank button while your tap on a color that works hold that down and tap on a color and it pops up with a note pad so now orange is cheap you can also do different instruments so if you go up to this little keyboard guy right here you can see that you can change the tone so I want a soul organ I would love I would love one of those oh yeah oh that's the good stuff okay now that we have it set up a little bit I would love to try this out on some other people in our FinCEN see what they think of spectrums here is a set these are my channels II know my chin is a lot of notes that's all hey why am I here so the spectrums worked on and off with taya they worked well and then they didn't work for Anju we had some trouble hooking these up to an Android device at first the people in spectrums are aware that this is a problem the Android app is really just a placeholder and they're working on a better app so I'm really excited for that to come do I think this is an amazing idea for our products definitely do we think that they have it right just right now I don't know it might take a little bit but they are a lot of fun it's a really exciting and cool thing to play around with just make sure you have an iPad ride

6 thoughts on “SpecDrums Unboxing & Review | Future Tech Reviews | NowThis

  1. Part of me wants to pick 2 of the rings up and build a soundboard hook it to an amp and see if you can gig with them in simple settings behind a guitar or two, but then I see the video where the werent even responding properly and definitely will avoid it. If they worked properly it’d definitely be a shot I’d take cause I like the potential but looks more than likely like it’s gonna be dead on arrival due to iffy at best response. If you wanna make and keep a beat or make a simplified background track with them it’ll kill everything when they don’t register one time let alone that many.

  2. Looks like something a 6 year old would want I mean they already have stuff like that out but this is for adults I guess. I would look kinda weird tapping everything with my finger outside in public lol.

  3. This is pretty old now, this was a Facebook video launched in early spring of 2018 and is not at all what Sphero is launching with.

  4. Specdrums iPad and iPhone app is incredible! You can record sounds, share sounds and kits, record beats and loops, and even learn sight reading through their activity booklet. It's great for younger kids and electronic musicians alike. It works as a MIDI controller for programs like garage band and ableton.

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