Portal2 hacks: Command Console & Noclip

Portal2 hacks: Command Console & Noclip

Portal 2 hacks: Command Console & Noclip
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so this will be how to use the command console for portal to go to options keyboard mouse allow developer console so enable that I will edit my keys and buttons I've redone it but there you go this makes it easy to do the mine will be oh so I've got to bring up the developer console go back single-player continue game and go into 70 nothing will be our seventeen so we bring up the console now there let's Road and then we have it all the goodies ins death anyway oh my so what you do is enter SV cheats s s low slow line cheats 1 1 4 on 0 4 off am wrong and return to game and so the Chiefs run but no nothing's happening because we haven't done nothing special so press our again to do third person third person of it is just just said to click it there and enter one presumes and we turn to go and there we are in all their glory bub wham-o sat upright with the first part that that that that grimy it's impossible true upright apparently um never look at ourselves is this it thought it still at all possible I don't know probably not anyway this is us in the third person he's speaking to my sweet sister doesn't okay um so that's the third person then fascinating stuff obviously and so we're going to go now to talk about the first person press our again and typing first person frosh person these keys or whatever and let's do no clip no clip and enter and we turned the game and we should be able to fly through walls now you know we're gonna fly through this wall right new investigates Iraq made in and flown up this wall just point and shoot Oh flown over and see where the right man is and OH you fought was a bit additive bit of a fight and here we are it's a bit of a scary world out here isn't it this is this is very deep and it's very scary Mike Ross scary yes and a third a yo you pop out the building bison so that's where he's supposed to be and is he out there probably probably partly or practices where I put a little lob that's right that's how you can appear it anywhere because he's got a that matters no clip on so are we competing we're obviously and for your mutants about and the upward vent is quite um glowing just looks interesting and if you pluck Egypt out somewhere but no it's just big glowing ball over over where are we now I'll come too far down according that I am yes I can according to her I'll go into that yes that's what we are here and we got other steps again and it also looks at sardis booty class very interest isn't it very fascinating and of course the whole game ease around here somewhere it's got full of these opposed we go following the lead down here and it comes at these lower like Star Trek things isn't it when you get out of you so often those starfish with you just fall out the world I don't know if that's a load up saying else is harder take you to a whole new whole new area or so there you go you go from complete lol oh thinks we're in it with things that were in it and it's moving and so we have to keep with the game keep with the elevator to the hole I presume we might load up something else and we keep moving on moving on it uses you say it's their body presence and and it's loading up the next game so there you go this is all fast I did stuff off hmm so here we are oh this should be working it doesn't you got to get out a moment let's try again I'm not to a no clip off not get one perhaps I don't know however if this be cheats on free not sv cheats 1 no clip on ok play your way ah ah ok so outside of the oh just darkness darkness is almost fesses I've lost almost all of the building I've lost the building oh my god it's so scary oh now this is terrifying oh there is this completes the gymnastic oh my music where am I wellness exercise now I'm not me building oh my god this is terrifying wait wait wait fight fight what's out here help me oh that's my baby I come off flew all the way over there they that is scary I seem to have start soon – I almost ha – I think it was it blonde here ah oh my god ok era please era era oh there I am Oh deafness that's that building in it oh the black pills there's a French painting on a wall let's go stand in front of it please go stand from Ella there is an era Oh Michael that creepy stuff okay go look at not be there is a framed painting on the wall scared go stand in front of it era era not be an era whoops whoops oh my gravy I'm trying to find the painting Oh Jonah yup steering it yard this is no clipping was doing medley steel artists whose sustenance Hey good yes I need a sleep I'm nothing below loading up stop stop stop stop that's right here oh hang on the sobbing I've flown in the air when the lights come on now the lights ain't on some nights on now we're gonna say hello to more from you hello subjects do experience some cognitive deterioration after a few months intersect like a little box crane set up they let the crane set up my driving I'll sit up with it skin over back yeah oh oh that's odd let's precise to there is jumping now I'm not jumping flapper wine I'm not jumping just dummy you where does it like coming hello good good ah that lights coming through maybe I like like hmm the light here but not a march baby okay we got a little action man it's all interesting doesn't it right you're over here I like slow light with stop no no no baby good with your Bob when they