I’ve been looking for makeup and skincare tips for redheads on YouTube recently and it’s surprisingly not that easy to find! So I’ve put together my top beauty tips and products for my complexion – hoping that it will help someone else out there 🙂

La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense Riche:
Almond Oil:
La Roche Posay Anthelios Dry Touch Gel:
Bare Minerals Original Foundation:
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil:
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess:
Bourjois Blush:
MAC Brow Pencil:
Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon:
MAC Syrup:
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, Cruella:
L’Oreal Overnight Exilir:

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hi welcome back to my channel and today I wanted to talk about some absolute beauty hacks I've been using for the past few years specifically for my red hair paleness all of that jazz I've tried finding this kind of thing online a few times and there's not that much out there specifically for redheads so I'm gonna share with you my favorite redhead style tips and I hope you enjoy them I'm gonna start with skincare obviously red hair means pale skin sensitive skin my skin is particularly sensitive when it comes to like change of weather change of skin products anything so I'm gonna talk through a couple of things that I do to help with that these might be repeats if you've watched my previous videos but I'm only using them again because I honestly just use them on a daily basis if not weekly basis so the first one I'm going to talk about it's something that I use everyday and that I've definitely spoken about a few times on YouTube it's the lush Buzzi nutritive intense rich cream I don't know how to pronounce it but I'll link it down below this is an absolute lifesaver it's a very very rich cream so it might not be for everybody but I really need it a lot of the time I go through phases where I don't need it as much and I'll use they're the same thing but the non-rich version yeah I find this really suits my skin and it's one of the only like intense creams that really does get rid of my like particular dry areas I always for some reason like this part of my chin just gets so dry like itchy dry horrible dry so I use this and it really sorts it out next up which is again really helpful with my dry skin I am prone to eczema not very bad but usually around my eyes sometimes other random areas and so the only thing that helps every time is almond oil this one's from Neal's Yard I really recommend this one but I'm sure you can get much cheaper ones from booths or Amazon or anything like that it really is just almond oil so I don't think it really matters where you get it from this is just the one that I've been using you can see like I use it quite often and you can see I'm only like down to here the only it's it spreads really evenly and very it kind of soaks into your skin really easily so you don't have to use that much I usually put it on kind of instead of a serum before my moisturizer and it you really notice a difference I only do it at night and you really notice a difference by the morning so um if you do struggle with dry skin and you've never tried this I would really recommend that and then one more thing just because I am often sensitive to being in the Sun for very long I also use the lavish boozy 30 SPF 30 and celia's cream it's a dry edge gel cream and I do use a moisturizer with this I don't think this is like moisturizing enough on its own but I often have this just in my handbag during the summer if I think I might be in the Sun a bit longer than usual or something like that I do have SPF in my makeup but I like having a little bit extra because I get burnt very very easily honestly 20 minutes in the Sun and I'm burnt like even going out for lunch I'm burn so I always have some sort of Sun cream with me and this is one that I find particularly useful especially because my dry skin so yeah another one that I would really recommend so next up we have my foundation so I use bare minerals original powder foundation I've probably spoken about this way too much on YouTube already but it's just really my go-to I've tried so many foundations and I hate the feeling of foundation on my skin and I don't get that with these so I would really recommend that if you feel that way as well especially with my sensitive skin I just hate having things other than just crazy mom Mexican so this one is the mineral veil which I kind of just put on top when I finished my makeup and it's got SPF 25 which is always really useful then the actual foundation is I have it in fairly light 3 which is one of the darker ones that I use I you wouldn't believe it I'm a teensy bit tanned I'm actually naturally even wider than this but um yeah I find this just goes onto my skin really well I don't feel like I'm covered in horrible creams and makeups and stuff like that and what's really good as well as it doesn't hide my freckles I don't have that many freckles right now but it doesn't cover them up which most foundations do and I really like my freckles so I try not to cover them up when I can so yeah fairly light I think I think the other one I use is light I need to double check that I can't remember but um yeah these go very very pale and I am very very pale so that works perfectly yeah next up I have my blush so this is the bourgeois ashes of roses in 48 and it's sort of it makes me think of like women's millennial pink you know what I mean it's it's a really nice shade and I find it goes really well with my skin tone so if you're not sure about blushes I've used tons of them in the past and I always go back to this one it's what my mom used to use as well so it's kind of my go-to for blushes in terms of bronzer I do use NARS Laguna quite a lot because I find that's sort of flattering on any skin type as far as I've seen but what I've been using more so than that in the past year or so is