Parrot AR Drone Battery Fix (no external tools required)

Parrot AR Drone Battery Fix (no external tools required)

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TL;DW: Just take the battery off the charger and put it back on every time the light flashes red, until the wall adapter pumps enough juice into the battery to jump-start it (as shown in 0:35). From then on, the wall adapter will allow the battery to be fully charged.

so I found a fix for the AR Drone battery red light flashing issue that a lot of people were running into online and a lot of people were saying how they didn't want to buy external tools in order to fix it and they also didn't want to buy a second battery there was a solution online where you know you would switch out a working battery with the broken one and so that you can fool the adapter into thinking that this battery actually works but I was able to actually get this working without any kind of external tools or without any other batteries and ultimately what I did was you know initially the battery would assume as I put the battery on you know it would take a second it would be red and then it would start flashing after a second and so as soon as it starts flashing obviously mine's not from flash because mine works now but as soon as your light starts flashing just take the battery off lid turn black and put it back on and then once it starts flashing again take yours off and then put it back on as soon as the light turns and so I'll do that over and over maybe five to ten times in order to trickle charge the battery and kind of give it like a jumpstart and eventually you know it was enough where it would stop blinking and ultimately the battery got enough voltage so that the adapter was comfortable enough to actually charge it all the way so that's the way you can fix your battery problem without any external tools or anything else

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  1. As some people mentioned in earlier posts, my red light did not come on at all. After three years in storage, the battery was completely drained and the charger did not recognize it. I used a 12V car battery, connected the negative to the black wire and touched the positive to the red wire a few times, just to kick some life into it. Now in the charger and the red light is on and stable.

  2. It works!! Thanks! Battery sat for almost two years. It probably took 30 cycles but it worked! I had just about given up when the red light stayed lit

  3. Thank you!!!! I was about to give up about the 40th time, but than the light went straight on. The battery laid in a storige for the past 3 years and now it works again.

  4. Thank you very much for the info! I had 2 "dead" batteries but were able to revive them both. The 1st took 32 cycles and the 2nd took 14. Both charged to 100% and work fine! Much appreciated!

  5. Don’t Know If agouti Still Monitor This Video- 👏👏👏👍Yes – Yours Was The First Vide I UTubed – And It TOOK a Ton Of “ Trickle … 🤔 Just Sat there With AnEXTENTION Cord – Unplugging & Plugging WHILST we Watch(ed the NIGHTLY “ FAKE” NEWS … OVER 60 Times I’m Sure Till The FLASHING STOPPED – Then 90 Minutes To FULL CHARGE TY MY FRIEND !

  6. I don’t ever comment videos but it worked!!! Thanks for the tip. Been looking for new batteries but thanks to you no need for that now!

  7. An alternative method that may or may not be easier and/or faster is to trickle charge the battery through the red and black terminals. I used 1mA for about 30 minutes, and that brought the battery back to life to the point the charger would charge it normally.

  8. I recently started working at a school where they have 3 drones where all the batteries had this same problem. I saw this video and tried your method, and after about 20-30 tries, I got the first one to work. The other two batteries only took about 3-5 tries. I assume the one that took the longest is the one that no one really tried to charge all that much.
    Anyways, thanks a lot! Our students can finally use the drones again!

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