Quick Glow Without The Grease - Natural Makeup Tutorial

Quick Glow Without The Grease – Natural Makeup Tutorial

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hi everyone today I'm going to do a really simple makeup look it is apparently the hottest day on record here in London today and it's basically like 39 degrees so it's gonna be quite simple makeup and I want to still look glowy but I don't want to be greasy I do have my oily kind of t-zone so I'm just going to give tips on how to have a glow without the grease really that's kind of the the summary of the tutorial so I'm gonna start by doing a little bit of skin care I'm gonna start by doing a spray I've been using this toner on and off this is my second bottle by cosmo this has got beta glutamine in and I just like having it in my bag because I use it throughout the day as well it's quite calming to the skin I've got a little bit of redness and it just is very sort of calms of skin down so I've cleansed and everything next actually I'm not gonna moisturize the center of my face here because I'm going to be using a tinted SPF which is more or less like a kind of BB cream and I just don't feel that I need any extra moisturization on the center of my face at all I am gonna use this moisturizer on the sort of peripheral area of my face peripheral yes that's right just because I want to have some sort of extra Sheen around here and if anything if I am a bit dry then it's more around the outsides of my face I'm gonna use this one which is a hybrid it's a skincare moisturizer with a highlighter mix but you'll probably notice that the highlighter element is quite subtle this is a dr. lancer one I actually love the way this looks on the skin and I like that it has some nice ingredients in like aloe vera and it has some Japanese plant extracts and you know good old glycerin and things it is pretty expensive for what it is which is not great but it feels very light on the skin and I I love when highlighters are really really subtle and they don't look dis GUI so use that really just on the top of my cheekbones I even use that a little bit on my nose as well just on the center though but where my pores are next I'm going to use the Bioderma and this is the pore minimizer just down the center of my face just where all my pores are really my bigger pores not all my pores I know I've got pores all over my face but where the bigger ones are and where I'm likely to get greasy as well I'm also gonna deed my forehead this is a real standard product I've had in my kit for years so that's kind of the prep for this so really I just have moisturizer / highlighter hybrid in this kind of area so sort of around the eyes tops of the cheekbones size of the forehead sort of sides of the cheeks and then I just have a pore minimizing primer down at the center so instead of foundation today I'm gonna go straight in with my Helio Care SPF 50 I've been using this for a few years now and I just love firstly the coverage that it gives you it's gonna look a bit like when it first goes on but I need to really blend it out and then I'll build it up where I need to sadly it's only available in two shades this is a hybrid SPF so it's a hybrid between minerals and it's it's not nano mineral it's just a mineral sunscreen and it's also a chemical some degree it's a mixture of the two it's got tri zones and triazines it also has a fern blocking fern plant block which is a little bit like a antioxidant for the skin so it has skincare benefits as well now because it is an SPF I have to really make sure that I cover all of my skin this is the kind of SPF I would use but I do use when I'm just in the city because it doubles up as makeup and as long as I put it all over my skin and I'm not laying out in the Sun I'm really just you know if I do go out I'm not out for long but it gives me enough protection I'm gonna go over my eyelids and all around my eyes but if you can see it's just such a nice coverage it still looks like real skin but it just covers kind of redness any small bits of pigmentation just evens out the skin tone really I'm gonna go back in with another thin layer and you can see the colors about right now that it's all over my face I do also have a spray SPF on my chest and shoulders that's actually a caudally one but I put that one on before I came to work so that's a good layer of SPF all over my face eyelids I did actually put some extra on my neck why not and you can see I just love the coverage of this it's deceptively good coverage because it feels so light but there's a good level of pigment in there so I feel like with this on a regular day I don't need to do a lot of concealing I am gonna do a little bit so I'm going to go under my eyes although even just having that is the tinted SPF under my eyes just evens them out you know pretty pretty well actually so this is more of a long-wearing consider that I'm gonna use now considering the heat it's gonna be out there I'm not using tons because I want my skin to look really fresh and then I think I'll just do if there's a couple of marks and things but I'm not gonna put a lot on next I'm going to use some translucent powder just to set and take the shine off just around here mainly okay so on to eyes I'm not gonna do a lot of eye makeup I'm going to use actually just a pencil got a couple of pencils from nude sticks I thought I'd do a little bit of shine just on the center of my lid well I forgot to say that I didn't do a well you probably know this I didn't do a tutorial for my channel last week but I did do one for Alexa Chung channel