Phillip Lindsay, Bradley Chubb, Justin Simmons & more take issue with their Madden 20 ratings

Phillip Lindsay, Bradley Chubb, Justin Simmons & more take issue with their Madden 20 ratings

A ‘Madden 20’ ratings performance adjustor, Dustin Smith, stopped by Broncos practice to field any questions and grievances from players about their ratings in this year’s game.

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what's like the one rating or you be not happy not as happy as you could be what's the wondering you think play my kitchen I don't know do I have enough fenders interception I don't have another decisions but do you see my marques in practice so that's my thing is you know get if I get that tape I may believe in it alright I got a couple more hand this couple over the top imagine it will be this and I mean he goes no not today no mine should be happy with mine sure what is it ATO 80 overall 80 I felt like was a low blow I felt like I was a personal attack we stretched everything this year so what was an 88 may now be like an 82 my so to give a better disparity I feel like that's just a trick I don't feel better I'm at least minimum a mid-80s let's go okay I'm mid 80 that reasonable that's being like 85 mid-80s yeah what is my pleasure ninety-seven ingenuity 96 99 these belated I whoa I mean I see that's that you he me how many times have you jumped that's a teammate like three times in a game there's a jump rating and this is a chilly Oh jump Iturbi 99 then jump should be up there when we get more guys some game film and it's blocked Justin Simmons got the block really just want to clear it real quick it was revert so oh she's just 40 way up your rookie year pick one maybe we should think that was mais say next year so they will be changed they think if there's good enough reason to be I mean I there's obviously no no that's just like a rebel just like a refs and sleeper yeah like OPI cause it's the same thing it's like ah well I see your point you know we could possibly change that they're not going to change it you said our piece but can I get my mustache in the game can you put that in you said your piece up with his ranking Pro Bowler what can I get my mustache in the game if there's anything about you is that there's nothing that you can't do yes you can't do it again sixty-two maybe not even being on the carrier thing no didn't launch with the game yeah and got in a game when you made it now 82 okay I'm not gonna complain about it I'm just gonna know what you're gonna like your face everybody likes he says you know that I'm fast so then nobody can catch me sorry about thank you no no problem thank you guys

28 thoughts on “Phillip Lindsay, Bradley Chubb, Justin Simmons & more take issue with their Madden 20 ratings

  1. Simmons and Chubb both should be over 85, easily, if the Madden guy had watched ANY Broncos games from last season he could have seen that.. smh

  2. I hope this is just a 🤡 in a madden t shirt and not a ea madden rating employee, because he knows 0 about football i feel

  3. yeah if I was some of you Denver Broncos plays I'd be pissed with some of the rating numbers that they gave out all that means you have to go out this year rock out bring that Super Bowl trophy back home not only you're doing it for Mr.B but you're also doing it for Bronco nation and do it for yourself and the team

  4. Real Ratings
    Flacco – 82
    Lindsay – 87
    Freeman – 83
    Janovich – 76
    Sanders – 88
    Sutton – 84
    Hamilton – 80
    Fant – 80
    Huegherman – 78
    Butt – 75
    Boles – 77
    Risner – 74
    McGovern – 69
    Leary – 80
    James – 75
    Wolfe – 81
    Gotsis – 77
    Harris – 86
    Jewel – 75
    Davis – 73
    Chubb – 88
    Miller – 99
    Harris Jr – 94
    Callihan – 86
    Yiadom – 76
    Simmons – 85
    Jackson – 87
    McManus – 78
    Wadman – 68
    Kreiter – 82 at LS! Should be a postion!

  5. Yeah, I was really excited to see Phillip Lindsay's afro on this Madden since he got pretty much recognized last year and it was the same face as of last year's Madden I was really disappointed LOL

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