PHP Tutorials: Apache, MySQL, and PHP Installation

PHP Tutorials: Apache, MySQL, and PHP Installation

How to install PHP, Apache and MySQL altogether using WAMP. PHP tutorial guides you on how to develop dynamic database driven website. watch more videos at

hello and welcome to the fourth series of the videos that I will be creating to show you and teach you how to create dynamic website today we're not going to be doing any coding we're just going to be looking at all the tools we're going to be gathering all the tools that we will be needing to create the website so the tools that we'll be needing is the PHP mysql and apache apache is the web server this sub things that will be explaining in the near future mysql is the backend database to that we're going to be using this the database is the database engine that you can use to store the data of the website such as user name or the pictures you know things like that PHP is the is the scripting is the scripting language though we'll be using to query the database so the PHP the my hair skier and the aperture the whole work hand in hand so they like friends so without much for that waiting we have to go ahead but what I want to point out here is that it is perfectly possible for you to download all these three things that we need you know you can download them separately you can download PHP install it on your computer download my head scalar install it on your computer and download a party but it's too much trouble and you have to do a lot of configuration so that PHP knows where to find my SQL my hair skin is worth way to how to talk to PHP and you have to do some point into in we didn't approach it you know to configure it on where to look and find the rest of the file I mean it's not difficult i mean i will actually be talking about this in the forum on my website but the thing is the direct there are other Tuesday I've been developed now nowadays that mix or listings very easy one of them is one which looking at on my screen one stands for windows apache mysql and PHP so it's just a single install and what it does it if you look here it says one server 2.0 you know it includes all the latest apache mysql and PHP yet so just installing this during this installation put all the necessary things that you need so you can actually you can start coding right away another one that i want to show you is zamp there there is the mean is is the same thing as one the only just no difference is for windows you can install it on windows you can install it on line ups you can install it on mac so but today I'm going to be downloading and installing one so if you want to follow along with me it's fine so let's start let me click on download so and we want to download one server 2.0 these are all the things that is going to install on your machine apache 2.26 often at the latest php5 sqlite manager mysql and PHP my admin e we're going to be talking about everything in the future so now let me click on download my internet is kind of slow today but I am sure that right so you what the best in today's that I'm going to pause this video download and when I'm about to install it then I'm going to shoot I'm going to get back to you guys okay now I'm back so one supper warm server has been downloaded so now it's time to install it on the machine so we click on next I set the agreement okay we don't have time to read through before want to read through is fine click on next is going to install it on your c drive c / womp which is fine with me 160 meg of free disk space is required that is fine i want it i want to desktop icon if you want you can choose a quick launch icon next then install this might take a while as well but i'm not sure so let's watch let's see what is doing I'm think I'm going to pause the video again so that we come back to it oh it's almost done it's dragging along okay beautiful beautiful it's actually not bad Firefox has been detected on your computer we like to use as the default well it's not yeah that's fine okay i think the installation is almost done lalalala lalala lalala okay please specify windows as detected okay just click on on block because you don't want windows to be blocking your web server smtp server smtp server I don't think we need that yet but I do not need smtp I mean we're going to set the smtp server very soon but not yet so now let's launch one server 2.0 now finish which you see if it's successful right I think it's been launched and this is it are you can't say because my screen is not recording it but it puts an icon right so if you look at it everything has been installed on my machine so this is my PHP directory and you can see all the PHP settings the extension PHP dot ini file PHP error log there at my head CEO is there diversion so I can start all services right does started the services and can also if I go to WWE that's where you will be putting all the files that you created so now let me show you how that works if I go to if I let me start firefox I'll show you what my look out of space dtp for / low cost right one server I mean sure just looking at this hell own shows you that you have no project but the installation is successful now you can write PHP so now let let's write our first PHP code so now for you to write a PHP you need at least lead to Finn that's the way to write it PHP you must always start with this that's the tag dick beginning and the closing tag for any PHP document so this is going to be processed by the PHP engine so now let's start echo hello world hello what is always the first application that you're right hello world I have to hand it a semicolon let's save it in a file save us now you have to go to a computer the C Drive remember why we installed it we studied on the ramp and inside the ww we have to save it there so this is always remember to check this offer and name this fast PHP nonetheless is it fast document no sorry let's say hello world dot PHP do you not forget to pull the PHP at the end of the file so save it we can close it now if we go to our look house and type hello world dot PHP which you see if you see hello world I mean everything works fine so that's the hand of this video I hope you enjoy it and i'll be back for

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  1. hey, i was wondering if you could help me. All my files in wamp are not registering. All of the icons are unregistered files… if you google images search: unregistered file icon the first image is what they all look like. I dont have Microsoft software on my computer is this the problem? please help πŸ™‚

  2. Wonderful video.If there is anything else that you could furnish us with about the PHP code ,etc we would be grateful but nevertheless a superb video for the beginners

  3. i have customized Apache personal web server. It includes php, Apache and mysql. It could be executed directly from USB stick, from a folder in hard drive without the need for installation. all u have to do is double click the Apachelite.exe and you're up and running. click my profile and visit the site. follow the download link for the php/apache web server.

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