Nude Face and Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Dominique Sachse

Nude Face and Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Dominique Sachse

As you requested, I’m doing a makeup tutorial focusing on a nude lip, warm skin tones and a brown smokey eye with a few new tricks!
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1. Smashbox the original photo finish smooth and blur primer
2. Tarte Shape Tape eye primer
3. Tarte Shape Tape matte foundation in “deep honey” mixed with Tarte double duty beauty foundation in “medium tan golden” applied with it airbrush full-coverage complexion brush
4. Colorescience Eye and Brow Palette using the darkest shade
5. Sephora Pro Eye Palette in warm using “Brown Sugar” for eyelid and lower lash line, “Cedar” for outer corner, “Obsidian” for lash line, “Hazelnut” for blending and “Canvas” for under brow and inner corner
6. L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eye Liner in “Brown”
7. Magnetic lashes cut to fit outer corner
8. Tarte Shape Tape contour concealer in medium
9. Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder
10. NYX highlight and Contour Pro Palette blending “Hollow” and “Sculpt” for contour and “Ice Queen” and “Soft Light” for highlight
11. Maybelline New York Fit Me blush in “10 Buff”
12. Huda Beauty lip contour lipliner in “Flirt” blended with a brush
13. NYX wonder pencil in “Medium” to highlight upper lip
14. Marc Jacobs sheer gel lipstick “In The Mood”
15. Maybelline New York lipstick in “915 Blushing Beige”
16. Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in Poppin’

This video was not sponsored and I purchased all products shown myself.

