Sophomore Year Advice & Tips | Back To School 2019

Sophomore Year Advice & Tips | Back To School 2019

Welcome back to my channel!! In this video, I give you advice for your sophomore year of high school. These are tips that my friends and I came up with. I hope that this video helps you to successfully complete your sophomore year of high school. I really hope you enjoy(ed) this vlog, and if you did, be sure to leave a thumbs up, and subscribe to see more of my vlogs! If you have any video suggestions, please let me know! Have an amazing day, God bless.

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hey guys and welcome welcome back to my youtube channel so for today's video I'm not gonna be doing a vlog but I am gonna be doing a remake of my most popular video except this time instead of freshman year advice it's gonna be sophomore your advice because I just finished off more year everybody seems to really like my freshman and vice videos so I thought I would come back and do another one for the next year of high school to help all of you guys that are going into your sophomore year so I really hope this advice helps you guys if it does make sure you've a thumbs up and subscribe to see more of my content and let's get on with the video so first off I just want to say to come up with some ideas for this video on top of my own I posted a poll on my private Instagram and asked people for sophomore advice I'm just gonna be reading the info people gave and then adding to it with my own advice so I really hope that's helpful I thought it would be helpful to get more ideas into it instead of just my own so let's get started also I'm sorry about the lighting changing honestly New England weather is doing what it wants today so that's interesting I look like a ghost whatever no worries so a lots checked by instapoll this was like two addi weeks ago that I did it I just haven't had like time to sit down and film a video but the poll is still available to read the responses here we are this is what I posted my people responded I mean my little fella said haha the last person that responded said tell them nobody cares about their car keys and I think that's actually pretty funny because there's a lot of jokes about that I just want to say I don't care if you swing run your car he's like good for you I never did that because literally no one cares so you have a car but what I will say about this topic is that once you do get your license just watch out for the snakes that are gonna try and get ride from you when they don't even like you but they just want to use you for your car and it's messed up so don't let that happen to you only give us your friends and if some snakes are trying to you know be hitchhikers freaking make them pay you that's my life advice to make them pay you actually I really have that happen to me too often only a few times and I was just like sorry people be like can you give me a ride to school and I'm like I can't even wake up early on to get myself to school and it's literally true so it's like no like I was lying but I also just don't wanna get with people right but let's keep going someone else said honestly this would be the easiest year so live it up and enjoy every minute of it I do think my sophomore year was harder than my freshman year but I can agree with what she's saying because your freshman year it's all new and you're trying to get used to it so it's like it seems really hard because everything is like everything changed and you're trying to adapt to all these new people and all these new classes and the homework load and all that type of stuff but sophomore year you're already used to it and sophomore year is like not a very important year of course you should still try your best and do well sophomore year but like compared to junior year which is super important sophomore year is kind of just like getting you ready but are you ready for junior year so yeah I can mostly agree with that I still think I'm sophomore year hit me pretty hard literally hit me pretty hard cuz I had a concussion and that was tough so that kind of like set me back but you know still finish this school year with something to be is so lifelike I'm kidding but you know one of my friends said if you don't try sophomore year you'll regret it and this is very true if you don't try you're literally gonna be like looking at your grades at the end of the year and you're gonna be like what the heck did I do and that is so true because especially if you're like trying to go to a really good college you're trying to get a scholarship or something like that you need to try every year high school and you can't just like fool around for a year because you only have four I mean teenager does matter but because you've already been accepted into college or for senior year ends it's not that big of a deal so you have three years where you really need to like do your best and show off to schools and now it's super stupid because we're supposed to be focused on learning instead we're focused on getting into college which is horrible but you know you gotta play the game so you need to do well for at least those three years do really strongly and you can get into a good school so try sophomore year one of my other friends said don't procrastinate it's okay to make new friends be yourself enjoying clubs I would totally agree with all of what she's saying do not compress her name I procrastinated so much I would do assignments the class before it was due do I recommend it no but do we finish the system of course we did because at least three school nights a week I had to work like 3:00 to 10:00 or 4:00 to 10:00 so did I have time to do homework absolutely not so um there comes my advice as well if you're going to work I could recommend probably don't work 30 hours a week while you're going to school and that's five days a week for me um because that literally sucks probably don't do that but if you have to do that make sure that you're keeping up with your schoolwork I did it I literally don't know how I did it try not to procrastinate I think my advice would be whether you have a job or not or if you're playing sports or whatever you're doing trying it you're worked out in school that way when you go home you don't have to worry about it and you can do other things that's my greatest life tip yeah definitely make new friends I made a lot of new friends this year stop talking to a lot of people was my life better of course it was I have like some really great friends now and I'm really happy so thank you to sophomore year for giving me good friends definitely be yourself because you don't want to make friends that don't like you for you because you're not acting like yourself and you don't want to like stray away from what you believe in you want to just like stay true to yourself and as cheesy as it is I'm being serious guys just be yourself because why'd you waste your time trying to be someone else that sounds pretty stupid to me and join clubs yes let me give you my advice if you go to a high school that has deca oh my gosh please for the life of you if you're interested in business or any sort of business at all any aspect of it join deca because that goes literally grate like I'm like the biggest advocate I'm actually an officer from my deck a chapter but I love it so much so it's basically like you come up with business ideas I guess that's like one part of it and then you compete against people and it's really fun and you can get scholarships you can get your college paid for and it's just such a fun experience you can go on trips with your friends we went to Florida for literally a week it was so fun we went to Disney we competed it was just I just loved that guy so I highly recommend joining clubs with stuff you're interested in especially deca this kid says don't act like you're on par with the seniors yet I don't know if I agree or disagree with this statement because really the seniors at this point are only two years older than you in two years in the scheme of things is literally nothing so if you want to be friends with seniors honestly be friends with seniors it's actually really good I talked about this in my freshman advice video it's good to be friends with older kids because they can help you with what classes to take what to do but sports to play like all the type of stuff being friends with older kids is great I mean I guess you don't have to act like you're on par with them you don't want to act like you're a senior and you're a sophomore but definitely be friends with them and don't make any enemies I mean like seniors can really help you out but it also is kind of sad when they go to college I worked with a lot of seniors and now I go into