Open 20.2 Strategy & Tips [CompTrain]

Open 20.2 Strategy & Tips [CompTrain]

20.1 is all about transitions. Check out these tips from the CompTrain team to dial in your setup, nail your transitions, and find the best strategy for you.

9 thoughts on “Open 20.2 Strategy & Tips [CompTrain]

  1. Watched a bunch of these videos last night, but this one, with your emphasis on transitions, I credit with getting me just over 18 (scaled) rounds. It isnโ€™t just the few seconds saved adding up, it was the focus it fosters and the form it helps preserve. Thanks!

    Also, judging helped me prepare … for example, seeing how tangled ropes donโ€™t just cost seconds to correct, they can break flow and rhythm.

  2. The fact that you're having the athlete lay his jump rope down with the rope in front of him instead of behind him screams "Don't take our advice seriously"

  3. Hey guys. For upcoming videos regarding jump rope and DBs set up.
    On DBs – the set up should not start with the DBs in front. The athlete should set up slightly in front of them so they dont have to swing it back.
    Jump rope – rope starts behind the athlete. Making sure that on the previous round, the athlete sat it up with a wide N shape.

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