NHL 19 REVIEW. With so much that needed addressing coming into this installment, do fans finally have the hockey game they have been clamoring for, or does NHL 19 still come up short?

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NHL 19 Wiki

In NHLÂź 19, play on outdoor rinks and journey from the ponds to the pros in new and returning game modes. Compete with and against 200 of the greatest hockey legends to ever hit the ice, highlighted by Wayne Gretzky. Powered by cutting-edge new gameplay technology, experience explosive-edge skating that delivers more acceleration, speed and responsiveness.

For the first time in franchise history, step onto the pond and compete in the EA SPORTS Hockey League, NHL THREES, Play Now and the brand new modes NHL ONES and Pro-Am. In NHL ONES, you and two other players compete in a 1v1v1 free-for-all gauntlet. Showcase your skills and creativity with no rules, no stoppages, and no limits.

With RPM Tech, Explosive-edge skating enables more control over how you generate speed using edge-work and crossovers. With all new animations, you’ll experience more responsiveness in acceleration, high-speed skating, and pin-point turns.

Stand out on the ice with over 900 customization options from authentic NHL apparel to pond hockey lifestyle clothing from some of the biggest brands in sports. Express yourself like never before with thousands of combinations of fresh looks.

Play with or against over 200 hockey legends spanning 100 years of NHL history and build your dream team. Superstars of today’s game playing alongside historical figures of past seasons is a defining factor of one hockey.

