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In this video I’ve gathered 95 FPL Manager Drafts and provided some stats before rating the Fantasy Premier League teams.

How often was Salah picked? Is 5-4-1 a viable formation? Tune in to find out!
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what is going on everyone my name's Andy welcome back to another FPL video and today i'm racing fancy premier league manager drafts i asked on twitter for you to semi some drafts and you definitely did i had nearly a hundred responses and the idea is it necessary to go through them all and say they're just good or they're just bad off to off some thinking points if you're thinking of going for that strategy that kind of play or not going with maybe double defense or salah however it might be and i've also collected some stats from the from the squads i looked at as well so I'll go through them first and then I'll go for a couple of drafts and let's just jump straight into it as soon as I've talked about our sponsor for today's video really pleased to say this video has been sponsored by fantasy football scout code at UK one of the best fantasy football sites out there I've been using it for years if you want to check it out click the link in the description below their members area offers tons of content you've got fixture tickers and player comparison tools you can create custom tables to check out place that's you've got to rate my team function and loads loads more so if you want to check it out and I highly recommend you do you won't regret it the link is in the description below so I thought I'd go through the stats first I collected info from 95 teams and obviously in the grand scheme of things that's a pretty small sample size but this is all from Twitter we sometimes see that a player in FPO is highly owned but then no one's talking about them on Twitter or vice-versa maybe everyone it feels like if you're you know browsing your timeline feels like the owner player but you look at FPL and that ownership is really low so I took 95 teams and gone through some stats so 82% own double it for defense I'm not too surprised about that if anything I thought it might be slightly higher on a basic account and if they have Allison +1 defender that was double defense in my eyes and two people had triple Liverpool defense so that's a good tactic obviously you don't get salary or money and one team used Gomez in their double which is interesting I've actually got another video talking about him as well so 82% on double of full defense 58% I'm certain and Sal I did think that would be a little bit higher as well maybe that's just my own perception because I own those two players so I assumed a lot of other players might do as well we're not quite as many as I thought just over half and one person had their triple captain on Salo which was a brave cool but it isn't Norwich at home so maybe not that brave at all just smart 24 percent had one more premium stroke I didn't count how many had you know maybe two or three but I didn't think anyone had three but couple had two plus I've written it down so 24% of the teams had premium shreeka mostly that was just came just came on his own two of the teams was a Bama yang four had a grower and one had cane an Aquarius and not many premium stroke is going around mostly cane I did like the people that went for a buy me anything that could be a nice differential considering that opening two fixtures cane does have Mansi so that will be a tough one ninety two percent owned one City defender again that included goalkeeper so if they had Edison but no defenders I counted that so that's really high so a lot of people back in the city defense and I saw a lot as inch anchors in there now that he looks hopefully to be starting the season but that's still yet to be seen and forty percent owned a broiler so that's probably about where I thought might be I think a lot of people have gone for sterling obviously not many people have gone about salad but 40 percent Verdun boring are a lot of people hope anything kind of max alle so yeah that's the stats I took from the teams let's jump into some of the drafts so I do apologize if you took time to send me in a draft though I've not used it obviously I couldn't do 95 teams in this video be extremely long so I've taken four insoles so we'll just go through them and thanks everyone that did send them in so draft one is from Khurram taser make sure you follow on Twitter I know he does a lot of videos for other fantasy games as well if you're interested in that so he said in a 4-5-1 so not many people going for this formation necessarily some forward a back five in the back so I've gone for four too but I've not really looked at for five one so he said himself he's had and not happy about no Robertson but to be honest you've got Trent Alexander Arnold don't think you have to worry about that if you've got to double up with Van Dyck thinking Van Dyke's a pretty happy compromise saving point five million in the process now obviously with four five one and getting sterling salad and a burner which is awesome and Wilson so some really kind of heavy hitting players there are some decent enough players does have to rotate Westwood and Kelly which I'm not sure if it was mighty might be too happy about but that one enabler has a pretty solid team all-round don't think many people would be hurried about owning the rest of the team obviously we're hoping Paris does well 6.5 million midfielder hopefully you can banging some girls and on so body will pay up Adie so don't think it's necessary bad I'm having Westwood in there obviously the problem with Kelly is we don't know if he's going to play and we don't know if he's going to play long term because they do have some injuries that sent about position the last year he wasn't a first-choice regular so maybe he can play himself into contention in pre-season we have to wait and see about that if he doesn't leave my team only four million but like I said you do get salad to bring the and sterling so I think you start with all the big hitters you'd probably want no premium striker but Wilson up front I think in the opening two fixtures could match them and no 6.5 million forwards but for me I denno offending a massively standing out at the moment there's a few that I like in a few that I would go for there's not one more I think I absolutely must have them for game week one but obviously in this position you're only kind of a couple of moves away from Soph into a 6.5 million so if king or Giotto or whoever it might be something became almost must-have what you really wanted them you could swap Perez in one of the four point five million bench options and just go from