will run oh you bought light up there in his life highlight light Lila deliver why look deep down it look II got it boy knock someone down here roll up one care now and you gotta try this belongings in spinnaker game boom look finished yep was pretty nagging us right now explosion the stairwells right well it's trying just you best get out of here we're are we rock here right so here we are now we try and go straight up your weapons strain it up to the light the light the lives I'm escaping to the lat I mean the white doesn't mean the white light light so here we are on top of the whatever flying around about the whatever big cage oops scary isn't it nothing down over there but cool as we plummet in an every sink what's this down here it went now there's different so down there it's what what it's it exists it's over here it still exists it mean which is somebody else's no least I recognize you've got the it is to start at one and it is over here Wow it's to get where are we era I'm not there what what oh yeah is that big thing oh yeah so that's that section over there and then somehow we ended up here and this the big flying thing this is a we and we end up that we want a little trip over here and that's the that's a trick and this is not to over here so we go up here and these are the railings in and and then what's over here just more boxing boxing is flashing black and white or flashing boom that on yet so I looking in this planet did a botany up Oh rats are you hello sir oh yeah refine flying and this is some faux background effect of I don't know what it is just three layers of effort I don't know this is the main the real one there's a shaft going down it seems to end but it's a shaft grind out this is main big box over here and the second box contains the actual room over here which we some hair transport away from when we go to sleep I suppose asleep when it goes to sleep then yup any transport into this box over here I reckon on this little worm animating different journey of the crashing so we followed fro near so where do we go Dan here down here good luck and we might be all fingers set off look like this so we have to light here Oh what can we move on rubble rubble right what's up on come on can we move a notch and move hey let's do but go yes Hey right do we need to do this well can we do floor rent a different floor end great nothing to see whoops are very slim I mean the alibi in that cabin anybody please okay I'll try and copy up the elevator hello move me I exist whoops ghosty falls I don't what being vaporized to transport it into another thing probably area Wow don't go near the era okay let's have a look I don't know where we are what's this fan we bought that to be somewhere what's this over here does it look like something doesn't it Wow with perilous it went uh-oh we're definitely lost now where was we then that's there the area there and we go downstairs intense still there and I think we're not yet it was this bit that's enough already like so we surely wait was it did we comin up what were your there that's da da da da da da da go for the push bar go through there and we would go from down here what do you feel about does anybody just know so we've made a mess up here so there you go then that's the first this is the noclip area you have to keep up the young keep up with the elevator or you lose help ah I mean that know me and let's go again let's go again I keep up the swamp look look look le right to travel keeping up with yelling rights are keep it up with the elevator to take us to a different world overly again oh it looks pretty blanket now I thought look I'm at the other boat again that I should have done no click then a half new area loading let's see if it works this time or should I go no clipper they staged to a psycho transport lock return them perhaps some pits a new level type at a new level sure that's wrong way that's where we should be getting out then and that's where we get out so this is the next area so this would be the year crashing through so form down over there so that's what the falling down area like this you what beyond the pipes the dark isn't pretty there you go stopping spooky creepy so I go up to we're good to go yeah up here up here round round don't don't work Hey with my oh no oh no oh no I got you ha ha oh wait I'm a five-dimensional busy split my elevator hey hey how do I get this that's xplornet saw the box very good now it's very like them hello right these tonics throw outside the box smooth Rica so here we are outside the box and of course that's where we go to there do the in the double are for that area that's the window smash here and this should be the staircase off to the theatre dedenne have a den here and we've gone flying walk for locals and the den is pretty much just a dinner table doing you just know a little loops nice minute yeah so there you go that's that's where are we okay that's demonstration of noclip I hope you enjoyed this video of what you had to do commands

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  1. How to I even noclip people keep saying type sv_cheats 1 but everytime I submit it says unknown command help pleaseee
    EDIT: nevermimd I figured it out

  2. seriously? i know this video is like a year old but this is not hacking, this is just cheating, you are not hacking into a server or something to get out precious data, no, you are just cheating

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