Peppa Pig Giant Coloring Toy Set ! Toys and Dolls Fun Activities for Kids | SWTAD

Peppa Pig Giant Coloring Toy Set ! Toys and Dolls Fun Activities for Kids | SWTAD

SWTAD Kids video #peppapig Family fun playtime speed coloring giant Peppa Pig coloring toy set with markers, crayons, stamps, stickers, and more. ❤️❤️ TO SEE ALL MY TOYS & DOLLS VIDEOS click on or use #swtad ❤️❤️ Thanks for watching #swtadkids

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hi Franz welcome to my channel SW tag kids today I have this gigantic Peppa Pig coloring set with a bunch of markers stickers coloring pages stamps and even a ruler so let's get to work and open it at once oh here they come here they come yay a lovely background to use and other videos peppa and Friends wearing costumes Peppa and Friends play Peppa and Friends playing music woo I didn't know that Daddy pig knew how to play the drums and playing doctor all these stickers will come in handy to grade my work but we also have these stamps and speaking of stickers guess what these things are right here they're stickers also and they're a lot bigger and a lot thicker than the regular stickers and speaking of grading my work let's begin we have three options to color peppa pig we have markers crayons and colored pencils I'm going to start with some markers I'm Peppa Pig and I have a lot of friends Danny dog Suzy sheep Emily elephant and a lot more Peppa Pig sings so beautifully let's put a stamp on here cute it's a heart oh it looks even better that way I wonder why mommy pig looks so elegant today oh it's because mommy pig is celebrating her birthday and she's having a big party and for that she put on a Queen's crown and a lovely dress hey where's my cake says mommy pig don't worry mommy pig I'll draw you your cake right here friends my sister is here and she wants to help me color so I figured we could do the three marker challenge because you guys have been asking for it so let's do it we have to do it with different pictures though we can't do the same one first we're going to choose the paper that we're going to color I want to do Rebecca rabbit with her carrot and my sister will color candy cat as an astronaut and now it's time to choose the colors with our eyes closed one two three I'm not going to be able to do much with these colors oh no my sister got two shades of purple but oh well friends a challenge is a challenge what can you do at least I got green for the leaves friends it went well for my sister because candy cat is orange and will say that Rebecca rabbit a a magic pink carrot and she turned pink as well friends it's time to decide which one do you think looks the most similar I'm going to be fair and vote for my sister because she got lucky and got candy cats exact color and I didn't good job good job and I'll grade her work with a candy cat sticker and I'm going to put a Rebecca rabbit sticker that since it didn't come out similar to how she looks oh but the dress is the same color yay and I didn't notice but the ones up here are also markers but with a finer point the pencils are on this side and two color George who's over here playing as a knight I'm going to use the pencils but also this black crayon because if I color really soft with this crayon then it looks like a dark gray and that way I can color George's armor don't worry Peppa sir George is going as fast as he can to rescue you boys and girls I don't have any pink colour pencils either so I'm going to need to use a crayon it comes with George's dinosaur and Peppa's bear here's the star of the show George and his sister Peppa ooh I like how he came out and I'm going to use this dragon sticker so it goes to the theme of the picture ladies and gentlemen boys and girls playing the flute for you Emily elephant and since I like how it came out I'm going to put this George stamp which is let's see the dinosaur friends now it's time for the pony well I think he's a pony I have to confess that I'm not entirely sure and I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think his name is Pedro pony but you guys can correct me in the comments if I'm wrong and he's playing the tambourine and since I like how it came out I'm going to put a Suzy sheep stamp let's see what we get it's a flower but I put it sideways much better and finally we have this Suzy sheep which is going to be easy because all of this is supposed to be white so I think I'll just do the outlines and since it doesn't look bad at all I'm going to put this Rebecca rabbit stamp let's see what it is it's a Sun and since we have some extra time we're going to continue this Peppa Pig sticker book that I started when we did the lol big surprise for Peppa Pig and I had asked you guys if you wanted me to continue doing this sticker book and you said yes and a promise is a promise so here it is let's fill out this page where the pig family are jumping in muddy puddles they got mud all over their faces Oh peppa and her friends are doing a theater play Popeye is the captain of the ship and Danny dog is her assistant Peppa the supplies are ready oh good because I can see treasure ahead treasure where's the treasure I'm going to grab it with this nut with that net all you can capture our some shells get the lifesaver ready we're leaving at once Zoe zebra and her dad are delivering the mail today which card belongs to who this one belongs to Peppa this one belongs to this Fox but I don't know his name and this one belongs to Danny dog peppa and George went grocery shopping and we have to help them choose the food that's the most healthy bananas carrots watermelon and grapes Pizza is healthy too because it has