POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kickstarter

POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kickstarter

Check POWERUP X FPV – a smartphone controlled paper airplane with a LIVE streaming camera:
Experience flight from a first-person view paper airplane drone with a LIVE streaming camera.

Whats POWERUP 3.0?
Bring your favorite “blast from the past” to the present when you turn your paper airplane into a remote-controlled flying machine!
This multiple award-winning conversion kit features a crash-resistant design and will give your paper plane a massive 180 ft (55m) range – truly a gravity-defying experience.
Equipped with Bluetooth Smart Technology, you can control your plane with your smartphone through the Power Up app (iOS/Android compatible, check POWERUP website for more details)
Simple controls are fun for all ages: tilt smartphone/tablet from right to left to maneuver and use the throttle lever on the app to ascend and descend
Features battery level, charging status and range indicators plus an Air Traffic Control attribute. New features! for easy on-boarding – Boost – Nitro for extra Power, In-app flight academy, Free template downloads, Gesture control and Game-pad controls
Contents: Power Up 3.0 Bluetooth Smart Module, crossbar, spare rudder, spare propeller, 4 sheets of special template paper (2 Cardinal Design, 2 Invader Design), instructions, quick start guide, and mounting display and storage box
365 day limited warranty!

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here's a list of stuff from kind of magical to unbelievably magical body wash that's also shampoo Mentos and cola things that fly with your help the magical is about to get magical her meat shy a pilot an industrial designer and an inventor he loves things that fly he wants try to turn his car into an airplane no success shy always said that his dream was to bring the joy of flight to everyone a few years ago he made a breakthrough in the field of cool stuff that flies he invented the power up the first electric paper airplane but then a friend of shai's told him nice gadget really but you can't make a remote-controlled paper airplane shy took a moment to think and said challenge accepted two years of research and 57 prototypes later he made it happen Meech eyes unbelievably magical invention power up three the first ever smartphone controlled paper airplane using state-of-the-art technology power up three turns your embarrassing paper plane into a lean mean flying machine just fold a piece of copy paper into a plane attach power up three and install the app now call your mom and tell your pilot cuz it works out of the box in the back of the module are a propeller and a rudder that are in charge of controlling the plane in the front there's an advanced ship with powerful Bluetooth smart technology for an amazing 60 yards of controlled flight and a tiny rechargeable battery to power this amazing Beast out of juice charge the battery with any microUSB cable as Siler and and his career as a pilot planes should be building when flying and for crashing that's why all components of the powerup 3 are super durable and crash proof but here's where shy made it really cool power up threes smart shape is programmed to optimize user happiness you don't need a PhD in aeronautics to be able to fly it the prototype is fully functional and the super ultra magical power of three is ready for production this is where shy need your magic beings if you help shy get to 1,400 backers you'll help him bring the joy of flight to everyone and obtain the privilege to look down on regular paper planes for the rest of your life so back power up three and help make the magical magical herb

35 thoughts on “POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kickstarter

  1. Me quiero ganar el PowerUp 3.0 por que siempre he querido que mis aviones vuelen mas >:,v tengo una pila de 34 aviones bien buenos pero no vuelan mucho, y eso que los hice bien :v asi que, por eso :,3 #vuelatucuriosidad

  2. Me gustaria ganar este avion power up porque todos los años mis 3 mejores amigos bienen a mi finca a jugar y me gustaria hacer un concurso con ellos

  3. quiero uno por que para mi es satisfactorio ver un avion de papel planeando y quiero impresionar mis amigos

  4. #vuelatucuriosidad hola he visto ya casi todos los vídeos y todos me han encanado tanto que si no gano el sorteo ;( seguiré viendo los vídeos y tal vez, algún día pueda formar parte del canal #vuelatucuriosidad
    Ahora si yo quisiera ganar para demostrarles a mis amigos como es volar aviones de papel hoy en día y poderles recomendar el canal que me fascina hasta luego.

  5. Hola me a gustado el vídeo tanto como hacer aviones de papel que me recomienda VUELA TU CURIOSIDAD tanto que desearía con todas mis fuerzas ganarme ese avioncito a control remoto.

  6. Hola me a gustado el vídeo tanto como hacer aviones de papel que me recomienda VUELA TU CURIOSIDAD tanto que desearía con todas mis fuerzas ganarme ese avioncito a control remoto.

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