people in vrchat share their life advice

people in vrchat share their life advice

The people of vrchat have quite the story and in this video, they share their greatest life advice.

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what is your greatest life advice my just love of life is that you are the key you are the key to open your own doors you are the key so open anything that you want to open in your own life to the norm don't do what everybody else wants you to do if you're someone that ever goes there motional physical sexual or anything like that abuse get help because I grew up being abused my emotionally and pretty much emotionally mentally and physically by my whole family except for my father because I didn't get a little room my mom did meth injections I didn't really have a decent tell hood don't seek out other people for your own happiness if you do that you'll find yourself in a lot of holes be home as you don't know whatever is there this person is knowing if you can be that person that might make their day you know just saying hi hello good morning on the door for somebody can really make a difference loved Oh cell cuz when I was growing up I didn't have that kind of connection with that are you Oh like when you're in high school or stuff just make up most of your time I guess when you're in school because when you're out of school you don't really have a lot of time to do yeah especially if you're doing programming job like I do you have a lot of time where you're sitting down doing work and then you come home and all you want to do is sleep so make the best of your school years while you can because those will be the best those will be the memories you remember when you're sitting alone sounds really dark I know like a lot of people out there have like really low self-esteem and something that and like I wish I can get this person or wish people would like me or whatever but like I've learned in my old years that beauty is in the eye of the beholder it's like an old saying but it's 100 percent you guys probably have to be try not to please everybody as no matter how hard you try no one's gonna have the same kind of expectations that you're able to put out there are many times when I tried like my whole beginning my life I played sports I played baseball to my parents my friends and once that ended I was kind of lost I worked your jobs in full time college and I still try to find some kind of way to get on vieira track and make people happy it's gonna end up hurting yourself you're the most important person it also something you law of attraction it's basically manifestation but you gotta keep on believing you got to keep on another telling yourself that is weapon it'll come if you want money money will come to you if you want color that car will come to you anything that's a lot of traction if you ever have anything like that happen to you or anything bad please don't get scared to get help the best you can don't be scared to call my one window just do something don't just sit there and let yourself go do that because it's the worst regret you will ever have especially if you pend on someone in a relationship for your whole happiness I had a situation like this where I like threw my whole life away I quit my job like right after high school I went through a breakup and I quit my job and I sat at home for like six months straight and I honestly I wish I never did that seek happiness and yourself before looking for happiness from another person all the advice that you received from people it has more weight and you can really get from just their words just growing up I got like all these wise words from old people and stuff none of it meant anything to me they're just like crazy old people what do they know just going through it being scared of everything shutting yourself away is torture in a weird way you end up safe but you're not happy you're like go to sleep and you just like remember the past you want to be able to remember high school is this really cool time where you went oh yeah I remember that time we went to that pail or whatever and Snowdown or whatever the little memories it helps a lot along friend of mine from a while back told me no matter what is happening in your own world you can always try to make someone else's world a little brighter and on top paint Hubble he dedicated to what you do as being dedicated even though life may be hard and the job may be even hard as well pushing through that is gonna set you up for success in the future I'm that type person that's quiet and all kind in my job I can't be that way and that's something that pushed me forward to kind of break out of that she'll see from outside in essentially I never had that connection like family and it was kind of hard for me to love myself because nobody I thought nobody loved me then when I grow up and do battle well I was still learning to love myself but at least I don't need like anybody to love me me to accept Who I am and that's the greatest advice because when at the end of the day when everyone's gone any help yourself when somebody's feeling down no matter what's going on in my life I still always try to make someone else's world a little brighter I try to make them happier if I can if they're feeling upset about something or stressed out it's kind of hard to come by to have a good friend and I like to be there for that person you should surround yourself around both that only one I lift you up and that are happier things accomplished in life before you go looking to include yourself with anybody sort your own problems out the first I get your mental health and check get all your problems down and don't like put that on all the people gonna make you a lot happier it'll make everyone around you a lot happier don't start smoking that is terrible for you and you'll spend a whole lot of time just trying to quit in a depressing don't use any sort of alcohol or drugs as crutches because that first time that you do it can open a whole world of like dumbest that you're gonna do for the rest of your life just stay on a good path you may think you're the ugliest person in the world but somebody out there thinks that you're like a fourteen out of ten you know like you're the hottest thing to walk on the face of earth you may hate you don't worry your time being unhappy because thing unhappy is very exhausting and you'll find out later in life whenever you're old and gray being unhappy didn't have a lot of health risks along with it you're gonna hit the age like 30 and you're not even going to realize your teen your twenties that's gonna pass by and you won't be able to go back you'll basically try to live life through its fullest of course when I like meditate well even I have actually I've meditated here before like in VR it's so relieving it's a little strange at first because obviously you have to sit on the ground or you have a system whatever like press your leg and do all that stuff so of course your avatar is gonna look a little weird or strange there's a place in this in BR where it's kind of like my safe place it's so relaxing you could just lay back and just do what you always try and be confident I was trying to put yourself out there because if you try not to put yourself out there then not a whole lot of big opportunities will come to you so as long as you put yourself out there do what you want to do don't do small someone else's plan they've laid out for you sorry if you like you're not gonna be happy in life it can be miserable you're just gonna feel that crap all the time go to college do what you want dude don't get stuck at a dead-end job working eight hours or hey you would you deserve more than that at work you actually do I feel like crap all the time now I get on here this is my this is my release from a crap that's going on in my world uh never take anything for granted because when you look back you're so ahead of what you have now you always want to go back to the past you never can so always live for the moment and live for the now cuz you'll never get those chances back it kind of applies in Diaco as well because like a lot of people on this game will you know go around looking for relationships and and they got all sorts of mental problems like depression and whatnot but yeah that is like sort of that yourself don't don't try and get all the people to slow your problems out for you because they got their own you can probably hear by my voice that I sound sick and that ties into my greatest life advice start believing I just got over a cold in these last 48 hours with no medication just by believing that my body would cure itself I literally placebo my brain to cure a sickness if I can do that just imagine what you can do if you want to run faster you can run faster if you want more subscribers on YouTube you will get more subscribers on YouTube anything in this world that you want is only stopped by your own belief so start believing and start to think positive because you will start to attract that into your own life that's the law of attraction thank you for watching this video stay dreaming stay lucid I'm out peace

