Packet Tracer Tutorial #1

Packet Tracer Tutorial #1

Packet Tracer Tutorial #1

hello my name is Kevin this video tutorial will walk you through the base tracer packet tracer is a very powerful tool that allows you to emulate a network topology without physically building it with this nifty piece of software you won't need expensive pieces of equipment or spend hours wiring things together by the time this video tutorial is over you will know how to setup a simple network consisting of a router and two pcs configure routers through the command line interface use simulation mode to visually trace a ping let's begin to make a simple Network first click the routers icon in the device area at the bottom and choose the one eighth for one router move your mouse to the logical workspace and click to place the router next click end devices in the device area choose the generic PC and place it in the workspace repeat to add a second PC to connect them click connections and choose the copper crossover cable click on PC 0 and click fast ethernet to connect the cable to the PCs Fast Ethernet interface then while in control of the cable connect the other end to router zeros fastethernet 0/0 interface repeat with PC one and the remaining Fast Ethernet interface on router 0 feel free to move the equipment around the workspace you'll now physically set up a network in packet tracer now let's configure the network to make it work click router 0 a window will come up go to the command-line interface or CLI tab here with this question to continue with configuration dialog type no we will manually configure the router wood commands press return to get started as this prompt suggests at this prompt type in able to enter privileged exec mode this is similar to route in UNIX systems you will know you are in privileged privileged exec mode when you see the router name followed by a number sign type in config T to enter global configuration mode type hostname router 0 to name the router next type enable secret class to set an encrypted password for logging in to privileged exec mode in real-world situations class is obviously not an acceptable password but for the purposes of these tutorials we will use either class or Cisco for the password configure the password for the console line by entering line con 0 and then password Cisco enter login to enable password prompting enter exit to return to global configuration mode configure the password for the virtual terminal lines by entering line vty 0 space for and then password Cisco again enter login to enable the password requirement and then exit to return to configure the Fast Ethernet interfaces enter interface and then the interface name in this case we'll start with fast ethernet 0/0 next enter in IP address space to set this interfaces IP address and subnet mask although optional you may want to add a description to the interface for later reference by entering in description router 0 fast ethernet 0/0 last entered the command no shutdown to start the interface exit back to global config mode repeat with fastethernet 0/1 except this time use IP address for the IP address and for the description you can use router 0 FASS Ethernet 0 / 1 and don't forget to type in no shutdown to enable the interface exit out of interface config and then exit out of global config mode hit enter this prompt and you will be back at privileged exec mode enter in show running – config to display the current configuration continuously hit enter to scroll down you will see all the configurations you just set to save this configuration to the NVRAM so that when the router boots up it automatically loads it enter in copy running – big space startup – config hit enter this prompt to confirm router configuration is now complete close the router zero window to configure the PCs first click PC 0 go to the desktop tab here click IP configuration we will set a static IP set the IP address to then hit tab keep the default subnet mask hit tab again and enter for the default gateway close the pc 0 window repeat with pc 1 except for the IP address use dot 2.1 and then close pc ones window by now there should be green dots on the cables near devices this means that they are connected let's try pinging PC one from PC 0 click PC 0 go to the desktop tab and click command prompt this acts just like a DOS prompt in a Windows operating system for example you can type in ipconfig and you can see the details of the IP address subnet mask and default gateway enter the command ping let's visually see the pane with simulation mode near the bottom right corner you will see a tab with a clock labeled real time click the tab behind it to activate simulation mode here click Edit filters click the show all / none box once to clear the selections check off ICMP and click out of that on the right sidebar click the first yellow envelope with a plus this one this will allow us to choose a source and destination for our PD u or protocol data unit click PC 0 and then click PC 1 an envelope with a randomly assigned color will appear at PC 0 in this case it's green click Auto capture / play to begin the paying simulation observe as the PDU travels to router 0 and then to pc 1 and then back once it returns back to PC zero the PDU is verified and checked off which means the ping was a success done you have now successfully completed this packet tracer tutorial thanks for watching

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  1. Is there a difference if you picked a different router version, or are they basically the same with just different ports etc?

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  3. For starters I thought that pc to switch or router was always straight thru NOT crossover. Only switch to swicth or router to swicth was a cross-over cable. I did EXACTLY as he did and my ping will NOT work neither will my tracert. I thought maybe he was wrong with his cables and tried my straight thru but it did not work. So I re-checked my ip address in show running config and in my ipconfig from cmd prompt, all seems well. I could not help but to notice that the ip you had to use was with a subnet mask of Is it not working becuase I changed the network level number (the 3rd one over which is only acceptable in IDk man Ive tried everything and mine is not working. How is everyone elses ping working?

  4. Hi, please help how to use output modifier aka (pipe). I always get an error especially when using sh run ! begin int.

  5. 2:10 You've now physically set up a network in Packet Tracer
    Superman: My work here is done Superman awaaaaa-
    Now let's set up the router!
    Superman: If only it was that easy.

  6. Thank you, Kevin. By the moment, this is the best I've found. However, it doesn't fit my wishes. Basically, you say "Do things" without explain what these things are, why I have to do it, and your explanation of what these commands mean is poor. For example, I know what a subnet mask it, but some people may be not familiar with that. And I suggest in your future tutorials there'll be something I won't know and won't understand.

  7. This is retarded. Why would you connect two PCs directly to the routers 2 interfaces? Wouldn't you use a switch, maybe set up some vlans or trunks if you were just going for a ping?

  8. The part with "Interface FastEthernet0/0" I am not able to pass that part of the tutorial video somehow it's saying "Invalid Interface type and number. Please help me with this.

  9. my pc keeps failing the pings. I have checked to make sure everything is correct but couldn't find no issues? any suggestions?

  10. You should teach more of this stuff as you are much better than those expensive paid courses I have to take and still don't understand anything.

  11. I get whats happening and why because i work in networks, however for someone who is brand new to all this, they won't understand why you're taking each step. Abit of a poor tutorial to be honest.

  12. Damn I got confused when he started typing😩
    I’m so nervous because I have a project to do and I am really new to packet tracer I don’t know anything 😭

    Do we always type the same thing for the router? Because if not then it’s going to be very difficult for me.

    Please don’t attack me because I’m just trying to learn

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