Remnant From the Ashes: beginners guide tips & tricks

Remnant From the Ashes: beginners guide tips & tricks

In this video I will go over everything you need to know to start playing Remnant: From the Ashes. This guide is designed for new players, however anyone should enjoy the tips & tricks I share. Please ask any questions you have. Till next time stay frosty!

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27 thoughts on “Remnant From the Ashes: beginners guide tips & tricks

  1. I first played on ps4 and hated this. The balance when soloing was impossible at times and nobody ever played. Now I'm playing on xbox one and WOW is it a different experience. Way better. Not only is the balance and community there, but theres features I didn't even know about. Ps4 and xbox NOT created equel.

  2. I have a free backpack that came with the game as a free download and it's asking me if I want to use it and in bold big letters do you really want to use!!??I'm kind of scared to hit on it cuz I'm not sure what it's going to do because I haven't had a chance to or know how to assign anything on my d-pad yet it just has one thing on the top the red I believe the heal,also I have one mod I just started out with I'm getting ready to be right exactly where you at I'm in the 13 area I haven't left yet I'm glad because I'm watching your video now I didn't know you can crush boxes for stuff so that will help me out a lotand then I'll be able to get to submachine gun that you just showed me how that'll be awesome so thank you so much, butanyway I have one mod I can use it for my pistol or my rifle and I don't know if I want to load it on cuz it only works for 60 seconds it says and if I put it on does it only lasts for sixty seconds if I fire? Or should I save it before I get to a boss battle or something like that? I know it's kind of hard to explain and you understand it very very well, sorry to ask hard questions like that…but this game looks so much fun and so awesome then I'm going to need some help with it obviously to know what I'm doingfor the most part I can figure out most of it but these things I need to know certain things cuz I don't want to mess up something from the GetGo!anyway thanks for making the video it was a great video if you can respond back to me when you can I would appreciate it thank you very much! J.T.SIGMA

  3. Souls games are hard but fair and well balanced..Remnant is just cheap and unfair most of the time and the ennemies scaling with our gear is a dumb system.

  4. Any 1 to help me to kill the Undying boss? I got Hamachi server is ( Remnant – From The Ashes) pass (123) I will also help if someone need help with smh… Feel free to join pls

  5. Great beginner's guide probably could have mentioned that in the world's or a dungeon that when an elite appears that there are 2 dings..1 for when it appears and 1 for when it's been neutralized and/or eliminated but other than that great video

  6. so that first room in the founders hideout where you grab the key card in the corner you smash a breakable and there is armor hid in a little room good on you for sharing about the smg at ward 13 there is also quite a bit of consumables hidden in those rooms

  7. What did I find to be the most useful bit of information in this guide? The item that resets your trait point choices. I had a feeling that there would be a way to reset your trait points, but I haven’t beaten the game yet so.. thank you!

  8. MARK MY WORDs GUYS "THIS WILL COME OUT ON SWITCH"💪 Im loving it on PS4 and will GLADLY double dip and support this AWSOME STU STU STUDIO!!! (old song reference) 😜

  9. Can you do a list of all optional boss objectives that give you bonus weapons, i.e cutting the dragons tail for the sword, im afraid to progress much further because i already missed that and idk all the objectives or weapons they give

  10. Any word on a physical release??? Want the game but I like the actually have the game for the video game collection.

  11. Compared to the other beginner vids, this one gets 5 stars. Although audios poor and videos long, (very detailed though).

  12. Thanks bud! I just bought this game.. I wanted to know if I should really try and upgrade my starter weapons, or maybe I should just wait until I come across better weapons?

    I started off with the shotgun.. but I’m wondering if I should also buy the Hunting rifle or Coach Gun..

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