PolarPro Mavic Pro Case For Hubsan Zino and Ryze Tello Drones

PolarPro Mavic Pro Case For Hubsan Zino and Ryze Tello Drones

PolarPro Mavic Pro Case For Hubsan Zino and Ryze Tello Drones
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Perfect travel case

okay everybody I just want to cut this rule a quick video on this little polar Pro case then I picked up yesterday you know I went the Best Buy and picked this this case up it was on sale for 1440 ninety-nine and actually when I got to the checkout I had a ten dollar reward so I only paid five bucks more so here's what it says on here it's from polar Pro Mavic and GoPros you can put in here it just says thematic storage case but they give you some case configurations here on this little sheet – so show you how to set it all up in there here's the way what the Mavic and the GoPros sitting in there like that or here's the fly more setup but I got it for the Z no okay because I figured okay there's Nino mathematic are pretty close to the same size I think the Z no footprint is this I'm little hair more but there it is in the case and the case will close so you can see it for yourself and these are like I said on sale for 1495 at Best Buy and I think they're regularly $29.99 so they're like 50% off that's what that would be so the Z no fits right in there like that and these here's the transmitter and then there's the battery thing now you can store the battery in here and then you'll have room for an extra battery did the battery fit is a little bit tight but it goes you just got to play around with it a little bit the wiggling in there if it's an air perfect and then like I said this little part here these little things they're very adjustable you can move them around you know these got velcro on them now one more thing I want to do somebody and left me a comment and they wanted to know if they could fit their Telo in here so we're gonna try that right now told them I check into it okay so you'll have to move this one let's get the tillow back out okay let's put the Telo in and then put the barrier in there wait a minute but to move this barrier over and the transmitter yeah there it goes right there fits in there perfect you can even put the spare props a bag of props and all that stuff in there yeah if it's perfect in there like that no problem okay you're just not gonna be able to use this thing okay just leave it out so yeah it works good you could wiggle it in there instead of using this one but I don't know I think it looks good in there so now you know you can run out go get one dude this was the last one at my best buy but my best buy is usually a pretty busy store or not you know what you saw yesterday wasn't that busy usually that place is pretty busy but yeah this was the last one at that store but I'm sure you can get them online if they have to say I'm going on you can buy them online Best Buy online those still some to you for the same price alright guys have a nice day I'll talk to you later

32 thoughts on “PolarPro Mavic Pro Case For Hubsan Zino and Ryze Tello Drones

  1. I always wanted this case at Bestbuy but thought that 30 bucks was just too much for that case… But, 15 bucks is a steal. I like it.. 👍👍 thx Brian..


  2. Nice case Bryan, Excellent Review, Excellent Video, and most definitely an Excellent HOST !!!!!!!!

    Thank you !

  3. Very nice case!!! On my way home from dinner with the wifes family!!! And such a beautiful sun set!!!! Wish i had a good camera drone that i could fly up 100 feet and film all good sun sets and post them!!!! One day i will and i hope everyone enjoys them!!!!

  4. I was heading out to work this morning when I watched the trip to Best Buy so I only had time to hit the like . Pretty cool case for the price , I guess you could call it a Best Buy ! 😁👍

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