Pennywise Tutorial after Special Treats

Pennywise Tutorial after Special Treats


It has been requested so many times that I try a Pennywise tutorial. All I can say is that I gave it my best shot 🤣🤣🤣🤣‼️ This video is pretty special because it’s the first time I made the edibles💚 I had no idea how much to eat, but I do now LMFAO‼️ I hope you all enjoy my attempt 😆🙌🏼 LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER‼️‼️‼️ Also if you have a look you’d like to see me try, please leave it in the comments💚😍🙌🏼

I make my own edibles I really don't know how much I'm supposed to eat and so I know everything going on huh I guess is this much it's really thin so you know what if it doesn't work then uh when you're so mad because I wasted a lot of you know what mmm very good very good one more please guys Oh hope I get over into it okay and now we wait half about what of it just real quick before we start just want to say I got a bunch a bunch of safe makeup that I can put on my skin I was getting a lot of messages of people that were kind of upset that I was putting acrylic paint on my face so I'm not doing that so everybody chill out man so without further ado let's turn our salesmen and Pennywise Oh God Pennywise has a really big forehead right I mean it is a fat for a head you need a bald cap oh I don't have a bald cap who is a bald cap sitting around whatever but I'm a native New Yorker bags right here first because we need to seal the deal okay I know what you thinking so apparently go up like this how is this supposed to disappear there we go anymore irrelevant wait no they're becoming more relevant guys seriously what the [Laughter] when I watch the tutorial this this girl did not look like this oh my god what the hell is happening take some some safe mango No did you guys hear that that was the chance so let's go wine oh look my Rose gone alright I guess it worked gotta cover up this nave New Yorkers sign check this out I made this this is you know that thing that goes around his neck just makes it more real you know I forgot to give my ears now I want to look right now we need hair right okay so I don't have exactly like the type of wink that he had I do have a orange Scooby Doo wig it's perfect cool right okay so now I mean I gotta do the lips we need to do eyebrows and let me tell you something these iron Browns are gonna be fierce you can't stop me I'm unstoppable babe alright well um uh uh freaks me out those design that so nice what we're gonna do is we're going to put black my eyes we're gonna do a smoky thing and then you're also gonna go blow weird that line right here whoo all right it starts out right here hmm here we go guys not bad that's not bad oh my gosh oh you know what I could be Pennywise is like evil sister or something that like quarter smart or some things I don't know I'm just okay so we're gonna show Dan we're gonna show it in and we're gonna show down what this is gonna be so funny one come on take a look at my it hello Jenny this is a rope a longer rope yeah what do you think about all my words tonight it you're getting better you sound like the guy off of not the red dragon but the one before that for your Marshallville no today I'm gonna teach you well guys close enough right I hope you guys enjoyed this video I really had a lot of fun making it for you thank you so much for all your love I love you guys with all my heart until next time

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  1. Yeah..EVERYONE just chill out😂😂😂😂😅😂..I just subbed. I didn't want to at first lol. Because ive been in a shitty mood lately. Not sure what's going on. But, Anyway, after 3 or 4 of your videos…I Just Love YOU💙❤💙🐕😺you make me laugh. Which isn't an easy thing to do🎼
    Thank you
    p.s. I just love Rocky and your kitty🐱 or kitties lol

  2. Now listen. This may not have turned out exactly like Pennywise, but I can confidently say that I would be just as terrified if Quartersmart here was reaching/calling out for me from a sewer

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