SH5W 720p WIFI FPV Drone Review

SH5W 720p WIFI FPV Drone Review

Review of the SH5W WIFI FPV Drone with 720p cam and altitude hold.
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[Applause] hey guys hope everybody had a Happy New Year's and good holidays and maybe get some cool new drones anyway I wanted to give a few shout outs now so I overlay some shout outs to some of my buddies a lot of youtubers out there that are kind of small like me would do a really good job and it will kind of help spread the word so you subscribe to all these other good reviewers out there so uh we run that across here as I structure review so today I'm gonna take a look at the s h5w this is a little camera drone that shoots in 720p it looks a lot like a SEMA x8 HG in terms of its design and I candy apple red with the silver stripes but it of course is a mini sized drone nothing like that it has a tilt about camera that attaches on the bottom while these dampeners and that does help reduce the jello I think oh there still is jello in the video but it's not terrible that's probably the least of my gripes with the video would be the jello there's other things I will mention here shortly but you have to attach that and snap it into the bottom so it's a 720p camera even though it may say 1080p on some of the websites I hope that's lighting and it was lighting here is really poor cuz I had to redo this table of you so I apologize for all the shadows and and rather poor lighting here but it should be a sufficient at least see what I'm talking about here with this drone let's go ahead and we'll plug it in here and I can show you the lights so I mention it again outside and a table of you but I will show you here you do have an on/off switch on the side and it's got red in the front and it's got blue in the back so of course goes solid when it's bound up now taking when I do fly it to the lvc trips are very very early because it's like 20 degrees outside and it's just so cold that I let the lipo sit for about a minute and inside the aquatic copter and it just it just didn't warm up enough and it in these lifeless just don't like really cold temperatures so my earlier test flights I got around five six minutes I didn't get an exact test flight time with it which is you guys know if you've been a subscriber for a while to my channel I'm always pretty thorough on flight times and lBCC's but this extreme cold I've had here in the eastern half of North America it's made it just so difficult you know and to get flights in and get all the little details so I'm not really skimping it's just sort of out of my control so in the flight time and normal temperatures above freezing you know probably somewhere around six minutes the by god I might have been as low as five I exciting an exact flight time because I was using my phone and I didn't have the timer going because I was using it to test the recorded footage so the battery comes with is a 750 ml amp hour 1 s lipo with a little micro low C connector so decent-sized battery uses a little USB charger here takes about an hour and a half to charge it up so it takes a while but it's a decent size of battery so that makes sense comes with drop guards to the 4x propellers screwdrivers or repairs make up a little extra spinners that's they call a snap on the top to secure the propellers up back into place if you have to replace a propeller it has three rates and the yaw does increase with the rates and it flies pretty nice i fact it flies really really nice I have no complaints whatsoever the way it flies it's very very smooth and stable and the yawl rates are really nice nice thing you know it doesn't increase a ton but I liked while the yaw is I call it flies and it does all the landings pretty good I'm in a flight review the first time it seemed like they got confused you know it's so cold out I landed it lower than where I took off I don't know you know it's had trouble since in the ground but the second time the Sea Isle and it lands perfectly and on my other tests it's landed fine so that was just sort of a fluke landing in my opinion but it uses that Wi-Fi fpv and here's the antenna in the back and I expected it to be decent but it's pretty choppy I mean I they almost all mob this was a little worse than some of the other ones the video you know drop some frames and quite often and that's why because it doesn't have any SD card you're recording just to the app and you're dropping frames sometimes pretty bad and that's causing you know the video to to be too choppy so I was rather disappointed in overall video quality because of that and the video quality itself is not very good especially more than a few feet away he's pretty washed out but again I need a little toy grade you know most all of them you know 95% of them out there there's only a couple I can think of that have you know above-average cameras at this price range but uh so my biggest complaint is just a number of dropped frames the fact if they reported to an SD card you wouldn't get that so the fact is dropping those frames is really making you know the the recorded video you know rather unacceptable what time so it didn't really matter how close I was far he was dropping it so maybe changing this antenna around or are trying to LinkedIn it out you know pull this down he could pull it down so you know I probably could try that just see if that helps but it really shouldn't make much difference I would think to FP the Wi-Fi fpv should be a little better than that but I'm I'm getting really sick of the Wi-Fi fpv it's just the novelties wiring off it just isn't that good so let's go to over the controller all your trim buttons function it has altitude hold as you as I mentioned earlier take your three rates right here this is your light control there's no 360 flips which is fine for me on this camera drawing it can be pretty sloppy with that camera hanging down there trying to do 360 flips it would just doesn't make any sense one key take off from return once you landing I should say the one key take off dust dr. Hoffs props up and takes off so you don't have to unlock them first there headless mode here get one key return here and your motor kill if you need to kill the motors down and both sticks in is your gyro calibration and both sticks down and out do a manual start the motors and takeoff which I also test in the flight review let's just very briefly go over the app and then we'll move along here so we don't make this overview too long you want the SHRC app which I should have on the screen here next to the in this video and you got it as a setup which is very basic just you know it can right-hand mode save parameters reset parameters and then press play and this app it's a little different than some of the other ones I've seen it your photo and your video it's got your access your video and video folders I think and it's got you know here to press the eyeball sometimes have to press it twice for