Organic Vegan Frozen Food Reviews - brutalfoods

Organic Vegan Frozen Food Reviews – brutalfoods

Ian takes a look at some organic vegan frozen food! It’s Carla Lee’s Nut brand – for if you don’t want meat, but still want to eat!
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[Chill jazzy music] [Screaming] Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting episode of BrutalFoods. Today I feel kind of like garbage, I look
kind of like garbage, so it's a perfect day to review some garbage frozen food, am I right? I was at my grocery store the other day browsing
for some new video topics when I noticed that they actually had an organic section in the
frozen aisle. That was intriguing to me. For some reason, organic food and frozen food
didn't seem to be something that went together to me, but I guess they do. That alone was not enough to retain my interest. There was a certain brand of organic foods
that really jumped out to me and I decided I just had to try it. So today, we're gonna be taking a look at
three different items from a brand of frozen food known as Carla Lee's
NUT. No, no, you're probably thinking that I was
just drawn to this line of frozen foods just because the name NUT is funny, and
that's- that's accurate. That's accurate. So I got burgers here. We also have mini tacos and meatballs. It's gonna be a pretty exciting day, so let's
'nut' waste any more time. Let's get started. [Funky grooves] First up is Carla Lee's NUTBurgers. They're organic, gluten-soy-free, non-gmo,
vegan, msg free, no fillers, 9g of protein per serving, and preservative free. I'll be honest, that doesn't mean much to
me. I know I talked about organic food on the
Lunchables video I think, but I don't really know what that entails. I don't really know if it's more helpful for
you. It's got a lot of check marks. It's got a lot of logos down here so, you
know, I'm inclined to believe that it's better for you, but also I have no idea. "Protect your health… Loaded with macronutrients! Love from the source – Mother Nature. Vegans, little ones, and carnivores alike
are going nutzzz for organic, original NUTBurgers." I guess there right there is Carla Lee. She- She looks trustworthy. All right, let's see what we got here. How do I open this? [Intricate, energetic piano] Oh boy, uh… Well, we- Already right off the bat we've got a bit
of a problem. This was my mistake. For some reason, I thought the burger would
come- I thought it was one burger with all the stuff on it, but it clearly says there's
four patties. So I'm gonna have to improvise a bit when
it comes to eating this. Oh boy. [Fwoop!] Oh boy. They definitely look [laughs] weird. They're weird. They're like yellow-y green? A very strange color. What is in here? So this is made of brown rice, carrot juice,
sunflower seeds, cashews, coconut aminos, sunflower oil, spices, and sea salt. Not exactly what I expected. It definitely had a different color on the
box but maybe you can get that color if you- when you cook it. Let's find out. [Probably samba] [Squirt squirt] All right, my skillet is preheated. Let's get nutty! [Squirrel chitter] Oh my god, the color is so weird, it's so
green. [Nice sizzling] While this is cooking, take a moment to, you know, take a guess. How do you think this is gonna be? Do you think I'm gonna like it? You think I'm not gonna like it? Vote now! [Do do do doooo] While that's cooking, let's, uh… Let's look around here, see what I could put
on a burger. Well, I've got some greens I can use and I've
also got some cheese. So that'll be fine. [Woosh woosh woosh] [Applause] Okay! This definitely got some color on it, but
the middle… is still very green. The middle is freaking me out. It doesn't smell bad though. I mean the smell is, maybe not like I would
expect a burger to be but it's not really a burger, so… All right, let's take it off. [Rowdy audience cheering] Here, take a little gander. Looks a little weird… Smells a little, it's- you know what it smells
like? It smells like B.O. now. It just smells like I stink. Maybe I do stink. [Sniff] Since I did not buy hamburger fixings, I'm
going to be using Sara Lee Artesano bread as my bun. That looks… okay. Do you think it's, like, overkill to put greens
on top of a green burger? Is that too much greens? A little bit of Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar. [Creaking] [Whip snap] [Audience gasping] That's good enough. [Ian making flying noises] So there we have it. Our Carla Lee NUTBurger on a bread bun-ish
bun with some greens and cheese. I have a feeling it might need some mayo
or something, it seems like it might be a little dry, but let's give it a try! [Squirrel chitter] [Funky, sexy music] [Chomp] What is in here again? Brown rice, [All the ingredients simultaneously] Well, I'm surprised it doesn't have any beans. It kind of tastes like beans, like a bean