tomato sauce and tomato is super nutritious you spot the differences I love this and there's five let's see how many I can find Rebecca rabbit's ear Suzy sheep is sat here and up here she's happy Peppa's bear isn't up here Rebecca rabbit's dress is a different color and I can't find the last difference friends I'm going to need your help and speaking of differences I couldn't find the two differences here for these reindeers but a lot of you helped me in the comments and you guys were right you guys told me that this Ranger didn't have a tail and this one did and up here a Christmas ornament was missing awesome friends now we were able to complete it peppa and her friends are playing during their recess time but there's two missing who could they be they're candy cat and Danny dog friends are you ready to learn the colors in Spanish Verde Rojo Amarillo soon one day the pig family went to the forest and they found a lot of critters they found a snail a frog ribbit ribbit a bird tweet tweet and a beautiful butterfly now it's time to eat and Peppa just prepared some lunch on this plate she put a delicious sandwich on this plate she put cheese and on the other plate too but that's not all she also put some delicious green apples friends here it's giving us a clue to find out who's missing here he's Danny dogs granddad oh that's easy it's this guy here she has a little brother named George Oh super easy that has to be Peppa and here it says that she loves to eat carrots oh this has to be Rebecca rabbit the bus will be arriving very soon to take them to the mall a rainbow I love rainbows we're supposed to color this and on this side we have the pig family that went to visit an aquarium do you want to see what they saw they saw an octopus they saw a very friendly crab a starfish and a little fishy oh this is important Peppa needs to recycle all of these things and we need to say where each of them go well the newspaper goes in here the bottles go in here and the cans go in the middle peppa and her friends are playing pirates again it looks like this is peppa and her friends favourite game but they're missing a few here Zoe zebra and running up here comes Danny dog who doesn't want to be left out and of course we couldn't forget Papa's best friend Suzy sheep daddy pig went to the grocery store with Peppa and so he doesn't forget what to get he brought a list he already got the lettuce he got the bread he already got the cheese but he's missing the milk the bananas and the honey so let's help him out here we have the bananas the honey and the milk so now daddy pig can go and take all of the groceries back home daddy pig brought Peppa Pig and George Pig to the park you can't catch me let's go Peppa one two again I'm gonna get there first No me come on Joyce this way this way gosh don't worry George I'll go get your parents mr. and mrs. Pig what's wrong Emily well George and I were playing and I told them to get in the tunnel with me but now he's scared and he can't get out it's okay Thank You Emily George don't worry here I come daddy pig to the rescue oh oh no I I'm stuck help me oh no mr. pig is stuck I'm coming mr. pig I'm gonna go look for help everyone oh oh thank you kids I thought I was going to be stuck in there all my life no now the one who's scared of tunnels is me ha ha ha ha ha and after a fun day in the park they all sat down to eat a delicious cake how about Peppa shows us some of the fun things we can do here at the park hi friends welcome to Peppa pig's park the first thing I want to show you guys is this bottom floor here we can play house school or even pretend we're in a pirate cave and here we have even more space now let's move on to the top part and of course we have to cook these stairs follow me friends there's a lot to do up here here we have a tunnel where my friends and I love to pretend that we're in a submarine and when the submarine reaches the surface we can stick our heads out here land ho and for those who are scared of tunnels you can play house here it has this wall with this super nice little window hi friends now let's move on to one of my favorite parts this slide sometimes it's a bit sticky and you don't slide down right away how many of you have had this happen to you on a slide before but the one that never messes up is this one and I really like it because there are two of them and that means I can always slide down with my best friend Suzy sheep thank you so much for the tour Peppa you're very welcome bye friends and now I want to show you something I really like about this playset and that is that it comes with a lot of characters from Peppa Pig it comes with daddy pig mommy pig with Peppa of course and her little brother George and it comes with all of Peppa's friends Rebecca rabbit Suzy sheep Emily elephant Danny dog woohoo candy cat and Zoe zebra Wow this part is super fun and now friends it's time for my favorite part which is when you guys leave me your comments and I leave you hearts

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  1. Adorei este brinquedo mais você pinta mal de mais eu que merecia isso porém pinto muito bem e não estrago✌😜😅

  2. If you get two shades of the same color or the same color do you have to put it back in the drop out and get a different one

  3. I met her skin and mommy pig skin and if you do daddy pig Daddy Pig and if you do George George skins pink to

  4. I think you both die in the three marker challenge yours is a little magical because I like this song and black magic and I like Callie Callie cat because she’s the one is like my cousin’s favorite color

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