Smartron P Review | Good Hardware at Under Rs. 10,000

Smartron P Review | Good Hardware at Under Rs. 10,000

Hyderabad-based startup Smartron’s P sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor, a fingerprint scanner, and a 5000mAh battery, while managing an aggressive price that’s under the Rs. 10,000 price bracket. While it offers good hardware, is that enough to make it your first pick? We put it to the test.

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16 thoughts on “Smartron P Review | Good Hardware at Under Rs. 10,000

  1. If i turned on Bluetooth GPS and Data and then plugged it in charging it will definitely BLAST.. Because it heats a lot during charging 😫😫😫

  2. motorola's next generetion e-series smartphone has some really better stuffs than this one and also with a 5000 mah battery
    will it be better than that??? plz help….

  3. It's a decent phone, but when the box reached my home, I was disappointed to find out that the phone was manufactured in China. Smartron's previous two phones were manufactured in India and that gave their user interface a unique look and feel. The user interface in P, being manufactured in China, has a very bland look and feel.

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