Ryan and the PAW Patrol Pups Go on an ULTIMATE RESCUE Mission | Ryan ToysReview

Ryan and the PAW Patrol Pups Go on an ULTIMATE RESCUE Mission | Ryan ToysReview

Ryan goes on an ULTIMATE adventure with all six pups from PAW Patrol to save Chickaletta using the new Ultimate Rescue Vehicles! This is an ad for Spin Master.


With the all-new Ultimate Rescue Vehicles, you can create bigger, more fun, faster, action-packed rescues with the pups, just like they do in the show! You can pick up PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue anywhere toys are sold!

this is an advertisement for spinmaster mommy can i watch some TV oh no it's not working it's not working mommy is not working it's paw patrol this fall it's no ordinary day in Adventure Bay for a paw patrol because we're going on ultimate rescues ultimately decide to go higher faster and further for the biggest rescues ever cut to go out and moves us hurry Marshall pop into your ultimate firetruck come on team you need all six cryin pups let's go rescue chickaletta real proper trial ultimate rescue this call how do we rescue chickaletta to toys where did they come from whoa look at these paw patrol ultimate rescue toys and look at Marshalls giant fire truck it's the biggest fire truck they ever made maybe I can use all these paw patrol toys to rescue chickaletta now I'm going to ask daddy so you can help me with all these paw patrol boys Oh daddy let's about to say all of them now let's see what we can use safe chickaletta see what we can do yeah this is my truck so big oh and they mix the sound and like something Ryan I think you can take $10 up to two feet whoa good job Marshall oh there's a water hose here secret beautiful quick getaway Oh Andy don't touch this water hose to his vehicle wait let's put all the pups in a fire truck yeah that's right I am gonna need all of them to save chickaletta all right let's go change nice view all right pops you guys are ready to go with six pups rocky chase rubble and Marshall next these are the many vehicles you know what you can all right all right it's really cool you can take out this wall I can unpack that Wow at the back end all right Ryan and pop let's go through the chicken I know the way hey chase come help you okay all right let's all right now I connected to your vehicle to mine oh no we can't drive over water just we need to help them it's okay chickaletta sky is coming to help you okay Ryan can you push this pirate ship it's on our way all right stick another pop on the fire truck chickaletta are you okay this you can't pick up Cacho ultimate rescue anywhere toys are sold please click on one of these videos where I enjoy reading more 5 you

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