Propel Sky Rider Quadrocopter HD Camera RTF FLIGHT REVIEW RC Drone

Propel Sky Rider Quadrocopter HD Camera RTF FLIGHT REVIEW RC Drone


J drone here this is the propel sky rider and we are going to use stock of palaces or land cut we're going to turn this on throttle up down lightly up again and I have to go back down and then up which is weird I never really had to do that well we are ready for flight here guys this is an RTF right out of the box ready to fly up not charges battery and I might talk about this battery it's very y'all rates good nice you alright um the battery is very specific for this you're not going to have other batteries for this unless you have a clone of this it's just slidin battery it's much like the eachine ether T or e 4t G without sin ma or even on a larger scale to DJI phantom or Clyde's into the body and connect on the entry into the body because the connectors are on the back of it and it kind of clicks in place so you're definitely going to want to make sure you keep the charger for this separate from all your other stuff and you don't lose it an awesome battery out keep that separate info on all I like to drone as far as body styling it's not your plastic standard XYZ style although that is about the size of this it kind of has like a dome UFO type look to the top and also this does have an HD camera I don't have the camera on it I wanted to just test this out one to get out of the box it was sitting on the shelves probably prior to Christmas and my wife picked this up for me maybe a week or two ago and I'm just getting time to get it out now I like it the drones doing what I'm telling it to by the controller I am fighting a ten mile an hour wind here so it's doing well in the wind not having really any issues it's constantly pushing towards the pine tree to the left and I probably should have done that so I said that push your luck with this let's do crazy y'all so it kind of smacked off the roof landed in my pilot back yeah those tree catchers are caught and brush big reason why I don't like to have prop guards on guys because of this and we actually broke them one of them is broke because the drone itself is broke the arms aren't broke one of the propellers are are I would generally take them off all the blades are spinning so crash ability say is eight with prop guards on and nine without the prop guards because nothing else work and maybe even attend because again nothing else broke the small gears on this generally would be plastic on an x5 phone these are metal so that's a little impressive to me that they actually have metal ones on this price tag was $50 on this I really didn't want to pay $50 was kind of hoping it dropped 30 my wife was awesome she paid this dollars for it so I have it right now I can sign off on the thirty five forty dollar mark seeing those metal gears and also seeing the durability test that we just did there if the camera is tops the cameras awesome we don't get any jello it's actually HD like it says it is then maybe fifty dollars is on par with this because again very unique connection but uh I'm Jay drums this is the RTF flight if you haven't subscribed please do and we'll do more testing with this take care

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  1. UPDATE: I extended the Tx antenna with a 4.9 in wire, and routed the drone antenna out of the side of the copter (it was kinda coiled up inside), nice range now out to 150 ft. or so. I stripped the flaking chrome plate off the shell and painted it white. This thing moves out pretty good and the alt hold is very solid, almost GPSlike. The motors are WL Toys versions so they are replaceable. I'll find a hack to use standard batts on this one, the pocket has plenty of room in it.

  2. Great drone if you like to look at video of the turf, the camera is non adjustable, also mine looses control at 30 ft., terrible functioning drone, terrible range.

  3. Officemax went crazy on these in January of this year, had them all marked at 21.97. Got 2, went back to get more and someone had bought the entire display lol.

  4. I just picked this thing up last night. I love it. The auto land has saved me from flying into the neighbor's yard a few times! And Adam L., my cam seems fine

  5. @JayDrone Just got this drone. Flys great. How was your camera? The image on my is extremely messed up. Its out of focus and the colors are blotchy. You know what this drone is a clone of so I can possibly find a new cam?

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