PES 2019 | Dribbling Tutorial | Part 1 | 4K UHD HDR

PES 2019 | Dribbling Tutorial | Part 1 | 4K UHD HDR

Make sure you don’t miss out on PART 2:
Learn even MORE advanced techniques and get the better of your opponent from the above link!

Part 1 of 2 for my Dribbling Tutorial. This provides some simple yet very effective controls that allow you to easily bypass opposition players with ease.

The AI was set to Superstar difficulty but some of these will also work on online opponents.

Close control and not holding sprint down all the time are key to becoming a great player in PES.

The Most Effective Skill in PES 2019 Link:-

Eat, Sleep and Breathe PES


hello ladies and gents is Spoony pizza's here with another Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 video today I'm gonna do a dribbling tutorial this is part one of a two-part series so stick around the difficulty you're about to see in all of these clips were set to superstar this is a classic PES maneuver so you hold your right trigger down which is your special controls button and you just hold the left arm stick in the direction you wish to roll the ball and the key here is to move player C out of the way so I can get into that space on the wing once the player has completed the animation from rolling his foot over the top of the ball and the ball moving sideways you then want to apply sprint and push the left hand stick in the opposite direction or more or less the opposite direction and this will confuse your opponent as you can see here it's once I've gone past those two I wait until the player is beside me holding the r22 activating special controls and then apply sprint and cut inside him the key to using the r2 and r1 combination effectively is to go one way and then the other way so to the right to the left with pumper and then to the left to the right and then to the right to the left until next move I call this the double touch but it's not the double touch in terms of the school you do it's just very very simple you just move you have left long stick towards your opponent so you're facing him directly he's facing you directly once you get this close you just want to then move the analog stick away from him I would say 90 degrees because you can see in this example then push your left analog stick in the direction you were going and this time applies prints so that's your right bumper or our one on your controller please see the most effective skill video for this first move that I'm gonna use I will leave a link in the description now in these next few steps this is all about using your opponent's momentum against them so look at player B he's charging across to close down Papa he was player a and player C is just backing off because he's worried about Luke short at the top of the screen and also Marshall on the left wing so he's just trying to intercept that there so all I need to worry about really is player B here I take a very small touch away from player B and this is actually really important because then it changes his direction how he is running so you can see him running it on the diagonal towards me I need to change his run so he's running upwards instead of diagonally towards me now that I've got player B Willian facing up I can now cut back across him using his momentum against him allowing me to cut inside and then once I'm inside I will just apply the sprint to burst away and eat up all that ground in front of me you'll not see this again this time it's Christmas morning coming out from defense just using his momentum against him look I've got Chris morning not the most agile player but I see so many people make this mistake where when they're dribbling they don't use sharp turns they use really really slow turns so you're gonna see that example here so the yellow arrow is the direction I'm pushing on my left analog stick so now I'm pushing away from Jonjo Shelvey so that is exactly what you do not want to do when you're doing a turn when you're dribbling you want to be sharper with your movements but not 180 which I'm going to show you the next clip but you can see how much ground Jonjo Shelvey is made up on swirling just watch how much more effective this turn is compared to the turn you just seen this isn't 180 as you can see here the white arrow displays the direction I was going the arrow displays which way I am going now look at John Joe show ease momentum he's going complete downwards so it's gonna allow me to easily turn him and get him behind spinning behind and then accelerate away Chris mornings now being that closed down by three players but there's only one player we need to worry about and that's the chap with the blue arrow coming directly at you and what you want to do is just face him up release sprint so you just walk in pace and this is the key for all dribbling really and just as it gets really close you're just going to turn at the last second and watch him go flying past you and that ladies and gents concludes my dribbling tutorial part 1 be sure to stay tuned and subscribed to check out part 2 where I teach you some bit more advanced techniques that are really gonna help you take apart your opposition thank you once again for joining me I will catch you again in my next video just guys bye bye

23 thoughts on “PES 2019 | Dribbling Tutorial | Part 1 | 4K UHD HDR

  1. Pes dribbling feels so wrong coming from Fifa. I'm trying to get my head around it. It's like you have to do less with the controller to get more out of it.

  2. In co-op mode when the player speaks on the headset the game slows down. You know can disable this option of talking on the headset in pes 2019?

  3. The lag between switching players is a joke, theres not as much freedom as there was last year. Rigid piece of fucking crap! I'll be glad to see the back of this years version

  4. hey there,
    Thanks for your great videos
    I just have a question, i see my friend using a skill where he is on full sprint and suddenly changes directions diagonally so fast and still keeps the ball close while keeping his momentum.
    It is absurdly overpowered and i dont know how he does it
    Any idea ?

  5. windows 10 pro i7 3770K 3.50 ghz
    asus rx 580 8bg 256 bit video card
    10 gb ram
    I get 1tb hard disc average 60 to 150 fps but still it doesn't notice the graphics low or high the same
    pes 2019 have tightening and freezing problem urgent help!

  6. Windows 10 pro i7 3770K Asus rx 580 8gb 512 bit video card 1 tb hard disc give up 2019 so many other games are very comfortable but I give up 19 very bad please help?

  7. My player ( Neymar di maria mbape ) doesnt always rol the bal when i press R2..

    What am i doing rol ( i practice it in free training mode )

  8. Another great tutorial mate! One thing i've noticed is that your sprint/special controls seem to be reversed from last year's game (R2/R1)… any reason for this or is it just because most people tend to use the default buttons?

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