there so solid draft four five one is interesting yes you've got one enabler in there but I think you've got let's share all the big hitters you want why not so next up we've got at Holyoke double-oh-seven Rock in a three for three a formation I haven't really seen that much of although it's usually one of the more favored ones in FPL and I think a lot of people will turn back to this if not the style BER season but as we get through the first few game weeks the first thing that stands out and I don't really want to do this video to put people off I'm just giving my opinions and my thoughts and some key things to think about double warm of defense now I've said in previous videos that I've probably been a bit harsh from their defensive record they did get 10 clean sheets last year and they probably conceded a few too many goals that they you know maybe in other games they wouldn't have so there's chance for a clean sheet for Sheffield United and Aston Villa away but double ball most offenses probably not what I personally would spend the money obviously they could be good value you've got three premium players in this against a salad wearer and Kane and because of that you've got to have an abler in Georgie Mia now I really want to see Chelsea get a penalty preseason and see who takes it with all the main players on the pitch because we're not quite sure who's gonna be hazard was the main penalty taker and Georgina was back up but under Lampard maybe that are we different maybe he'll give that to his number one striker seeing Chelsea spec chassis fans speculated it could be David Luiz so that'd be an interesting one I do think he's one of the better enablers of 5 million anyway him and Martin Oval are probably the best and him himself Georgina was probably a bit unlucky not to get more assists last year hadn't expected assists about five point two one and got zero so some poor finishing potentially going on there obviously yes you get three premiums but you do then lose it in phrases he lands and Georgie no so the the midfield isn't that strong but realistically it's just a very versus sterling if you have sterling there instead you know four three five two and suddenly that midfield will feel better you know cane up front and that's just a psychological thing you know just because you've got to worry about makes it three four three could be sterling 3fo to who's better I've come for sterling but at the end of the day there's no reason why were well absolutely smash it to start the season if you prefer him to sterling you should absolutely go for him only over a couple of things I picked up on Dini instead of their failure Dini is definitely lower own I don't think there's any reason why over the course of three or four game weeks he couldn't match de fa obviously they they're both now listed as forwards Dini is on penalties though which always helps a little bit as long as they can win some of them and I just think there's not too much to choose between them so again bit like wearing stone if you want to go Dini absolutely no reason not to obviously their food just adds a bit of flair who think to the Watford team but if they both should start and the only other thing is is goalkeeper rotation either so I used to play four point five million goal keepers rotating all the time I've stopped doing that now because 4.5 million keepers are good because they can keep clean sheets but also they get save points when they don't and quite often it's really just a frustrating thing that if you get the wrong one and the one on your bench gets loads of points are super annoying and I actually saw a really good tweet from a guy called his hand is Ronaldinho spell any il so ro Neill Dino and he was basically saying one thing to try and do in Africa is take decisions out of your hands so you can have enough energy to make other decisions so if you have a four point five money in set and forget not only do you get point five million more to spend because you can just put a formally end goalkeeper on the bench it also takes one of the decisions out of your hands every week so you can stress about other stuff instead so next draft is from at cha Chi Lam RQ I hope that I would pronounce it if he's not right I do apologize and this is a five of the backs we've seen a four point one this is a five for one again going for Wilson at the loan I really like but five foot one's a bit different a lot of people spoke up by as soon as the game launched I think most people have gone to at least a four door back and some of three but I think this team looks pretty nice obviously you got double up central so you got double livable defense one man city player and you've got the port is probably the most nailed on and double everything defense and lorry sin go so I think if you're gonna do five of the back you've got to do it properly there's no point in having a 4.5 million defenders in there because if you go through the value picks it's gotta be the more expensive guys are the better teams you're hoping they're gonna get more points and yeah that's basically why there's lots of value in this team again you've got fraser in there who it's not really spoken about too much or thought about i think he's a really good pick again a lot of these teams are showing enablers and it always looks better to have anonymous is to have 6.5 million plus players but you can get the right five winning that takes along nicely they only get like three three and a half points every game week on average that's a pretty decent return for a five-minute you don't need too much more than that so again wherever it's not no board eugenio it doesn't really matter at this point i think that's just the kind of slot you could put in there and just make a decision before game week one again got sour and sterling in there so you've got your two big hitters you've got your two caps and so I really like this overall I think you've got your value at the back you've got your safe captain choices and Stern and Saleh you've got Wilson who performed really well and points-per-game ways better than players that are more expensive than him so it looks really sort of my only kind of two notes I suppose to this and this counts for any of the teams that have got one up front is yes Greenwood might get Minnis I'm not fully convinced he's gonna be the next cane where he comes out of kind of 4.5 5 million and plays week in week out I just don't see that happening but let's see how it goes so him and Wickham probably not gonna get too many minutes so as long as your first 11 plays and if you've got five of the back five defenders they do get rotated less usually than then attackers obviously not necessary in the case of like Spurs fall backs