SHOP UPDATE!!! Gearvana Cell Phone Repair!!

SHOP UPDATE!!! Gearvana Cell Phone Repair!!

Quick video on update of new video post and also Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year from Gearvana!!!

hey guys what's up it's Isaac from Gear – cell phone repair sorry I haven't been on in about a week I know I posted a week ago we've just been so busy here at the store I mean we've been busy with phones which is a good thing it's a good problem to have usually around this time of year you know we start to slow down a little bit but this year we have not which is perfect because that you know work it's gonna shoot us into 2018 it's already gonna be starting off to a great year so we've been doing about anywhere between on average 15 to like 20 phones a day so that's a lot of phones for us because of the fact that some of these phones were soldering you know some of them were doing glass repairs on them and then the other ones though are you know super simple and easy maybe something simple as like a battery or a pair but that's good profit for us because our margins are like 80 percent or more so yeah I just wanted to give you guys a quick update thank you for everybody emailing me and in getting to me I try to get to the emails as fast as possible like I said I know I've just been you know really busy even even with help here on my other tech in the store and my other assistant we're gonna be hiring a fourth person soon his name is Caleb he's going to be starting here as a rep / um you know beginners tech so I just wanted to keep you guys updated thanks for everything thanks for all the emails that you guys have been sending me I really really appreciate it it means a lot it means the world to me and you guys are my you know oxygen you guys are my energy and any emails you guys need to send me send me the emails like I said I'll try to get back to them as soon as possible um it's hard when when you're busy but I'll do my best and tell your friends about this channel please subscribe and I'll be posting some more videos in the next week I'm like how to's maybe like a couple repair ones and some informational ones but this one was a quick update thanks for watching and I wish you guys the best

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