college and it's actually super sad someone else says teachers won't be as lenient as they were freshman year but this is very true all your teachers are gonna say isn't freshman year anymore you need to do your homework blah blah blah blah and they're all really annoying but like I that's how they're gonna act there's no way around it so just do your work and don't act like a freshman anymore because honestly at this point you're gonna be turning 16 you need to grow up anyways so like don't expect your teachers to act the same way they did freshman year because they probably won't but some of them will probably treat you like a younger child than your freshman teachers did so I don't know say about that teachers are weird okay this is my favorite response that I got this was from friend Mackenzie Mackenzie for watching this girl this is great advice she says there's a fine line between enjoying your teenage years and destroying your future oh my gosh I could make I might make a whole video about this so I think that this really is super important like you don't I'm not gonna go into any detail so I don't want to offend any people but my friends probably know what I'm thinking right now but mocking saying I'm just gonna say don't do things that you know you should be doing don't do things that could destroy your future I say before you do something that your question about because I know if you're doing something when you're a teenager you're questioning everything you're doing and if you're not you should be so if you're like questioning something you're about to do really think of the consequences in the long-term effects of what you're going to be doing and how your parents are gonna react and how your friends you're react here teachers are gonna react and just don't do stupid things that aren't true to yourself just so that people will like you or just you can have fun because you can have fun doing literally anything I'm minigolf for fun I'm enjoying my teenage years so you can enjoy your teenage years but you also don't have to be ruining your future stay in school kids don't do drugs that's my advice this girl says upperclassmen that take you in don't necessarily have your best interest with a crime oh geez so I honestly couldn't tell you if she's talking about senior boys or if she's just talking about like senior friends I think she's talking about senior friends but we'll talk about bolts oh yes some senior friends honestly might try to manipulate you because you're younger and you're immature and you're impressionable just look out for the signs if you see red flags you need to sit down and if we can put that all together and just crack the code like don't ignore red flags even in friendships yeah she's definitely talking about friendships so take her advice because I've seen what happened with this situation also if you're a girl and senior boys are talking to you I'm just gonna say it flat out they probably want you for sex maybe they don't maybe they don't but maybe they do so just make sure you know them before you hang out with them that's that this girl says if you thought freshman year was bad does it uh surprise and she's right yeah I loved my freshman year I literally had so much fun and like I was just having the time of my life guys like I literally loved it like I thought it was kind of hard but I was like breathing duties classes and then sophomore year literally hit me like a truck so I wouldn't say it's very fun sophomore year was not fun for me but also I was working 30 hours a week I was playing volleyball so it's kind of like a lot it wasn't like a normal sophomore year probably so it's definitely pretty hard keep your mindset on the right things this boy says Jule isn't cool I'm not gonna go too deep into that but I could agree that jewel is not cool doing in the bathrooms is a bad idea when you should be in class stay in school kids do drugs all I think well I think more about Julia but I'm gonna say is I don't see any benefits of drawing and I see that it wastes money do it that information what you will I'm not addicted to nicotine that's that I also have some notes at my own advice so we will look through that I put a non capped is not easy like I said it's not easy but you'll be okay oh this was a big one I took precalc as a sophomore and I wrote down and my notes study for math yeah so if you've gotten through all nine years of your schooling without studying for math and you think that you need to study for math maybe you're right but also maybe you're wrong because um once you get precalc you probably should study because precalc makes no sense I literally couldn't tell you what I learned in precalc yeah they really couldn't tell you I have no clue because none of it made any sense but we still we still did well in that class study for math even if you think you don't have to because once you take that test you're gonna realize and you do have to oh I wrote your start to notice your real friends this is very very true no matter what's going on you're really going to ask your real friends like who checking up on you who's asking to hang out like who's helping you I don't I don't talk to a lot of people I talk to your freshman year but I do talk to I still talk stock I still talk to like a majority of them yeah you're definitely gonna know who your real friends are and cuz acting correctly towards you you want to be respected by your friends don't people treat you wrong because honey there's no time for that find a balance with a job and set your priorities straight so I think it's very important to get a job when you turn 16 because you're gonna need to learn real life responsibilities even if your parents pay for everything honestly still get a job because that's really gonna help you unless you literally don't have my notes on my friends later we don't have time but if you don't have a job you're gonna like hit college or you're gonna get out of college and literally not know what you're doing so I suggest getting a job now I'm at plus then you'll have some spending money I mean I have a job because I pay for my car every month which really takes a toll on me having a job has taught me a lot I've been working for over a year which is just super fun but it has taught me a lot and yeah just make sure you find a balance between school and work or I kind of talked about this it's hard to find a balance if you think you're working too much or class the way I think about it I work a lot because like I said I had to pay for my car but also I don't have to work as much as I do because I only really have to pay for my car and like my Spotify membership but just understand how many hours you need to work to get by with what you need to pay for and then decide if you want to work more do you have actually spending money or if you don't want to work more I work a lot because I have an expensive tastes and I like to buy myself things and I like to do fun things and eat Chipotle like every day oh and I wrote start to play in your high school future so freshman year I went on Google sheets and I planned out all my classes are gonna take from my high school career so then this year when it came time to choose my classes for junior year I had it ready and I just chose those classes and it's really helpful because then you can decide like what's gonna fit in your schedule what you need to take to graduate all that type of stuff so i really suggest doing that i mean it's just it's a really big like I don't really big endeavor for your future it's a really big thing to do and a lot of people don't do it because who really looks that far into the future I'm sorry that the camera moves my camera just decided it was gonna stop recording because the SD card was full but what I was saying was I don't remember what I was saying so that's so cute yeah I just said have fun like try to have fun on the weekends when you can try and make sure that you're still hanging out with your friends because it's really important to get out and do things and not just stress too much on schoolwork I think school is very important and it should be your number one priority at the same time worrying about it and stressing about it too much is very unhealthy trying to find things that you enjoy and people that you enjoy doing it with and have fun I'm pretty sure that's like all the advice I have for you guys you know if you need anything just let me know in the comments and I'm sure I can help you guys out really hope you guys enjoyed this video and that it's going to help you go into your sophomore year if you'd like to you can watch my freshmen hear advice up here I feel that one last year yeah subscribe Zoomer my content and I'll see you guys in my next video bye

