Poundland Reviews - Car Phone Holder and Screen Protectors

Poundland Reviews – Car Phone Holder and Screen Protectors

Review of a generic phone holder for the car and some extra value screen protectors for iPhone 6 plus. Purchased from Poundland.

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I have found the pwned land use because this is like a take Channel some stuff from home banks may be tempted to buy some stuff no recently I had boon holder in the car which I got from my stand it was like a little clipper one so this cool this moves under the window and then this but you clip your phone in there which it worked well I like to was quite good and the phone clipped in there nicely you can see what's there and they freeze that IT phone here clips in there nicely and I held it nicely on the window and it was pretty good but since then been wrong with that here you can see in there that it actually brought it was no good this little sucker thing so broken off a little bit so we're never really stuck in it just peeled itself so I thought I'll go to the homeland and find something new in the phone store well obviously one pound and it says it's good for iPhone iPad and GPS it's called a universal device holder by LMS data and as 360 degree free rotation your ideal digital device holder for smartphone tablet gps and much more both in and out of car compatible with these devices and it says BR 360 let's go see what's on the back innovative design using high grip sucker technology sucker allows for a secure grip for almost any device coupled with instant vacuum sealed placement fruit ideal for all any surface almost unit 60 degrees free rotation no charge right one pound this cost one pound so it's got the same sort of mechanism as the other one you put it on the window and then push the sucker push this little lever back and then that makes it sook in here so it sticks to the it has a 360 degree free rotation as you can see so I'll probably put on the car like like this I guess the thing that I thought was strange move this one knows that I don't think this one's gonna stick very well in there on this but especially the undo freezer tighty phones because it's got a sticker on the back with some pictures of my children and I don't think that sticker maybe it's gonna stick well in there let's see I did stick was I wrong to do this device perhaps but a feasel recipe book you may be in trouble it just Falls can you see suck it on there then it may be are you actually and what we were taking it back off again comes off sure back on that holds on pretty good actually I wasn't expecting it to be that good I thought these little suckers were gonna be rubbish peel them off I'm not sure how long we're gonna last for that peeling them off all the time let's hear it goes with Andy freezer eighty iPad and if Rize eighty iPad never comes over its case there's so many of its cases to do this then I'll be straight back and I fixed in a fight but soon what happens right so can we take the iPad with us in the car it holds then the fries I see iPod just faint that's a behavior the licking is false then maybe I think we just fall down if you put on in the window it's not really the taste great eh I don't feel the back in this case before something happens tuck over the iPad I think I put it upside down I mean how strong is this little ball and socket joint here I wonder can I pull it apart ah ah I think I dented the laptop there oh yeah I was sore anyway I can definitely build up I put your bike together again right good so that's wonderful actually works quite well as a maybe it works quite well it's a full moon step in the car and then we're good get to work I'm not sure that taking off mechanism I think that maybe is downfall anyway we shall see what's that we'll put on the car later the next thing after recovered from my injury something else you might think I'll buy that from the pawn shop and I take screen protector for then the freezer IT iphone six-plus protects from dust and scratches suitable transparent surface and the same in these languages it's clear not frosted frosted ones really understand the same for iPhone 6 plus well that's lucky 2 pack you also you get to know that's 50 fancy choking you're wrong important the protective screen is marked on each side with labels when st. is marked with one the other side is marked with two a cleaning the LCD screen with the microfiber cloth pervaded includes microfiber screen cloth PE peel away 2 centimetres of side 1 locate the side of the screen protector marked with a one began to peel back the outer film on the site do not remove all of the film peel back around 2 centimetres of film along the edge of one side I think I understand C and D applied to screen smooth away any bubbles C and D aligning the screen protector with the LCD screen when positioned correctly remove the rest of film 1 and apply the screen protector to the LCD screen surface use the microfiber cloth to Jen any bubbles ii feel we say to protect from dust and scratches once applied to the LCD screen and remove the protective film to the design illustrations and photographs used in this artwork exclusive property of pms international group any attempts to copy this artwork in whole or in part will be prosecuted vigorously and damages will be sought and legal action taken where appropriate does that include having them on a YouTube video I don't think so I don't think so because I'm not going to copy it in whole or in part I'm just gonna do a review of an I take screen protector for iPhone 6 plus let's see here we get on with us item number name to 545 so you get to but absolutely free microfiber never even mentioned the cards let's have a look it's back in here we'll keep our safe because even if Ezra but you think we wrong with 50 pins for a screen protector I don't have a screen protector and you can see what good that's to me was the scratches on there and there Scratchy's okay I'm gonna cleaning the screen first to get rid of all my fingerprints clean screen okay here are those scratches right one this sticker helps to remove the mask from the screen guard what please peel off the mask with the sticker off the mask right so peel off two centimeters and that's me it's my man right yeah if you love two centimeters and then that's about two centimeters that's not good that's not good caught up on the details here and then we'll position it carefully it's not cut very well oh there's actually a bit plastic over the speak I don't think that's gonna work we need to pick that over there and the decipher tweezers I think smoothing smoothing smoothing gonna be office a that they know it's gonna be think smooth and smooth and no bubbles please yes right brush from them well that was for relatively easy to apply it won't be expecting the screen protector no think about like a screen for a night but some bubbles but I think it's just cuz in the screen right cuz the screens all damaged already and then the glorious reveal peel back does it say to front this thing I helps to remove the mask from the screen guard please peel off the mask with a screen protector gate smart enough to be perfect right a couple of bubbles in there from like where maybe that was they then they freeze 84 and it's got a screen protector now does it work good that was my reviews today on the universal device holder oops Universal device holder and universal device holder and I take screen protector from screen protectors and I should say because there's two of them for free no not for free for a pound phone bloodshot wonderful

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  1. Watch one Poundland vid & they link to more.Ha,ha. You will still get some crap in there but 'some' of the tools have come on leaps & bounds. Some of the screwdrivers now are exactly the same chrome vanadium rubber handle type as Black & Deckers for about £6. & they don't even have Black & Decker on just B&D. & you get 2 for £1 in most cases. Funnily enough considering your IT orientation, I was thinking of adding a video of complementing my Belkin PC tech/maintenance toolkit with a few things from there & other stores. Albeit on my other channel. Stuff like the long reach screw drivers for removing mobos from over large heatsinks etc & precision screwdrivers.

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