Seven Advanced Fortnite Tips & Tricks You Need To Learn!

Seven Advanced Fortnite Tips & Tricks You Need To Learn!

In this video, I showcase seven advanced building, editing, aiming, and game sense pro tips and tricks. A lot of these are new tips and tricks that you have most likely never seen before, while others aren’t as new. I still chose to include them because I haven’t seen anyone actually explain the trick and how it can be used in game. For each trick I cover, I show what it is, how to do it, why it works, and finish with an in-game example. The 7 advanced fortnite tips and tricks I show are as follows: new way to reduce bloom (that’s used by pros such as FaZe Mongraal and Tfue), 200 IQ pre-edit trick to counter turtling and catch turtling opponents off guard, new trick to shoot through walls and doors, insane flint knock trick to counter w-keyers, how to use shockwave grenades to counter turtling and get into 1x1s, new trap exploit that allows you to trap beneath floors and into boxes, new glider redeploy trick to get down lower to the ground. Overall, these seven tips and tricks will definitely help you improve in Fortnite, become a better player, and win more games!

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hey guys so for this video I have seven advanced building editing and just overall gameplay related tips and tricks a lot of the strats and techniques that I'll cover will be new but some won't and you may have seen them before the reason I've still decided to include them is because I haven't seen anyone gave an actual explanation or any use cases for how and when these not as new tricks could be applied in game plus if you see me cover something you know it's actually useful it's something that you should learn anyways you guys know the drill by now I'll show what the trick is how to do it why it works and then an in-game example we have a lot to cover so let's get into it starting with a new trick Pro players are using to reduce their bloom normally if you're spraying an opponent with your assault rifle your crosshairs will get bigger the longer you hold down your fire button and you'll miss more shots because there's more bloom with this trick you can see I get noticeably less bloom and hit way more shots so what's the secret here part of it is in what I'm actually doing as I'm shooting in the first clip I'm standing still but in the second clip my character almost looks like it's having a seizure what I'm doing is two things the first is tapping a and D which are my left and right strafe keys if you're on controller that's the same as moving your analog stick to the left then tapping it to the right repeatedly on top of that I'm spamming my Crouch button so I'm crouching and uncrown and again and again when you do both of these things together at the same time your crosshair does not expand and you get a lot less bloom literally all I'm doing is pressing a then D a then D while also spam crouching and on crouching which I do by pressing a shift to crouch and then space to on crouch it's a little tricky at first because you're hitting four different keys but you know there is a reason I call these advanced tips and tricks the reason this works is because you're combining two separate methods to reduce your bloom first by just tapping either of your straight Keys you're essentially realigning your crosshair every time you move because you're spamming ad or both your crosshair won't get any bigger I use this a lot when trying to hit people lighting in the air because it's easy and it's a lot more effective than just normally spraying the same thing happens when Crouch spamming except you're locking your crosshair in vertically by continuously going up and down that's why when you strafe spam and Crouch spam at the same time you get so much less bloom if you look closely I'm also spamming W&S because I'm a little bit of a madman you don't have to do that at all but I find it a little easier than standing still mongrel is by far the biggest abuser of this little trick so now you guys know why he's always spam crouching and strafing all the time it used to be because it would make you a harder target to hit but marvel does it even when his opponents aren't looking at him because he knows how helpful it is in reducing his bloom credit for this trick goes to almighty Paco on reddit second trick is a 200 IQ way to catch your opponent off guard after you take his wall the normal and telegraphed way is to steal their wall make an edit and then get a shot off on them what any good player would do is write as you make the edit put up a ramp and block the shot and then edit out we need a way to be quicker to get a shot off the genius trick and the way to do that is to pre edit your wall so just hold out your wall and then edit it before it's actually placed then when you go and replace their wall you don't even need to edit this works because of how much quicker it is and how you'd normally replace a wall and go for an edit shot all that extra time that's wasted making the Edit is just more time for the turtling player to protect themselves think about it from their perspective and what they're doing they're just going to be holding their walls not expecting you to steal it if you go for the normal play they can see that edit coming as soon as you replace their wall but when you have the Edit already made and it's pre edited into the wall even if they're not caught off guard by having their wall taken they still won't have any time to react I was experimenting with some other edits and there are a ton of possibilities for this you could pre edit the wall for easy right hand peaks for jump shots or some combination of both it's also decently safe because you can just reset that it you made immediately after the shot to prevent any return damage here's a clip from reddit user odd defy putting it in action and destroying his opponent with it you could see as odd to fight comes down and heavy stipes the wall his opponent is holding turbo build out of habit because his wall just got taken but he continues to turbo build even after because the specific edit that odd to find made makes it appear as if there's no wall there by the time the soccer skin realizes what's happening and takes a shotgun out it's all too late for him the third trick is a cheeky way to shoot through doors all you need to do is edit a door into a wood wall and you're then able to shoot through the cracks in it any of the cracks can be shot through and you can do it with a shotgun with an assault rifle and even snipers