some reason is your for flying it you just want to fly by the phone which I am NOT a fan of especially in that cold there's no way I could have flown it with the on-screen displays you've got like a flight path flip the screen over 360 3 3d mode there's a few other things it tells you in the instruction but all those hard has quite a bit of different options I've never seen before so this is kind of a ground up app it's not one of those skinned apps like all the others look pretty much like they've just taken the same app someone's changed the logo and then gone with it so this one this appears to be a completely 100% unique app by SHRC hobbies so that is nice but you can go with it you know your self instruction manual if you choose to use all those features I finally be novelties and they don't really work well so I don't mess with on my reviews so most people just want to give this up an air get a little footage and fly and have fun and that's what I'm doing with this review so I think I've covered everything here so let me go ahead and we'll move along now to that flight review ok so I have the SH of 5w here on the ground it's bound up with the controller I've got the Wi-Fi feed also bound up with the app I said looks a little bit like the little CEMEX 8hg is what really reminds me of in this design right now it's around 20 degrees yesterday it was in a single digits for a high which is well below normal for this the Midwest so go ahead and take it up here and fly it around it won't be a very long test flight because my fingers are gonna freeze it's just so cold like I said a flight time with somewhere around six minutes I'm thinking when I flew I did fly it all the way down the last time I flew it outside but in this cold I think you're going to you know we're gonna see even shorter flight time specially if that battery gets cold so let's go ahead and I'm gonna start recording let's go ahead and get it up in the air here I'm using the auto take-off that's not any wind today at all so I'm just going to you I trim it up a little bit I had it trimmed for the wind the other day that's the lowest rate really smooth there's a middle rate and there's a highest rate y'all creases a little bit but this is a really nice flier I mean I really really like the way it flies I I can't complain about that I look how smooth that is you know I'm just gently flying it around but the fpv feed here and you'll be seen in a side-by-side video it's chopping it's just no it's choppy it's dropping frames right and left and that's making the video feed not smooth so I suspect there's gonna be trouble getting the synced up with my video because it's dropping so many frames because I think otherwise still the detail it's not bad some reason my phone wants to try to go to sleep on this app and I don't know why and so I may be touching my screen lot here to keep it operating now see this data to fill had the same issue with his and his battery got cold look I'm getting the lvc and the battery is fully charged that's because of this darn cold if there's nothing wrong with the quadcopter the lipo is getting too cold in there I've had it in my pocket but let's sit out here too long so it's tripping the lvc so I'm gonna go ahead and stop recording here I got a minute and a half just so I don't lose that video see if it's sporty look at that but I suspect I'm gonna be capped on my height let's see if it's still blinking yeah it still is that is just that it's just the cold the cold is affecting the lipo I think and it's not that bad today it's I guess it's around 20 degrees I think Phil flying tech RC I think he was flying is that below zero but uh last day I flew it was around thirty I didn't have that issue but I thought I kept the battery warm enough I guess it just got too cold sitting there so let's see I mean the LV sees trips so they can even if it's gotten more lipo power it's going to probably confuse it and not let me fly it like I would would want I said there's no 360 flips it's just a aerial flyer fpv you can back it up here I can turn the lights off and what see I see it won't let you because it's got the ovc otherwise I get stuff those lights on and off which makes sense it wants you to know it's low battery so this is gonna be a rather short review and it's hampered by these cold temperatures there'd be no trouble flying this at normal temperatures you know even above anything above freezing but I really like the way it flies I can't complain about that I just it's just the the Wi-Fi fpv is the main issue let's see if I can bring it over here and do a Auto landing here down here I'm gonna do a howl or landing kind of correct it cause it flipped Oh Oh what nice having a little trouble detecting the ground there I don't know if that's because I took off at a higher point then I the barometer is confused or what but it's still showing an OVC and of course my my phone there expect my phone keeps going asleep on this app I don't know why unlock the prophecy go down now it's gonna go ahead and let me so let's cut it still a manual takeoff last time I auto landed I had no issues so I can't say that that's a common problem there I think you know there's a barometer maybe confuse I mean this is cold weather just method of everything but like it so they flies nice the yawl rates perfect for a beginner but this ovc going off its gonna try to land here any moment I think it's just the battery's just too cold ideally you'd want to keep the battery warm in your pocket see there it's gonna I think it's gonna settle and I'm gonna land it I see that the perfect land in there I got the auto land I see it was gonna come down so ideally you know I keep that battery wanna make sure and it's kind of keep in your pocket I came out here sort of talking and a quadcopter been sitting outside and that let data you know that battery get too cold in there and that's what caused the early ovc because I did not have this last time I flew it around 35 degrees and I had no issues it flew around like sit around six minutes so there's nothing defective with it it's just this extreme cold we have right now in North America so hopefully it give you an idea how the flies at least I apologize that wasn't longer I just can't do it in this cold and there's no warm-up of anything substantial incise so I got to get it out here at least give you guys an idea because I just got too much stuff to review so I want to let you have an idea how this quadcopter looks so overall I would recommend it for a flyer but I wouldn't recommend it at the camera bird the camera is just too choppy if the Wi-Fi were better I would be okay with it because it has the antenna here and back it should be better but it's just too too laggy too many dropped frames so that'd be might like the biggest con on it so I appreciate guys for watching and I hope you guys had a Happy New Year's and a nice Christmas and that's talk to you guys soon the power of the dark side

