Note 10+ Tips and Tricks!

Note 10+ Tips and Tricks!

The #Note10plus is a fantastic phone, with almost limitless possibilities. Why not make it better by learning some tips and tricks?
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what is going on guys welcome to mark stack so today I want to do a video showcasing what I think to be some of the great features and tips and tricks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 m+ or s10 or even any other previous s lines of phones be sure to check it out because you might be able to do these features on there as well first things first if the lights flicker don't worry I'm not living in a haunted mansion I'm not that crazy white kid in the movies I'm actually in the middle of a hurricane so yeah I got bored I decided to make a video and yeah the lights flicker I'm good I'm good there's not a ghost in here so I mean not that I know of they know 10 Plus is a beast of a phone so hopefully with these tips and tricks you can make this phone experience even better the first tip is to change your phone's name if you have a bunch of Bluetooth devices in your house or even in your car and you your mom your dad both have the note 10 plus that Bluetooth device is gonna read 3 Note 10 pluses so it can get very difficult and confusing to find out which one you want to connect to to do this head into settings click on a Batphone and click on edit here you can change the name of the phone so other Bluetooth devices will be able to showcase that name instead of just the model number this next trick has to do with the fingerprint sensor I made a video about it about five months ago using my s10 plus and the thought I would include it here just to keep it refreshed up and so many know owners probably don't know about this maybe you do but Samsung is way of registering your fingerprint is a little iffy it works for some it doesn't work for all so here's how you can register your fingerprint the best way possible so it is the most accurate and you will have a better time unlocking your phone with almost zero mistakes it's going to tell you to add it by just simply clicking on it and just doing this I don't like doing that and if you guys have seen my previous video I've helped a lot of people by unlocking their phone much better so what you want to do is don't actually press in the middle of this sensor you want to do it in little steps so first you want to scan your finger a little above the sensor the middle and then down a little bit then left a little bit Center right so this is how it should look like so what this does is it guarantees that you don't actually have to click the center of it every single time so you can click a little bit under the sensor and it will still unlock because that's the part that you registered now you can go ahead and add this to the next fingerprint once you do this as you can see I'm gonna move my finger a little down on the sensor and it will still unlock as you guys can see now I'm gonna do a little bit to the right and it still unlocks so that way even when the screen is off you already know the general area that you have to press and it unlocks so you don't actually have to get spot-on every single time you can go a little bit left a little bit right up down whatever you want if you want to showcase the phone's battery percentage without constantly pulling down the notification tray simply go to settings click on the three dots click on status bar and slide the toggle to show battery percentage now you can see your battery percentage no matter what you're doing on your phone since the note 10 and note m+ have fused Bigsby and the power button together many find it annoying that they can't power off the phone by holding down the side key to fix this little mishap go into quick settings and click on the power button from there select side key settings and under press and hold submenu click on power off menu now whenever you click and hold the power button you can get access to the power menu without bixby interrupting you like a jealous girlfriend this next tip also has to do with the power button if you go into that same menu as I showed before you can also customize what app opens if you double click the power button it's automatically set to camera but if you click on open app you can have it to open any app you wish forward the note 10 plus is easily the fastest phone I have ever used for everyday life but it's not like that out of the box go into settings and look up software information once you do that click on the build number a few times until you see that you have unlocked developer mode once you do that go back into settings and scroll all the way down until you see developer options click on it and scroll down until you see window animation scale animator duration scale and transition animation scale change all of those to 0.5 and you'll see how quick the phone opens up apps and returns to the home screen now if your Speedy Gonzales and that is still not fast enough for you you can actually change all those from 0.5 to off that way your phone will open up apps in a blink of an eye you can say goodbye to animations but who needs animations when you got stuff to post on Twitter it's always good to optimize your phone so it runs perfectly and flawlessly every single day go into settings and click on device care then click on the three buttons on top and select Auto optimize turn that feature on and select a time so at that time every single day hopefully when you're sleeping that's why I suggest doing it in the a.m. when you are sleeping the phone will actually shut down background apps that you don't need but it will keep the most recent apps open furthermore you can actually click on close apps so that way it actually closes everything from the background so then when you wake up your phone is fresh ready to start the day hopefully like you are unless you're hungover I feel you now if that's not enough for you for some weird reason go back a page click on the three dots and select Auto restart the phone will restart on whatever time and date you set so that way it actually does a full reboot instead of just removing the background applications because let's be honest no one actually has the time to restart the phone themselves because it just takes so long if you want to make the most out of your note and devices it sure helps if you have enough battery so go into a quick settings click and hold on the power mode once you do that make sure adaptive batteries turned on the phone will realize what you do at what time of day so it will automatically switch between optimized power mode and medium power saving mode so for example if you come home around five o'clock every single day and you don't really use your phone for about an hour the phone will realize that and it will actually go into medium power saving mode automatically without you doing anything just to give you that extra battery percentage if you play a lot of games and you destroy kids on fortnight or any other game of your choice make sure you do this head on over to power mode and select high performance when you select this it will change the brightness to +10 percent and it turns on the wqhd screen resolution so that way you get the best experience playing games next up on the list is video enhancer go into settings and search up video click on video enhancer and toggle it on when you toggle it on you will see a little preview of what it does in which apps it works from the ones you have installed if you watch a lot of YouTube and other streaming platforms you will benefit the most from this in short if your brightness is at 50% and you open up YouTube the brightness will automatically go up as well as makes the screens colors pop out more this feature is amazing because I've been using iPhone for 10 years and any time the brightness is low and I go into YouTube I have to manually turn it up and then whenever I leave YouTube I have to manually set it down this feature right here does it all automatically so anytime you go into YouTube brightness goes up any time you leave it the brightness goes down and this works with anything like I said any apps that you have installed it will show you a list of them so you already know what you're getting yourself into the next trick has to do with the S Pen if you're in the camera application and you want to zoom in you don't have to keep making circles like a failed wizard simply click the button on the pen and make a half circle and keep holding the button it will keep zooming in until you let go of the button and the same works the other way around so you don't have to keep doing this until you get to ten times or whatever you just simply make a half circle click and hold or click and hold make a half circle it goes to its maximum and just let go there you go if many of you have been using the no devices for quite some time this next trick or tip whatever you want to call it may be pretty obvious but for those of you who are just getting into note series of phones this is pretty cool because it actually kind of amazed me so obviously you see a cursor when the pen is near the screen if you hover the pen on different things it will actually give you a preview of what you're hovering over this works on pictures along with even notifications speaking of the s-pen how many of you have laid the S Pen down next to the note the phone goes to sleep you pick up the S Pen only to realize you have to enter your password on the phone again this happened to me a lot but there's a quick little easy solution simply go into settings and look up S Pen click on the S Pen unlock and boom now when your S Pen is out of the phone and the phone goes to sleep you can click on the button and it matically unlocks your phone this is not dangerous as you guys may think for example my phone is unlocked right now if i unlock it and i can press the button it will automatically unlock the phone but if I lock the phone put the pen back inside the phone and then take the pen out I actually cannot unlock it I'm clicking the button and all it's doing is giving me the option to draw my screen that's it so this only works if the phone was previously unlocked at the time of the S Pen being out of the phone so the only time this is dangerous is if you keep your S Pen and the phone away from each other as the phone is unlocked you got you're at a coffee shop you go into the bathroom then yeah someone can easily come up to your phone pick it up click the S Pen button and it will unlock but if you keep the S Pen inside the phone there's no way for them doing that a little side tip keep your phone on you don't leave it out unsupervised this next step is pretty funny because I was unaware of how many galaxy owners don't know about this if you want to quickly switch between apps double press the recent apps key and it will quickly take you back to your previously used app now here's a cool little tip for your amazing phones let's be honest they are expensive and they're only going to get more expensive as the trend continues so why not protect your phone with the Rhino shield cases the case I'm using this video is the solid suit case it's super thin it has a raised lip so you don't have any problems putting the device down screen side first access to the S Pen is super easy not only that but it has an 11 feet of drop protection rhino shield also has a shock resistant skin yeah you heard that right it's a skin that spreads the shock around the entire device instead of focusing it on a particular area of the phone on my s10 plus I'm using the Rhino shield bumper case along with the impact skin and this makes the phone feel super clean super thin with maximum protection if you want 10% off your next order use code marks tech ten links will be in the description below this next tip anybody can benefit from if you use your phone in bed a lot especially laying on side it's gonna get quite annoying to keep turning on and off the rotation lock but here's a little tip keep the lock on it sounds weird right but no worries anytime you put your phone into landscape you will see a little rotation symbol your phone will not switch orientation until you click on that key so that way you don't have to keep going into the quick settings to keep turning on and off the rotation lock simply keep it locked but only use that key whenever you need to so guys I was pretty much it that was my little list of things that I liked about the note 10 plus and that keeps it pretty fresh if you have any tips and tricks you want to share with the community leave them in the comment section below and if you got this far in the video comment a pizza emoji let's see if we can get other people confused this was Marc from Marc's tech adios

