Shadow Complex Remastered PC Review

Shadow Complex Remastered PC Review

Shadow Complex was a single player, side scrolling, platform, action game that was release in 2009 for the Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Arcade from the developers Epic Games and Chair Entertainment.

It finally made it’s way to the PC late last year in 2015 as Shadow Complex Remastered. And as of May 2016 it is also available on Steam.


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pentagons this is dallas targets neutralized the vice-president is safe wait what at least at least the vice-president is safe you mean that vice-president of the United States damn it David any comfort you're not the only pawn who's in play today there's a very large chess board out there shadow complex was a single-player side-scrolling platformer action game that was released in 2009 for the Xbox 360 to the Xbox Live Arcade from the developers Epic Games and chair entertainment they received mostly positive reviews from both critics and players and it finally made its way to the PC late last year as Shadow Complex remastered epic games launched a remastered edition by giving away free copies to anyone who downloaded it fire their launcher in December 2015 it was a quiet announcement and I only found out about it through word-of-mouth and as I've made 2016 it's also available on Steam and ps4 in the game you play the protagonist Jason Fleming who is out hiking in the woods with his recently met female friend I'm not sure if I personally would head into the woods with someone I barely knew but hey it's a video game Jason's female friend Claire wanders off and stumbles onto a military complex run by a sinister group called the restoration now these guys aren't looking at repair oil paintings or buildings their goal unknown in the beginning is quickly revealed to be the desire to create a new civil war on American soil now Jason Fleming has reluctantly thrust into the role of becoming a true action hero that has to save the day by rescuing the girl and stopping the bad guys honestly it's a stereotypical and predictable storyline but what the game lacks in story it makes up for in gameplay at first the controls may feel a little off when you jump around and try to grab onto ledges but you quickly get the hang of it and the game does a good job of creating obstacles at the right time that make learning the game mechanics a smooth transition as you progress through the game you get various weapon upgrades and collect various parts of an exoskeleton suit that grants you fun new abilities to take down your enemies after disposal will also be grenades rocket launcher is a grappling hook a jetpack and a phone gun that freezes enemies expands and explodes destructible objects and creates temporary platform for you to reach hard to get places obtaining all this cool gear is done smoothly throughout the game so you never feel handicapped by what you can and can't do at any point also the fun factor is increased each time you unlock a new piece of gear however before you can get your hands on the suit you'll find yourself sneaking through vents running and gunning and doing your best to discover numerous secret areas that aren't shown on a complex map the flow of the game will have you navigating the military complex in a way that requires you to double back when you obtain your gear that allows you to explore areas that you couldn't get to before so much like Batman Arkham Knight you will stumble across block areas that you can't get through until you have the required gear to bypass it and gain access to what's hidden behind it the game makes you backtrack to areas that you've been through before but it avoids repetitive gameplay by changing the environmental factors so you have new methods to go through the previously explored places the enemies also have to adapt to this so sometimes they won't be set up in the same place as they were before one aspect the game that I enjoyed was how they implemented the 3d elements into a side-scrolling game by putting enemies in the background that you can angle and shoot also when you mullai attack an enemy it switches to a 3d mode and turrets also go full 3d so you can mow down waves of enemies and look like a real action hero in the remastered edition they up-res the characters enemies environments and the interface lighting post-processing and visual effects also got an upgrade and they added new melee takedowns that weren't in the original game which are up to me one of the most fun aspects of the game much like the glory kills that you can pull off in the new doom game new achievements and master challenges have also been added to the game but I honestly didn't do many of them because they're just about finishing objectives in the fastest time possible that doesn't appeal to me however if it does for you you'll enjoy taking them on the game also allows you to customize all the keyboard is for the keyboards as well as for a controller I like the default settings but it's nice when a developer takes the time to add these quality of life details to a PC port with six hours of main story gameplay if you don't rush through the game that is Shadow Complex remaster is a fun title that I'm happy was ported so the PC game was like myself to get a chance to play and at a price point of just $15 us on Steam it's a great title so long as you like the genre and aren't looking for a game with a deep plot the ending is predictable but the combat and fun factor are honestly all you'll be looking for from this title if all of the above appeals to you then this is a game you should grab if not you can always wait until it goes on sale for a cheaper price or just pass on if it's not for you I enjoyed my time with shadow complex remastered and my experience was surprisingly bug free if you decide to get the game let me know about your experience in the comments down below and until next time keep safe

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  1. I'm always up for metroidvania / exploration combat game that actually looks like it was made in the past decade. Sadly there are not many, most are done in 16 or 8 bit pixel art style. Nothing wrong w/ pixel art, just I also like to see versions tat take advantage of modern resolutions and hardware. Hopefully the remaster means the are working on a sequel (maybe to be announced at this year's E3!)

  2. Very good Phil. You did a great job of giving an accurate and overarching glimpse at the game in a concise way and managed to give enough detail about each of the key elements of the game. Bravo sir!

  3. If you liked the metroidvania style i suggest trying axiom verge, the closest thing to súper metroid (with his own appeal)

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