bronze goddess biased a louder Estee Lauder didn't happen outside either and I have this in the lightest one so it's a one light it's you can see I mean it's just a very light bronzer but it works really really well with my skin I like love the texture of it the shade the everything just really really good and as you can see I've been using this no joke for about the year something like that and I haven't even hit pan so if you're looking for a new bronzer it is expensive I can't remember exactly how much but I'll put it down below and I did feel a bit of guilt after buying it but I don't anymore because I still use it every day and yeah it does come in different shades but if you're my skin tone I would recommend number one next I've got my eyebrow pencil so this is from Mac it's their Velux brow liner in strawberry blonde I don't really know what color my hair would actually be considered I've been called Auburn red strawberry blonde everything in the past I used to have much redder hair when I was younger but it's kind of faded a little bit as I got older and it's always so difficult to find the right eyebrow color I always end up having like orange eyebrows or really dark brown eyebrows or black eyebrows or blonde eyebrows and like naturally I don't have eyebrows my skin my hair on my eyebrows is like see-through I don't even know what color is but I literally do not have eyebrows so it's really really difficult to match a shade that does exist to begin with but this one it took me years to find it but now it's my absolute go to and I've repurchased it again and again and it's got yeah this Russian thingy on one side and on the other side it's just got the little pencil I don't know if you can really see the color in there but um I'll link it down below it comes in tons of colors as well but this one if you're a redhead and you're struggling for color really go try this out because it's absolutely saved me and it's the first time in ages that my mom doesn't make a comment about the color of my eyebrows so I think it just looks really natural which is something I've been looking for then I've also got this Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow pencil thingy it's called color chameleon champagne diamond's and it's for blue eyes so it's been created to match to kind of go with blue eyes and I assume kind of like blonde hair red hair anything like that I guess but I don't really know and I wear this all the time when I'm going out it's kind of a good things I have in my handbag last year around Christmas I had it in my handbag all the time because you know you kind of go out for drinks and you want to look a little bit more dressed up and Christmassy and stuff like that so um yeah this one really kind of brightens up your eyes and another one that I would just really recommend if you've got blue eyes and red hair and you know all that jazz I really recommend it then I've got a couple lipsticks as you know I'm obsessed with lipsticks and this one unfortunately looks absolutely disgusting because I've broken it but it is the Mac in Sarah and I've let so many friends borrow this and everyone looks good in this color it's just such a flattering lipstick it's very very dark it looks like a lot darker than it looks when you have it on but it's just a very natural shade surprisingly for how dark it is and it makes you look a little bit more dressed up but it's not like it's not a real like you're wearing a real colorful lipstick it's kind of just a very I've got like I think quite dark lipstick lip sorry considering how pale I am and everything I've tried nudes in the past and they always look a little bit odd if I go for a nude it has to be very much of a pinky nude or a peachy nude um but yeah these kind of colors tend to work best for me kind of like a berry red not red but very yeah berry colors and speaking of that I do have a red that if you're going for something like out there I would definitely recommend NARS Cruella so this is Krewella Velvet Matte lip pencil and again this is one that I fought again and again it's the perfect red it's perfect for Christmas but perfect all year round I bought a few Reds in the past and this is just the perfect shade of red I absolutely love it and it's kind of a bit of a dark red but it's quite a bright red as well and it brings out my hair color in my opinion and kind of gives that whole um what's-her-name snow white give that whole snow white look yeah so um again like Cruella Knorr lip pencil give it go really good I think that's pretty much it I've gone through everything already the last thing that I have which is I'm not using that often at the moment but it's something that has saved me as a pale AF redhead is L'Oreal sublime bronze overnight Xillia X Hillary you know that thing it's very it looks really dark and it's very scary when you put it on but the idea is that you put it on before bed you sleep with it on and then you take a shower in the morning and you kind of wash it off and I was absolutely terrified when I woke up the next morning the first time I tried this because I looked down at my legs and they were like bright brownie orange and complete different shade as the rest of my body cuz I only used it on my legs but when I washed it off it's actually a very natural look it wasn't too dark it lasted for a lot longer than any other bronzing colored the bronzing product that I've used and yeah I find it really easy to use it doesn't smell horrible it's it lasts a long time and it looks really natural and I need something that looks natural because I naturally do not get that kind of brown so yeah definitely something I would look into as well if that's the thing that you need so yeah that is everything I really hope you enjoyed it do let me know down below if you have any more tips for redheads or if you want any more answers on questions for that kind of thing so yeah that's all bye see you next time

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