hi good to see you this week our tutorial today is on the heels of last week's video six Wow ways to wear a white shirt a lot of you inquired about the makeup look in that video and it's a look that plays into the nudes very neutral very light you can go as light or as dark as you want on the eye but since the lip color is so pared down and so neutral I tend to like to pop the eye so in today's video we'll make it a strong look we'll do the old signature smokey eye with this with a very toned down nude lip I've already prepped myself by washing my skin putting on an eye cream and I've done a little self tanning because I think a nude look works best when you've got some warmth in your skin if your skin is too pale or too cool then these colors might really bring it down make you look a little bit drab so warm up the skin as best as you can if you need to use the self-tanning product go for it I like the San Tropez express tan I think it just works great you can build it up so that's my starting point and here we go so I'm going to start off with a primer by the way I will list every single product that I use in a text that will pop up on the screen that way I won't slow things down by having to describe or find readers to figure out what on earth I'm putting on my skin so anyway primer first and this is a pore blurring primer really smooths and gives us a nice starting point for our foundation I believe that primers are very important on both the face and the eyelid in allowing the makeup to adhere and to last throughout the day okay so we've primed the face now it's time to prime the eyelids and I'm using a primer by Tarte and it's just a little screw top rub it onto the lids and then I take a brush of medium size just to blend it in helps the eyeshadow color stay true on your eyelid and gets rid of any bluish discoloration just like we primed our face we are now primed on our lids okay so it's time to move on to foundation it's going to look a little bit dark at first mind you I am working to match my chest in my arms which I have tanned so that may require a little bit of custom blending as you know I'm using a custom blending palette made out of acrylic these are great you can find them anywhere and I have two foundations by Tarte as you can see this one's a little bit darker this one a little bit lighter I'll do just a smidge of this and a majority of this one you just tap it on the palate and then this is a pump take your foundation brush and blend so that you have your custom color like I said it'll all make sense when you see the rest of me you can also self-tan your face to match your body when I am in vacation mode that's definitely what I do because I don't wear all this makeup say you can easily incorporate that in your self tanning ritual and then your foundation will actually match your face color if you wear your hair behind your ears don't forget those and don't forget to pull it down the neck because it must match the chest area all right so as you can see we are clearly warmer I am now moving on to my eyebrows the frame for these eyes since I am going for a bold look on the eye I need the brow to frame that as you know I've had eyebrow tattoo so these suckers look pretty good as is for a natural look they're perfect but I always add makeup to my brows whenever I do a full eye makeup look so this is the colorscience brow palette that I have used you can use it as eyeshadow as eye brows it's very versatile I'm going in with the darkest color as a border on the bottom I'm still doing my brows on the darker side even with the lighter hair I just like that contrast of a darker brow with blonde hair and I can do it because as you can see I've got some root color so it all ties in so for me I just build on the base and then just flick to get those hairline strokes going upward and I don't add any more I don't know if you can hear my stomach but I just had a hard-boiled egg man it's making some noise in there okay we're already done time to move on to color the palette that I'm using will come as absolutely no surprise so for pro just love it colors will be listed but the family that I'm working in obviously the brown so this one this brown this brown and this one and I'm going to start with my eyelid with this shape flat brush so you can just pack on the color and then tap it onto the lid and I just Pat it in that way I get the most I shadow and then start sweeping upward as you know from my hooded eye video I use a darker color because when you start to get a little bit more skin on your lids the light colors accentuate heavy skin here so I go a little bit darker and a little bit higher and that's how you create a nice high recess helps to open up the eye and as you see I've used all one color here so far now I'm going to work on my outer corners and in doing so it will be this darker brown color so pretty much of II um the outer corner up into the top part of the crease focusing mainly on the outside as I've always said when doing makeup pick your feature that you want to emphasize so since we're going very very pale on the lip we will really make these eyes nice and dramatic and if you were doing a real bold red lip then we would tone down the I do a very light neutral color maybe just a black liner and mascara or a strip of falsies and that's it but you don't want to overdo it you don't want too strong of an eye too strong of a lip it just gets to be too busy looking all right now I'm going to use this thin brush I mean this thin brush and I'm going in with the black now to just hit this outer lash line right up on top now I'm going to use a blending brush which is a very soft flexible brush and I'm using this lighter tan color right here as my blending color to sort of pull it all together it's taking it going back and forth swirling a little bit pulling the outer color out and we're really just smoking it out giving it a soft look no hard lines I'm just blurring it then I'm going to use this top color right here the lightest that's going to run underneath my brow and on the inner corner all right next up is the liner same one from L'Oreal that I've used forever in a day to do the inner and upper rim the waterline I just start on the bottom and then go underneath on the top okay and then the same brush that I use to apply this top color I will use it again and the very same color right there and I'm just going to smudge that lower lash line I have as you know lash extensions they are very light they're great when I don't wear makeup but when I do wear makeup as you can see they sort of went away with such a heavy look so I am going to use these are great so you know the magnetic lashes are outright they can be a little tricky but what I find is if you just like a regular strip lash you can take a strip lash and you can cut it down to size to fit your eye width or maybe you just want a little outer wing well I've done the very same thing with these magnetic lashes so they are I mean I don't know if yeah I think you can see that they're tiny teeny teeny teeny tiny I just wanted an outer wing that's it for a little extra drama but not a full full lash so so now you've got two little pieces I don't know if you can see it I've got to get them closer to my eye anyway ah don't lose them or else you're in trouble hold on okay found it whoa mama's got a little worried it's tiny okay so what you do is you position the lash right here on the top part exactly where you want it and then you take the bottom and you just match it underneath and they will click together like so yeah I hope you can see that but I love magnetic lashes when you have lash extensions because you're not using adhesive or glue to make that magic happen which can completely rip off the lashes that you've paid for these guys remove very easily and I have not lost any extensions from wearing these so anyway let's hope I don't lose the bottom half of this one and there we have it that's pretty pretty painless way to be painless alright so now I can back it on up and start to put on my concealer because I'm in desperate need at this point okay so heart-shaped tape of course and I just Pat it in focusing on the inner corner right here where I get those dark circles you can clean up any shadow that's falling a little too far below out to the side so you can get a nice precise little line there I always put a little concealer right here on the bridge of my nose make sure everything's blended in well and now it's time to set everything with powder get rid of the shine Laura Mercier of course just take it and press it in so as you can see we now have a big strong eye which will counterbalance or seem to be needless all right so it's time for contouring and highlighting I am still using my NYX palette I tend to blend I'm a big blender err so the darker and the lighter I like on a angled brush and I'm just gonna go in where I want to contour with just light whisking motions contouring and highlighting really adds a lot of drama to a face especially if it's a nude look and it's amazing how well it can really sculpt a face give it depth and dimension instant cheekbones all that good stuff slimming nose especially if you do your contour down the side shorten it if you do the tip the biggest and best trick of all is a killer jawline make sure you take it and start to pull it down so you just don't see a dark line okay my blush color really not much of a blush color it's very very light it's a Maybelline looks practically nude itself but it's just enough this has a tiny bit of iridescent to it not a lot but it's a real pretty pale color okay now highlight same thing here are your highlight colors I use a big fan brush I just sort of sweep it through and I'm going up here on the cheekbone right down the center of the nose upper lip and right here on the chin just for some dimension alright we are practically done time for lips my lip liner is going to be a slightly brownish nude color for the outside and then I'm gonna use a brush to really blend and fade this we don't want a hard line but follow your lip go just a smidge smidge on the outside now take a very firm flat brush and you're going to use that to soften this line and blend so suddenly it's not going to look like a line anymore it's gonna become a bit of a shadow what we're doing is accentuating the size of our mouth here making for a larger looking pal just soft smooth and blended and then I'm taking a highlight pencil light color going slightly above the upper lip line it makes that upper lip protrude just a little bit okay so now when it comes to lipstick there is no one nude for every woman some women look better in peachy nude some pink nudes some taupe nudes beige nudes it comes in all different varieties I blend a lot and it really depends on where I want the tone to go so in last week's video I'll do the lip color that I did then and it starts with this sort of nude peachy color from Marc Jacobs very light color on top I am using gosh I think it's Maybelline like I said I'll list everything it's a real beige so it kind of cuts the peach and it's lighter so I'm focusing in the middle now you can stop there if you want to add a little shimmer you can take a bit of gold and do that just on the lower and upper just a tiny tiny bit it's up to you just so you can see what that looks like I mean just just a little hit okay so let me pull it back so you get perspective but as you can tell the focus is on the eyes everything else is very light and very neutral so here it is pulled back and it's really amazing the difference when you see it all in perspective and you get the face and the chest and it becomes one plane and suddenly it all ties in together and what seemed like it might have been really really strong up close actually works when you have everything else really really pared down this is for me I just love this look I it seems to be my go-to look for for work oftentimes for evening I might add a little bit more of an iridescent on the lip at nighttime but I just I don't know I feel this is me which is why you probably see me in this look a lot on this channel I think it looks great even with lighter hair having that light hair in the warmer skin so have fun with this play around with it the key is to figure out what are the right new tones for you depends on your skin tone how cool or how warm you are it's a great opportunity to go into your local Sephora or wherever you like to buy makeup where you have an opportunity to try color on your skin so play around see what looks good get yourself over by a mirror where you see some natural light because that's the most important thing how are you going to look in daylight but enjoy the experimentation like I said everything is written down for you in the description portion it also popped up as you saw me do the application so there's no missing out on what I used here but I thank you very very much for the suggestion for this makeup tutorial it was kind of a common thread throughout the thread of comments and and I'm happy to oblige I love love love love doing makeup tutorials I love being a girl in my bathroom just like you and seeing what we can come up with but I hope this presented some new ideas for you the magnetic strip lash by the way give it a try look I will tell you this it took a while for me to get that rest and click thing right off the bat but once I figured out the technique I can't tell you how much time it saved I don't deal with messy glue and I can do both I can do the extensions and the little magnetic lashes on the side for an extra wing so I think that is super cool that's something new and yeah that's about it so more suggestions please I need them I love them and I cater this channel to you follow me on social media I'm in all of these places please if you haven't already subscribed to my channel join this fabulous community hit the subscribe button ring the bell you'll be notified when I release a new video every Thursday at 1 o'clock love having you I truly appreciate you as I always say on this channel it is an opportunity for you to experiment to try new things to making bold moves to see the blessings that follow and I will see you next Thursday