with NHL a team the one thing that stood out the most was the fact that it was clearly starting to become a stale experience on the current generation of consoles the gameplay felt old the presentation had become dull and the modes all felt like too much of the same it was obvious that something needed to be done or the series could be forgotten about all together with NHL 19 EA Sports is giving players a number of new features and upgrades to try and make the game feel fresh again in the latter stages of this generation but with so much that needed addressing coming into this installment do fans finally have the hockey game they've been clamoring for or does NHL 19 still come up short number one source for the sports gamer the world of Chell is a mode that lives on the creativity of its users from the look of players on the outdoor rinks to the way that you want to play it's all about what the player wants to experience inside the Chell hub a player's progression spans across each game within of which there are four to dive into there's the popular EA Sports Hockey League the returning NHL threes and two brand new modes to enjoy but before getting into the modes let's touch on progression a bit the game still doesn't allow attribute allocation rate of players but there is a way to make your player different from the rest of the world in the form of traits each player can equip up to three traits per loadout would you have up to 5 at your disposal after reaching certain levels and each trait which does affect different attributes on your player is unlocked by completing various tasks now the first invest new mode is NHL once a free-for-all game of 1v1 be won the game is taken outside on ponds and lakes there are no rules in a three-minute scramble for the most goals on a half sheet of ice it's a pretty simple premise that provides arguably the biggest challenge of any mode players vie for the chance to play under the lights for a championship each day as the rankings reset every 24 hours you'll have to start at the lowest tier moving up with every win with the goal of reaching diamond however every two losses will see your player drop down a tier there's a new announcer who provides some fun one-liners and light-hearted commentary throughout each game making it feel different than the rest of the NHL experience the one downfall with ones is the fact that it's online only leaving you and your friends out in the cold if you are itching for some couch co-op outdoor action the other new mode this year's program that lets you take your created skater into games alongside some past and present NHL stars and legends the offline mode is a nice way to prep yourself for taking down lining es HL or ones as you can get a feel for the new mechanics while at the same time progressing your player it's fun to line up alongside greats to achieve various challenges but this is the new mode that I can see getting the least amount of playtime the after mentioned threes comes back relatively unchanged but when a mode was as enjoyable as threes was in its debut and NHL 18 it's kind of hard to criticize not touching it this year there are over 900 different clothing options for your custom player with jackets tokes gloves pants and more you have the option to really make your player reflect your personal style on the ice even more so there are a number of new equipment customizations as well as gold celebrations to really let your personality shine but I think the best part of the customizations are that you actually have to earn them via in-game progression rather than simply buying them there are absolutely no micro transactions within the world of Chow for a while the best mode in the NHL series has been Hockey Ultimate Team as it seemed like it was the only one getting real love during development in NHL 19 it's safe to say that that's no longer the case becoming the deepest experience ever in an EA Sports NHL game franchise includes a completely overhauled scouting system that makes it feel like it's a brand new mode players can hire and fighter Scouts sending them all over the world to gather intel on both amateur and professional players whether you want to know about individual players or a group of players from a specific team the new scouting mechanics give you the chance to find out whatever you want to know before adding a player to your organization in addition to the general scouting the new fog of war system forces you to do the proper amount of scouting in order to find out the true rating of a player if you don't do your due diligence the player you Scout may not be exactly who you think he is features like in season contract negotiations player morale relocation promotions and more add to the fun that NHL 19 franchise mode presents now you can also once again start a franchise as an expansion team but the game still doesn't allow in career expansion if you don't choose to expand at the beginning of your franchise you can't do it later on previously mentioned Hut get some new additions but remains largely the same thing from years past after reaching a deal with the NHL Alumni Association players like Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux are once again included in the game to collect and use the ability to try out players via alone is another new wrinkle to the mode giving everyone an option to try before you buy you still can't customize your team's look though forcing you to wear an already created jersey that you get in a pack it's pretty disappointing to see at this stage of the mode the on a section of NHL 19 plays out better than it ever has the real player motion technology that has been utilized in both Madden NFL 19 and NBA Live 19 makes its way to the NHL series adding a new sense of realism to the game skating mechanics larger players like Zdeno Chara skates slower with wider turns while the small shifty er players like Johnny Gaudreau zip around the ice like you would see in a real game the transition between skating forward and backward feels smooth the way players turn with and without the puck feels lifelike and the stick handling controls appropriately the real player motion also improved the games hitting mechanics as bigger players will put on accurate hits to smaller guys and vice-versa from an AI perspective the players are more adaptive to what's happening in a given game than in years past if they get a sense you're throwing pucks along the boards to move up the ice expect them to start covering the wall tighter the controls in NHL 19 don't really favor one side over the other there are enough ways to showcase your skill on both offense and defense to stand out on the offensive side of things the variety of dekes at your disposal gives players the ability to keep defenders guessing at what's coming next even saucer passes when mastered provide a great method for getting a prime scoring chance when on a rush for defense the defense of skills stick returns with a bit more control than NHL 18 you can still move the stick in any direction by utilizing the right analog but you can actually feel a difference depending on what you're trying to do whether it be a chop poke checkered stick lift now I'll admit that at first I couldn't stand how the poke check changes worked it felt far too easy to trip some and way too difficult to actually make a play on the puck but after spending more time with it it quickly became apparent that it was all about the angles more so than any other year you just can't spam the poke check and expect results if you don't place your stick in the right spot at the right time you're going to end up sitting in the box feeling all of the guilt [Applause] disappointingly be a pro remains the most tedious mode of any sports game there's nothing new here as you still take your player into the CHL or right to the NHL and work towards becoming the best player possible with no office entertainment in between games there's just no real reason to ever dive into it unless you absolutely love playing as a locked player with only AI opponents and teammates on the presentation side of things the NBC sports broadcast package returns with Doc Emmerich and the OL chicanery Ferraro calling the action if NHL 18s commentary felt stale and repetitive when you're not gonna like NHL 19th offering far too often you hear the same lines repeated about teams and players especially when in franchise rarely do you get dialogue about the current season as it's clear there just aren't enough lines of dialogue to utilize sure you'll get something relevant during the pregame commentary but there's nothing about a player on a hot streak or a slumping superstar during the action on the ice or in between plays it's about time that EA Sports makes the move to a younger and fresher duo to call the action that can actually provide a large selection of lines as well as have some genuine emotion in their calls in addition to the commentary there are no real stat overlays within games while you may have on a given rail broadcast a look at the top players in the league top standings or a team's best players NHL 19 is missing all of that you get some stats during the pregame skate but like relevant in season commentary there are none once the action on the ice begins player models while there are more scanned athletes this time around still don't look as good as they should this late in the console cycle when you see the scans of games like NBA Live in NBA 2k it's tough to get excited about what al 19 shows what's worse is that the Jersey still aren't completely accurate from the font used on the Buffalo Sabres primary sweaters to the way the numbers look distorted on others the art department needs to spend more time getting the designs of the Maine jerseys of every team accurate NHL 19 succeeds in more ways than a hockey game has in quite some time from the die-hard fan to the casual gamer it offers something for every type of player the world of chell is a great foundation for what is going to turn into a larger community while franchise has finally seen the improvements to areas that fans have wanted for a long time it's not without its flaws but NHL 19 is finally a game that any hockey fan would be better off picking up then skipping for more NHL 19 content and sports gaming videos daily be sure to subscribe to sports gamers Online and hit that Bell to be notified whenever new video goes live and visit sports gamers online.com you

