SHOTS FIRED! Sean Hannity CALLS OUT MSNBC Host For HILARIOUS Failing Ratings

SHOTS FIRED! Sean Hannity CALLS OUT MSNBC Host For HILARIOUS Failing Ratings

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Brian Flood from FOX News reports, Fox News has been the most-watched cable news network for 70 consecutive quarters after finishing the second quarter of 2019 ahead of MSNBC and struggling CNN in both total day and primetime viewers — as Sean Hannity crushed Rachel Maddow’s show in the 9 p.m. ET hour.

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33 thoughts on “SHOTS FIRED! Sean Hannity CALLS OUT MSNBC Host For HILARIOUS Failing Ratings

  1. Maddow is the only one on the left smart enough to see writing on wall she should start right now changing her narrative she could be only one left on the left standing when smoke clears

  2. I love that they all call him Narcissistic, when they seem more Narcissistic anytime any focus goes somewhere off of them, they turn it around to Trump and themselves. They then in turn are also part of the narrative. They can't handle not having a part of it.

  3. fox at least has token libs on their panels to give a counterpoint to the truth. the commie noise nitwits dont even pretend anymore to be fair balanced or truthful. madcow is not even the worst.

  4. My neighbor is in the FBI and he said they now have a phone APP that can determine if a person is carrying a concealed firearm. He would not explain the technology – but it requires the phone to be in close proximity of the armed person – and then a satellite signal – scan type of event. I hope this will help with all the blunders they have made – failures like Orlando and Boston.

  5. They don't want fox to host a debate because they know they will be asked hard questions. And they won't get the questions handed to them so they can have a study date during their kid sacrifices

  6. Why didn't you call out Rachel for being a tranny and lieing about what sex he is? Now that would be true and entertaining news! just look at that ugly beast.. It's pretty obvious.

  7. There are multiple complaints to the Better Business Bureau about Angel Publishing, LLC charging a 99.00 dollar monthly subscription fee from people, who did not authorize their credit cards. This is the Superpower Check talked about. Nothing is free, if it sounds too good to be true then you know the rest.

  8. N3 IS a BIG DOG, and truth tellers always scare the leftist media
    N3 and Josh both deserve to be on blaze TV with the other Patriots

  9. There is already a cure for cancer. The medial department is not letting out to the public, they would not get funding for research if they let it known, if one was making a claim to have a cure for world peace would you give money for there research , if there then was world peace would you still give money to the organization

  10. Funny how people are still focused on the penny! People need to see the bigger picture, Fox may have better ratings but they rarely talk about the real agenda and that's the one world government. Like a frog we are all slowly being boiled, the US is the last hertel to be toppled once it falls the rest of the planet will follow. Keeping Trump in office seems to be helping fend off the left's agenda but as time goes on it will be harder to do this.

  11. You know what? I noticed I was subscribed to CNN and I never subscribed to them ever. I unsubscribed. Just wonder why they are force friending me. Lol. I can't stand to watch them. Its neck to neck with SNL .So comical and annoying. And Rachel is annoying. Her voice. I just can't

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