29 thoughts on “Sophomore Year Advice & Tips | Back To School 2019

  1. I got a job at 14 literally after freshman year was over but I’m so glad it was a summer job only but still took up 2 out of 3 months of my summer

  2. class of 22, unfortunately I can’t say we’re part of the good generation. too many of us drink and juul to look cool and its sickening. we’ve gotta be better than the 23 kids though 😂 also, i can’t start driving until I’m 16 and even then I have to take a written test first because that’s the Canadian way 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. kind of scared for sophomore year because it’s my first year in a real high school (my district is weird) but this made me so much calmer 💛

  4. ugh sophmore year literally sucked for me because at my school we basically have school 6 days a week (mon-fri is normal school and saturday is office hours from 8-1) and i hung out with friends maybe 3 times outside of school and didnt go to school events because they would be too early where it conflicted with sports or saturday office hours

  5. Just an add on(2021): don’t be afraid to leave people if they cross your boundaries
    Sophomore year you will either have a really good social life or a really bad one and that’s okay.
    You will have at least one mental breakdown guaranteed in high school
    Don’t be afraid to ask for help

  6. ya’ll i’m class of 2021 and sophomore year suuuucked but that was my fault because i overbooked myself with ap classes while going through a bunch of personal stuff. i ended with good grades but compared to my school my 3.9 is trash and i let that get to me. don’t compare yourselves to your classmates because i realized that i was doing the best i could and that’s what mattered so just be aware of your situation and be kind to yourself and you’ll get through!!

  7. Last year (freshman year) i became close friends with a senior who is now in the NAVY and it hard to say bye

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