etc but generally they get rotated less so you're probably not gonna use your bench enough but if you do then you've only really got Den Duncan and you're hoping that Greenwood or Wycombe get a minute who or their whereas if you get like kind of 4.5 million defenders or 4.5 million midfielders there's more chance of them playing so that's why in the past of three four threes been really popular because you get your bench options in thank you get two four and a half million defenders that are both going to play you get you four and a half million midfielder and all your bends apart from maybe a goalkeeper to save money is going to play and that can help when they come off the bench but of course you don't use all three bench options that offers it's probably not that big of a deal especially the style the season considering you could wild-card early if you needed to and the only other thing I suppose is how to spread the fun so if you suddenly wanted to upgrade Greenwood or Wickham to kind of another seven eight nine million pound forward or whatever it might be you've kind of got a star swapping out one or two defenders or maybe one defender one midfielder to get those funds you know unless you go certain or sellout but they chant so you're probably not going to do that so I think the spread of funds is good in terms of value but then it becomes trickier to switch that funds to other positions as the season goes on so next up we've got FF pundits underscore drew and there was no way I couldn't pick this team and he's a 4-3-3 so a little bit different also 3 million I players which really stood out to me one thing to note is there's no sterling in there so he kind of said cainy me was almost the first player on his team she could provide excellent value for obviously a lot less money two and a half million and also gives him Keynes who still got two premium players and a brunette and Wilson and Pogba who's barely even been spoken about so overall I really like this team only one Liverpool defender which is another thing that stood out but you know I wouldn't equipment over that too much I personally think the Liverpool offer too much value of course that is kind of all eggs in one basket so if they don't keep you know a couple of clean sheets in the first two or three games people will panic and start offloading them so might not be the worst thing to spread the load while amber sacra is someone I put in a must avoid video just because I wasn't sure my united defense but if Maguire comes in I think my next team is looking pretty okay their only spot that would really worry me is having to play Matich at central defensive midfielder still just not quite sure he's really got it these days but let's see what happens this year but if Maguire I'm sacked coming that have really gonna strengthen our defense he has been getting up the the line that is why I'm a soccer of course down the right so potentially more attacking throughout this year and still the potential for bonus points so a lot of it relies on McGwire coming in and maybe hit up coming time this video goes out but obviously Greenwood I'm not sure about starting him week in week out obviously I've already said I just don't see that happening on the so sure I think yes he's playing him up but he's only 17 you know we've seen the likes of Rooney burst on the scene and do really well at that age I do think Green was gonna do well I just don't think he's gonna play that regularly but obviously then you know if he comes off and he's got no ball on the bench for a 4-4-2 again a cheap enabler to allow you to have those big hitters and salad to bring the cane and Wilson so those are the kind of things that you can do when you you drop sterling personally for me I just think Sterling's fixtures from game week three and then four and five are really good and captain about opportunities but if you're gonna captain over cane or Salim you're happy with that and there's no reason you necessarily mean stone at all and of course these aren't set and forget teams when you meet them in game with Kwan there's no reason that you have to leave them for the rest of the season you can make transfers if you need sterling you can swap cane and Dubrow for sterling plus a cheaper forward and then you quit in so it's only two moves the thing I like about this team as well it's only two moves to get that one big here if you need it because what came to a Bama Hank ain't agüero so there's a lot of flexibility in this team just not sure about playing Greenwood so that's it for this video hopefully you enjoyed it let me know in the comments boy what you saw it's not really done a video like this before and obviously didn't want to just say yes that was great yes that's not great give you something to think about in terms of spreading funds players you have on the bench where we should go for sterling salad double difficult offense and all that stuff we didn't enjoy it make sure to give it a like down let me know that you enjoyed the content and subscribe to be new around here and hit that Bell so you're notified for the next live-streaming next video and all that stuff there's loads of content already on the channel for preseason go and check it out loads more to come until then I will catch you next time a chisel you


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  6. 3 million people have essentially the same team. Two liverpool defenders, digne or laporte, salah 1 or 2 bournmouth attackers, a city attacker , sigurdson, and since you blew all your money on 7 million defenders your broke for strikers but you rationalize it with people who have a made up good run of fixtures. Wolves do not have a good run of fixtures sorry. And liverpool is getting scored on week 1. So their goes 15 points down the drain for you woke idiots

  7. Feedback- Andy I thought it was a good video, Commenting on teams like this imparts excellent advice as you normally do but I like the way that you demonstrate how manager decisions affect the entire squad. It certainly puts things into context nicely, for instance how having lots of premium players means you have to take a greater risk in other areas.

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    Liverpool's usual front 3 don't seem to be in preseason training yet or are only just back which makes the Triple captain on Salah someone is playing a bit risky.

    I'm new to the the channel so may have missed this but what do think of Ritchie being switched from midfield to defence in to the game? I'm not convinced a Bruce team will defend like a Benitez team. Were there other factors that meant he took more set pieces than usual last year?

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