basically any projectile or weapon in the game can be shot through wood doors now you've got to be careful though and make sure you're shooting through the openings or else you'll just shoot the wall instead unfortunately this only works on wood so don't bother trying it with steel or brick because there's no openings to shoot through I can see this being very useful in box fighting situations if you have a guy pressuring you you can quickly edit a door into your wall and sneak a shot on them while they'll have no idea how they took damage technically you can get shot if your opponent knows the trick and shusui through the cracks too but when you edit the door they'll be too busy waiting for you to walk through it or to make an edit so they won't expect for you to actually shoot through it this trick could also be useful when you replace your opponent's wall they'll expect a window or top row edit so instead make a door edit and you can get a quick shot off while being protected this shouldn't really be your go to edit if you're low because you can scroll will reset the door edit which will make it virtually impossible for you to get shot so during box fights now you know what to do to take your opponent off guard there's one other variation of this trick I want to show which you can do by editing a tee into your wall that will leave you with a door and the whole top row gone if you go over to the side you can snipe through any of the cracks next to the door I'm not sure why any of this is a thing but I guess it has something to do with the way projectiles work and the hit registration for walls this particular trick is a little more situational but I could see coming in handy during scrims and tournament matches when you're boxed up in a one by one just make the tee edit and get behind the side wall so you're out of sight you're then free to snipe any you can get a line of sight on while being completely hidden yourself fourth trick is a crazy new way to use a flint knock pistol anytime you're getting pressured while turtling edit the two front pieces of your boxes floor and cone then look straight down and Flint knock yourself this will send you straight up and into the edited cone piece which because you edit it into a ramp it will propel you forward over your opponent ethyle speed the hardest part is just making sure you get the Edit otherwise it's not that difficult and will definitely take your opponents by surprise just make sure that you're lined up in front of the edited floor piece or else you'll flip knock yourself straight into the floor and make sure that you look straight down while shooting it so you can go straight up and not to the side or backwards from your opponent's perspective they'll see the Edit but the last thing they'll expect is for you to come flying up and over them out of nowhere if you want to add a little extra height and distance you can jump before you Flint knock and that will send you even farther over the top the other way to use this trick is to immediately start building up for high ground after you flee knock yourself up you can easily get height on anyone using this because you start a solid two levels higher from the Flint boost this is definitely the safer variation when you're one HP and you need time to heal so you don't want to risk the chance of getting shot like in the first one fifth on our list is the right way to use shockwave grenades in my last advanced tips and tricks video I showed how you should be using them to get in from the top of a one by one this video I'm going to show how to get in from the sides the wrong way which most people do it is getting up next to them one by one and shocking yourself sideways you will break your opponents turtle but you'll get sent like 20 feet past it the right way to do it is to be to entire floor pieces away and throw the shockwave grenade another floor piece away from you this will send you directly into the corner of your opponent's box from there you can get a shot off or what I've seen Seifer do is after you shockwave inside you can trap the wall you broke through to get a guaranteed 150 damage your opponent will have absolutely no idea what's coming and the trap will be the icing on top to you busting through their wall like the kool-aid man hears cypher in game pulling this off and you can see he first recognizes the situation then he quickly knows where he needs to be to use the trick lines himself and the mega impulse up and then pulls the trigger after he flies through the wall he traps it and gets an easy double kill on two guys who thought they were saved just chilling in a metal one by one second-to-last trick is a new way to do this old trap exploit we see from t fou all you had to do in the past was to place a trap on an already placed trap and for some reason it would get put underneath it the new way to do this is to edit a cone on top of the floor into a ramp then look right below the middle bar of the edited cone if you span place the traps it will place the trap on top and the trap on the other side of the floor at the same time it might take some practice at first but just make sure the little trap visual you can see when you press your trap button make sure the top of that is just below the big center bar here and you should get it no problem this is by far the safest and most broken way to kill an opponent inside a box if you're able to replace their floor and cone from their perspective they'll expect you to make an edit play but instead they'll see a magical trap appear on their roof the last trick is more of a tip for using glider redeploy now you're actually able to stop gliding and go straight down until you hit the point where you have to pull your chute the way it worked before was once you pulled your glider you were stuck with that and you had to glide all the way down now you don't have to worry about getting lasered as you can skydive down and pull your glider as many times as you'd like so if you learn something new and this video helped you out be sure to drop a like subscribe to the channel and to turn on post notifications shout out to everyone using code Jerian we're almost at 300k so make sure you're subscribed because i'm gonna do a huge giveaway when we hit that milestone otherwise that's it from me and I'll see you guys in the next one later

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  2. So what your telling me is I have to move left to right on the left joystick while spamming my crouch button while spamming L2 R2

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