19 thoughts on “SH5W 720p WIFI FPV Drone Review

  1. Nice, like your intro. would love to get a drone in the near future for aerial angles. I will be sure to check in as soon as I have some extra spending cash. New subscriber here.

  2. Nice content man! 🙂 I wonder if you can have an unboxing and review for (tongli) Shockwave V880-19 drone? 😊 So much appreciated man!

  3. I have the SHC which looks exactly the same, got an SHW like this one on the way in delivery (was on sale)… If the W and C is not much different. Then you can fly WAY higher than you flew here in this video, also, My damn lights also blink the whole time, and i live in South Africa where the max temps averages about 27-34 degrees C at the moment, I ordered new 2 lipo batteries and am hoping that they will sort that. On my SHC the video is choppy at lift off but smoothens out when in flight, this one was very choppy on here :-/… I agree with you on the flight control. Its really decent for a drone with the pricetag it has. Good Review Chrz

  4. Thanks Ryan! I bought this dude yesterday. Looks alot like my Syma XS5W. I hope it is much better than that one… In Colorado we have some cold weather but it is nothing like what you guys are dealing with in the midwest and east. I look forward to comparing a warmer weather flight with what you showed us. I am curious as to the altitude peak in optimal conditions? Thanks again!!

  5. Thanks Ryan, I don't know why that came to me I think it was easier to do a text out than remember all the names as i'm ad libbing these video's

  6. This drone comes with a 5.0 mp camera option… should I get that instead
    Is it good for a first drone
    What is the max range and altitude
    How big is the drone
    Thank you

  7. Great review Ryan, looks like a pretty good flyer, great you got it out to get a review done, pity about the frame rate on the wifi. I agree the novelty of all these wifi fpv cams and apps is getting a little old now. Thanks very much also for the mention to my channel at the start of your video. Thumbs up Ryan and happy new year 👍

  8. Great review and flight Ryan! I am glad to see it was the cold. I am considering a "redemption" video for this guy once it warms up. But I have to agree with you on the cam. Thank you very much for the shout out! Happy New year and Happy Flyin my friend! Thumbs up from me! 🙂

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