23 thoughts on “Note 10+ Tips and Tricks!

  1. HEY YOU, YES YOU – I know you’re going to ask me which wallpapers im using, its an app called WallPix πŸ™‚
    Also, if you want other awesome wallpapers, be sure to look at my dropbox in the description!
    Speaking of description, there you will also find 10% off codes for Rhinoshield cases and other goodies πŸ˜‰

  2. I've recently moved from IOS to Samsung and I love it so far but there's one thing I absolutely HATE about Samsung and if there's a way to fix it please let me know. Whenever I try to send a video through text or receive one, the quality of the video is lost and it's terrible!

  3. Just got the Note 10+ and was not impressed with the finger print reader. I thought it was no better then the OP6T. I just recalibrated per your instructions. Night and day difference. Still takes a second but it's WAY more reliable

  4. You know what would be a great idea, forgive me if its already a thing and please teach me how. But people work different shifts right? So there should be a way to auto program your phone right out of the box to have your specific sleep schedule. Yes I know it's all customizable but it's a pain to find all of the things you can change. Like for instance say someone works night shift so naturally they're awake between say… 3pm to 7am give or take. Half of that time the phone, out of box, is trying to do updates shut down apps and be in "a night mode" sort of setting. It's really a pain in the ass to have to go in and find everything and change it to your schedule. Like right out of the box the questions should go; language? Sleep schedule? Set up gmail account?
    Again if there's something you can do in one simple step please let me know I'm sick of my phone trying to run "sleep mode" while I'm having lunch at midnight.

  5. Hey man it's the 1st time that I have watched one of your videos and I pre ordered my note 10 plus and it barely came in yesterday so when I clicked on your video I didn't really have I hopes to be honest but man there were some really good tips actually here so thank you expressional I that Half Moon tip and the 1 with the screen rotate thank you

  6. It's a not a paid review, but if you want 10% off any rhinoshield cases use the discount code markstech10. Again, it's not paid. 🀣

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