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  1. I love this, literally the only thing that throws me off is the pronunciation of Glasgow, which I find everyone outside of the UK tends to butcher. Glas-go, just ignore the 'w'. It's not even an issue it just sounds weird so thought people might want to be aware of the pronunciation

  2. Are the 570+ people who gave this a 'thumbs down' all doctors?? Not sure why any everyday person would give this medical professional reviewing medical drama TV shows a thumbs down lol…

  3. U should react to spiderman into the spider verse. Specifically the scene at the end where miles Morales fights kingpin. Kingpin straight donkey Kongs miles in the chest several times yet somehow he survives

  4. OK, that medical student was a little too naive about CPR to be realistic. I know they're trying to teach their audience about it (and that's a good thing), but she should know that broken ribs are fine as long as you get the damn heart pumping blood. My class of 10 year olds have just done a First Aid course and that was the first thing they got told!

  5. Kinda hard to get equal chest rise and fall if you're doing compressions while bagging lol. "Ok sir, I'm gonna force air into your lungs and then immediately push it out." Good fucking CPR lol

  6. I work in a hospital as an ethicist, and sorry, Doctor Mike, but the conversation the doctors have with the brain-dead patient fiancée is definitely NOT ethical (or legal!). The doctors are using coercive language by saying “the best way to honor the man you love is to save this boy!” Super manipulative, even though it’s well-intentioned. Asking her more generally to donate his organs would be appropriate (if she’s his next of kin) but not guilting her into it by showing her a boy who may die if she says no.

  7. i REALLY don't like this show already. its so,, cliché. i can't put my finger on why i dislike it so much

  8. Yes, you should have a translator, but it looks to me that that doctor may be bilingual? Especially with the great many commentors who speak spanish stating his spanish is perfect. However, i dont watch the show so i do not know. If someone who watches chicago med could respond and clear this confusion up, thatd be great!

  9. Hi Doctor Mike I want to be a doctor when I grow up and I just want to say thank you for this channel because it gives me a head start in what I need to know for the future.👍👍

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