PHOTO TIPS FOR KIDS - Exposing My Secrets | Jordan Matter

PHOTO TIPS FOR KIDS – Exposing My Secrets | Jordan Matter

You won’t believe how easy photography actually is! Watch this video, then use these tips on your friends and family. They’ll think you’ve been secretly taking photo classes!! Give it a THUMBS UP if you want “Tips for Kids” to be a series.

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When I was a beginning photographer, I reached out to professionals and asked them for advice. Nobody responded 🙁 So I promised myself that if I ever became well known enough, I would teach all my tricks to young people with an interest in photography. This is that day! I want to de-mystify the photography process!! “Tips for Kids” is the first video in a series where I will eventually expose all my photo secrets. Charlotte and Nicolas are incredible circus performers, and in this video we run around New York City doing a photoshoot. While photographing them, I explain everything I’m doing! I’m concentrating mainly on how to find the best angle and composition for an awesome photo. Enjoy!


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hello kids today I'm gonna teach you how to take photos just like me I put it out on Instagram and a lot of you asked to learn the right angle for a photo no not your angle my angle for those of you who are interested in professional photography I will include the settings of the camera with each photo lesson number one white space why do I shoot in the middle of an Avenue so much because at the end of that Avenue is a beautiful sky and I'm gonna put the subject in the sky let's go alright so you guys build it okay stand right down the center do not get hit by car kids don't run in the middle Street I'm serious about that okay then here we go okay that's gorgeous hold it right there I'm gonna get you right in the white space right there beautiful there it is find empty space and put your subject in the middle of it now if you're under 18 you're not going to run the middle of streets to try this instead here we found a median where they could do this awesome trick and they're totally safe while doing it she's still in the white space folks look at that look I mean Charlotte is totally surrounded by white bears even see your arm hi ladder you got the person reacting the taxis everything is awesome and you were totally safe totally safe now you see poses like that and you think what that is easy anything would look good but actually there's a lot of ways to mess that up here's one example the places you think are the best locations actually aren't very good he wants a selfie of that spot of course he does now as a photo that's cool but try to put somebody in that space and suddenly they disappear into it watch it becomes more about the statue than the first in front of Statue and you guys are like swallowed up that's not nearly as good as finding empty space and putting you in front of it right so lesson number one find the empty space put the person in that empty space these poses that these guys are doing are insanely cool and at the very end of the video they're going to teach you how to do a couple of them so stick around next lesson don't put your subject too close to the background oh my god that is gorgeous it is a beautiful post but you see how the tree is just swallowing them up in the back but now watch how good it's gonna look when there's nothing behind them first before beautiful pose but the tree you know it's like you're all I see is the tree yeah I guess you better yeah so let me do better the trees are so far behind you it's about you and then they blur nicely into the background check it out guys we did a poll when we started shooting this video today has 91% of people want more of these videos awesome also guys get our pops hockey hey kids you know when you took a photo of your friend jumping and they got really high in the air but when you look at the photo it looks like they barely got off the ground here's why you weren't low enough to the ground so Charlotte is going to jump twice the first example I'm going to stand straight up it looks like you're standing on the ground and now I'm going to lay down on the ground in the subway what I won't do for a good shot that looks like you're floating in the ceiling and your post is perfect and look there's nothing behind you that is gorgeous even if it's not a leap a low angle is usually best watch I'm standing up straight for the shot hold it there and now I'm gonna go down hold it there that was just a cool photo but there's Subway's here you don't do a photo next to somebody unless you're an adult where you have an adult with you okay guys I'm using a professional camera because I'm a professional but all these rules can be followed with your phone as well and obviously it's easier to take those photos if you got a soft object now we're going to teach you how to do a couple of them we found a family that is vacationing in New York City from Denmark we're going to teach them two tricks one beginning one advanced are you ready let's do it so instead of doing a selfie just do this it'll look so cool look I put my foot here and she's in my pocket so I give her my name [Applause] yeah anybody can do it and now for the more challenging one so sick coming for every leg here and then she'll be able to push [Applause] well done tight okay now you got to turn to the side of your food split so which slit left excellent or are you gonna lift your right leg oh my gosh Wow if you want to take photos like that then post them on Instagram tag all of us and leave hashtag photo tips for kids and we will repost a few all right everybody thanks for watching remember leave us a big thumbs up if you want this to be a serious and definitely follow Charlotte and make up because they are awesome I thought you said that was easy he's got to flip and stick it ready go [Applause] you

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