if you haven't seen it go and have a look it's I'm doing her makeup and it's got a fun one we're just kind of really just laughing at each other throughout the whole thing but that looks really nice as well it's like an 80s makeup look on her modern style Alexis style but if you liked any of the the other videos that I've done with her on this channel then I'm sure you already liked the one that we did together so that's just a shine on the lids you can see that feels like it's really not going anywhere and then I think for underneath might just use a little this is the darker brown version just through the lush roots at the end there and just tap those in it's more of a little bit of shading there at the outer edge probably not gonna notice much different so maybe you can they'll just give a tiny bit of definition but won't feel like I'm wearing very much eye makeup at all underneath I'm just gonna go through the lash roots just to give that almost in perceivable shadow effect it's like the natural shadow that's been created by your lashes but just enhancing that and then with the lighter color again add a little bit of that to the inner corner that's a nice quick eye makeup look just playing with light and shade so next I'm going to curl my eyelashes and of course like once I've got my mascara on I can always add more of the pencil know once my brows are done and my score is done and everything but I want this look to be non complicated so for mascara I'm going to use the doll eyes waterproof mascara so this gives more of a feathery kind of effect on the lashes quite a fanned out look then just picking up those ones in the inner corner using the tip of the mascara just sweeping through the lash from base to and it's kind of like whoa I caught a pretty lashes it's not heavy lash ah it wasn't it was a pretty light until I smudged it all up there and same through the lower lashes so for brows I'm going to use a little bit like the tsuki pen I often use I've got the glossier version so it's the very fine felt tip and it feels quite like my it's a little bit more pigment in it a little bit more color than the tsuki one so I'm just going to use this to fill in my brows a little bit so just extending the length there and just adding a few more hairs at the front here so I'm just looking to create a very natural brow but it's nice because you can actually draw the hairs well you've seen me do it with the other brand but this one is a little bit more strong so you I'd say you need a lighter hand of this it does exactly the same thing but just be very light in your approach and that's good as well because it is waterproof it sets like a felt-tip really so you're not going to be smudging off your brows I'm going to use some clear gel just to make them look really luscious and set them in place now on the rest of my skin I don't want to go really highlighter I want this to be about real glow as in do eNOS if you like but because it is such a hot day as well I am going to use a little bit of cream blush I'm going to use this one this bourgeois one I'm sure this is still available it's really nice and transparent and it feels like it sets on the skin so I'm just almost feathering that on to the cheek and because the SPF has left a nice natural sort of Sheen anyway they're kind of working really nicely together but again this one does set it's not a sort of a greasy cream it's definitely more of a setting liquid brought a bit on my lips as well while I'm there so that's again nice and quick and that's set nicely so to finish off your lips and interesting it really simple I tried this look yesterday and I really liked it so it's a tinted lip balm this is by Cora and it looks very dark but actually it's just a really nice kind of lip lip stain but I want to do a sort of ombre lip so I put some pink this is love of my life I know it's sold out but I I'm bringing it back in hopefully at October so if you didn't manage to guess it is coming back with that in the center so it's just a really natural looking lip still got a bit of color to it I think that's the look I think that's it I him that's gonna be plenty for today the only thing I'm gonna add is I don't need much because actually the the highlighter moisturiser hybrid that I used underneath has given me more than enough glow and I don't feel at all greasy but I might just how to touch a drop of this little highlighting glass so this is a little bit like the Mac Pro um it's funny because these sorts of products are so hard to get years ago you have to make your own for editorials but now it's quite easy to get them I'm just going to put three or four dabs of that just on the top of my cheekbones so what this is effectively doing is giving you a dewy highlight rather than a frosty or a pearlized highlight but it's a very light texture that's it and then if I wanted to I could buy a bit more pencil on my eyes but I honestly think that is more than enough for today I mean I'm just gonna throw up my lips a tiny bit yeah that's a good look so that's the finished look it was a really simple makeup I think it's just a nice simple look for everyday in the hot weather and I do have my spirit on so my skin is protected but I also feel like I look quite glamorous in a very understated natural makeup kind of a way so I hope that was helpful and I'll see you soon you

41 thoughts on “Quick Glow Without The Grease – Natural Makeup Tutorial

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  6. Such a perfect look for a hot summer's day.
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