burger. [Magical swirling noise] It really tastes beany to me, like… Like Mexican style refried beans kind of beans, even though there's no beans in it, it definitely
has like a [Pop] [Pop] [Pop] Like a hint of spice in there. Like when it hits the back of your throat? It doesn't need mayo or anything. Surprisingly. It's actually not that bad. [Pop!] It's not bad! It is not bad! I mean it's not a hamburger. You couldn't substitute this for a hamburger
and be like, "Oh, it totally tasted just like real meat!" No one would buy that. But if you didn't want to eat meat and everyone
else was eating hamburgers. You could eat this. You could put it on a bun, you could sit down
and you know, sit around with your hamburger buddies and be like, "I'm having a nut!" "I'm having a NUTBurger!" [Crunch] I am legitimately impressed. You know, I came into this thinking, "It's
a funny name! It's an imitation burger! This'll be hilarious," but this came with
four patties. I'm gonna eat the other three! It's not bad! [Leafy crunch] Now, when it comes to other customer's reviews
of Carla Lee's NUT brand, there's 'nut' a lot out there. [Squirrel chitter] Though the reviews that have been posted have
been pretty positive. Unfortunately, they're not super interesting
and not all products I was able to find a review for. So instead, I'm gonna be reading reviews for
Flexzion's Double Folding Chair with Removable Umbrella Table Cooler Bag Fold Up Steel Construction
Dual Seat for Patio Bench Lawn and Picnic Fishing Camping Garden and Carrying Bag. Why? I don't know. Luis Maingon gave it one star and says, So… On to the next food. Next up, I'm going to be trying Carla Lee's
NUTtacos. Much like the burgers, this box boasts a bunch
of stuff. It contains eight, I guess, super-mini NUTtacos. NUTtaco. NUTtaco? My expectations are raised after that burger. Expestacaceptatations higher up. Expectations. And, in just a pretty great coincidence, I happen to have some Trader Joe's Mini Beef
Tacos on hand. So's with Joe's. We can compare-os the tacos. I'm gonna be making a little bit of both. I'm going to be eating a little bit of both,
and then I will decide which of the two are better. It'll probably be this one, but you know. [Bongo drum] NUTtacos, man. Maybe they will surprise us. All right, let's- I need, like, a pan. [Enchanting marimba music] Oh boy. [Tinfoil noises] Okay, let's see what these things look like. Oh man, these are big! [Bite] [Sniff] They smell pretty good, actually. I'm already
kind of surprised. They look… weird. Strangely enough, the filling of the taco
looks more burger-y than the burger looked. It looks more brown. What's in here? So, the ingredients are the same… right? [Soulful guitar] But let's go ahead and get some Joe's tacos. Now, you can see right away, there is a pretty
big difference between the two. Size wise, the NUTtacos are much bigger than the Joe
tacos. But the Joe tacos look a bit more like a real
taco. I guess it's just the lines on the shell? I don't know. While I'm waiting, I'm gonna snack more on
this burger, man. I'm not kidding, this was actually pretty good. [Chomp] [Sci-fi beam cooking ] So here we go. Joe's versus NUTtacos. Right off the bat, from a visual perspective,
the NUTtacos look better. They got more filling, they're bigger, they
just look like a taco. They both look like tacos. I will say, when I took the Joe's tacos out,
they smell very taco-y. When I took these tacos out, they kind of
stunk a little bit. They kind of smelled. But in their defense, so did the NUTburgers,
and I liked the NUTburgers. So, you know, smelling bad is 'nut' necessarily
the end of the world. [Festive, happy trumpet] I already know I like these. Trader Joe's Mini Beef Tacos are a-okay. Let's actually take a closer look at the filling
here real quick. The filling, you know, looks pretty taco-y
to me. I think if you handed this to me, I would think that something was up. You know, it's got some weird chunks in there. It looks a little strange, but it could look worse. Still very hot. [Crunch] It's very similar to the burger. Very similar. I'm pretty sure when I was eating the burger, I made a remark about it tasting kind of like
Mexican style beans, and that's the same here, only now it's more appropriate because it's
a taco. It's just wild to me that it's not terrible. Let's go back to the Joe's real quick. [Crunch] So the winner… is Trader Joe's. That's not surprising to me. [Applause] I already know I like these, I knew what to
expect, and it's got beef in it. It's got real beef in it. But Carla Lee's NUT is not that far behind. I mean, it's really not that bad. I know I keep saying the same thing, but I'm
legitimately shocked that it's as not bad as it is. Very not bad. Extremely not bad. [Crunch] Let's see what the reviews say. "For children size not adults. This person gave it three stars just for slow
shipping. You can't give a product three stars just
for slow shipping. All right, we got one more food to review