20 thoughts on “Nude Face and Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Dominique Sachse

  1. I will be wearing a smokey eye look for New Year's Eve. I just love this look! And the nude lipstick. I'm off to Sephora today to try on nude lipstick. I can never say enough thank yous for your channel! 🤗❤💄👠

  2. Fabulous! So clear with your instructions. I will follow your steps — can’t wait to see how this look comes together in my color choices! Blessed New Year!🙏🏽💋💋

  3. Very beautiful and classy. I so wish I could put my makeup on like you because you make it look flawless and beautiful. I just love these tutorials. I try to do what I can to hide some of the swelling in my face since I have had leukemia and taking chemo.

  4. Dominique! I love how brave you are to go online with no makeup. It shows Women that you are real. I have a beauty and lifestyle Channel and I went barefaced in one of my video's. It took me a while to post that video. But, I feel good that I did. It shows Women that we are ok with how we are. I actually hate some popular beauty YouTubers that heavily edit their pictures.

  5. Buongiorno Dominique, sei bravissima e bellissima. Io sono italiana e volevo chiederti se potevi darmi informazioni sulla calvizie androgenetica femminile. Se nel tuo paese ci sono cure per questa patologia che affligge le donne. Spero che tu mi possa rispondere. Grazie

  6. Hi Dominique, you always look stunning! Is there a brand of eyelashes to buy without getting extensions, also, what to you use on your teeth? Whitening toothpaste, electric toothbrush, bleach? Your videos are wonderful. I could use all the help I can get! Lol. Thank you. 🥰

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