38 thoughts on “people in vrchat share their life advice

  1. Not trying to hate (I guess this would be helpful criticism?). But I think you should double check your videos before you post them because I noticed quite a few errors/mistakes. But other than that you’re doing great.

  2. The guy who said do what to want to do I make bicycle and I work in a bicycle shop that what make me happy it a good hobby to have as well and I make money out of it 🙂.

  3. The greatest life advise is: If you have an idea that you genualitly think is good don't let some idiot talk you out of it.

  4. "don't get into a relationship until you've learnt to love yourself and don't get realy on other people to make you happy cause all it would do is just make everyone around you unhappy too." (I know thats not exactly what he said bbut sH) I agree with this one 100%

  5. Wait I am really confused, the second one said to not listen to anyone do what you want to do. So does that mean if we don't need this, we don't really have to do it it's just by choice?

  6. Pain is temporary death is forever don’t think your useless you are more important than anything. You do not truly love sum one until you love your self. Humans only fear what they don’t understand always💜💜💜💜

  7. Quit relying on karma for nearly everything, karma isn’t real and only exists to be thrown as an excuse for wishing bad intentions upon others by immature people who refuse to accept that life, in all honesty, isn’t fair.

    The unfair treatment that life sometimes has to offer is there to make you a stronger person, grow from it, and become a more mature being overall, not to deny its existence and have the opposite effect on yourself.

    Hope this didn’t potentially offend someone or give out the wrong message❤️

  8. Heres my life advice: how I, a overweight bullied dyslexic kid from a small rural village managed to get a Bachelor as Geographer at university even tho no one believed I could. hope this helps someone. Believe in yourself. once you do you'll be surprised what you can achieve.

    know the difference between Want and need. if you think that you need something, beer, friends, cigarettes, a good house, a lover, if you keep saying I NEED, its gonna crush you, because all of that are expectations that come to you externally, from family, friends, society, or even yourself. if you keep thinking on all the things you need, if you think you can be happy once you have them, how you need to do this or that to fulfil those "needs", you're just going to make yourself miserable. its torture.

    happiness is a fleeting emotion, it comes and goes, you cant force it, and it wont come if you dont like yourself, and to like yourself AS you ARE you have to stop putting all those expectations on yourself to be Better and More. its poison. you need to look at the pile of Needs you believe you have and discard it, throw all that stuff on the floor and ask the most important question, the question that will empower you: what do I want? and what do I not want? wheres the line between them? you look at all the stuff in the discarded pile of needs. look at it and DECIDE what you want from it, and what you dont want.

    Reframe your thoughts, need is always something you have to live up to, its addiction, its forced. But Wanting comes from within you, and will empower you to make changes in the world. You dont need a beer, you want a beer. you dont need that job, you want that job. you dont need friends, you want friends. you dont need to be rich, you want to be rich. we didnt need to go to the moon, we wanted to! and once you do, things become easier, because now you're making Choices. you have goals you can work towards and achieve without constantly shifting goalposts of "need".

    now you can deal with all the bad stuff in your life, you're not stuck anymore. if theres a problem standing in the way of your goal, like a shit job or a bully, ask yourself, "do I want to deal with that, or is it just too much misery and pain and Im not willing to put up with it?". because, the question is not, "can I handle this Misery?", but "do I want to handle this MIsery?"
    And all that will give you the power to say NO, to walk away from bad shit before you CANT handle it anymore. to quit a relationship thats toxic and bad for you or stop wasting time on a lost cause. it will grant the power to say YES, I can handle it, I will get through the bad parts and misery because I can and will!"

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