today. And of course, I have saved the best for last
because we are taking a look at Carla Lee's NUTBalls. I gotta say, I was planning on this being
a big comedic moment for the video, but now that I've eaten the other two and been pretty
impressed… I dunno, NUTballs doesn't seem as funny as
I thought it did a little while ago. It still seems funny, just not as funny. What do you wanna bet that they are made
out of the exact same thing? Let's see here. So the base is the same, the meat – the
'meat' – is the same, but they do add other stuff to make it more meatball-y. I'll probably put this on bread, too. I'll probably make a little meatball sandwich. [Funky with trumpets] Ugh, I can't get over the color. You know, it was weird with the burger. Not so weird with the tacos, but they're weird
again with the meatballs. I'm kind of filling up. I've been eating all this stuff and a lot
more than I thought I would. So I'm just gonna make like four of these
little things. Ow! So there's the meatball. Once again very green,
A little bit yellow-greeny-yellow going on, But they smell – [Sniff] A little bit different. They smell a little bit; it's gotta be the
basil and all that stuff. I got nothing else to say. Let's put
'em in a pan. [Brassy, funky trumpets] [Glass breaking, silence] [Sleepy, jazzy piano] [Creak] [Applause] [Squirt squirt] I like getting in there and getting some of
the middle. The middle bread. [Squiiish squiiish] [Pat pat pat] So cooking these was kind of interesting. They seemed very easy to burn. You're supposed to brown them on all sides. But it was very easy to burn them. Also, I kind of destroyed it? You can see some of the meatballs are a little
smushed. Sorry, NUTballs. Some of the NUTballs are squished, but let's
take a bite. [Humorous-sounding mystery instrument] I do not know about these. [Crunch] Maybe if I eat one without the bread? [Slap] [Child giggling] Pass. The texture on these are weird. They're, like,
really mushy? Too mushy. And I guess I don't know if that's any different
from the tacos or the burger. I didn't notice in those. But maybe it's because I didn't- [Hello!] Maybe it's because I didn't- Maybe it's because I didn't expect the meatballs to be so mushy. Meatballs aren't supposed to be this mushy. A little mushy, sure. But it's almost liquidy in the center. They also kinda got more like, chunks in
it. More NUTchunks. And again, that could be because of the spherical
shape? Maybe that's it? Maybe with the burger, it's a bit thinner,
and the tacos were a bit smooshed-er-outer. But these meatballs, man, not doing it for
me. Maybe just for me, there's no substitute for
a real meatball. I mean, I would eat the Banquet meatballs
over these meatballs. No go on the the NUTballs. No NUTballs. [Deep voice] NUTballs. They do taste a little different. I mean you can taste, like, the basil. And, you know, they obviously tried to make
it taste a little bit different from the burger. It just doesn't work as well. Egh. I'd probably have to agree with Frederick
Barthany Sr. when he says, What an interesting episode of these frozen
food reviews. It may not have been the most exciting, but
I hope this was interesting to you. Just the idea of organic frozen food
was pretty new to me and kind of fascinating, and, you know, you got to give – what's her name? NUT? You got to give Mrs. NUT some credit. Oh wait, Carla Lee. Her name is Carla Lee. You got to give Carla Lee some credit, because
when you read through the ingredients on these, I mean, compare it to the previous episode
where I read through the ingredients. There's a bunch of stuff that I didn't even
know what it was. And although these are no, you know, direct
substitutes for the food they're trying to be, some of 'em aren't that bad. I could see myself buying the burgers again. We'll have to see if I eat these other three
– how I'm feeling. I guess I could see myself maybe wearing down
on the taste by burger four. But I mean it was a quick, easy meal. Overall I'd probably give the NUTballs, you
know, maybe 21 nuts. I'd give the NUTtacos maybe 37 nuts. And I give the NUTburgers 48 nuts. So on Ian's scale of nuts… Voiceover: That's a lot of nuts! Also if you were interested in buying sporting
event or lawn furniture, just know that this set here is made for children, it runs a little
small. Also, read the reviews, they seemed very mixed. I don't know why I read lawn chair- I was
just like, "I got no reviews for this. I should read reviews about lawn furniture. That makes sense." So, if you go out and eat some NUTballs or
some NUTburgers, let me know what you thought. Again, don't expect it to taste like a hamburger,
'cause it's a NUTburger. But, you know, I still think it was pretty
good. And as always, thank you so much for watching. It really does mean a lot to me, and I'll
see you guys next time. [Sleepy electronica outro music]

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