43 thoughts on “NHL 19 REVIEW

  1. It looks as bad as it did in 2017 and will probably continue to be that way as long as EA owns the nhl rights.

  2. The AI is completely useless. I can't count how many times I've been a victim of puck ragging because the AI doesnt have a brain

  3. I was on the #1 club (TOP SZN) from 13-16. Stopped buying NHL after 17. EA doesn't care. They thought bringing "pond hockey" to the game would draw us back. The game is still broken as fuck. Make a game like 16 where you start with a player and have to grind for your attributes. Make a game where a stick check isn't a penalty. Make a game where you can ACTUALLY SNIPE and not get cheated by dumb ass cross creases 24/7. Where the goalie is actually weak in some areas and not Jesus Christ. Make the game fast paced again. I bought 19 just to try it. Played a couple OTP and a couple OVP and uninstalled it. EA is a sad excuse for game developers. Lost my money and all my crew and clubs money. Won't buy NHL ever again. Its just like Madden. They dont do shit but roster updates and shitty ass "player moves" which are broken or OP. Game is trash. 0/10 stars and that's from a competitive player who has been ranked years on end. Fuck you EA

  4. I give the lack of innovation a bit of a pass for sports games these days. You can't get too creative with sims. Once you hit a ceiling, like they did with this series when they overhauled it last gen, you're kind of stuck. I mean, what are people really expecting? Only thing that I can think of that could be seriously improved, is the commentary. After NBA 2K showed how commentary should be done, there's no excuses for these other games to put in the extra work.

  5. i really wish they make a franchise mode for ALL the big leagues in the game.
    Why have the european leagues if i cant enjoy them to the fullest?

  6. Definitley wouldnt buy at full price. I paid 14.00 for it at Game Stop yesterday. Season isnt over yet and its heavily discounted

  7. NHL games have been practically the same since the early 2010s, if not earlier. I haven't bought an NHL game since '12 or '13, and unfortunately I don't know if I ever will again.

  8. I There was another company that would give them some kind of competition that's the only way we would see significant changes their monopoly right now there's no need to put money into this game unless they look

  9. Do not buy NHL 19 its a waste of money wait til its 20 bucks. i fucking hate this game never buying from ea again its so broken!

  10. More top players quit NHL because of 19 than any other edition. EA is on the right track some moments are a true hockey sim. However, most games are filled with unworthy goals while sure shots are stopped. Good players don’t accept garbage goals.the only mode worth playing still is EASHL. 6v6 is completely different from 1v1 modes. It’s fast and precise and the game doesn’t go to the single player who switched defenders st the right time.
    Most 1v1 games come down to how well you switch on defense which is not part of hockey. It’s also very slow almost double the lag of 6v6.

  11. i dont give a fuck about all these modes, I just wanna know how the game play is and if its fun. I dont care about be a pro or gm mode or franchise mode, I wanna pick up and play or progress through a season and thats it. Video games try to shoe horn too much content into the fucking game what happened to shit just being fun to play

  12. Poor version of Foo Fighters – Best of you playing in the background.. haha.. when talking about Ones mode.

  13. Why is there no custom tournament mode! So friends either online or at home can make a custom season/ tournament and play for a custom championship

  14. Worst NHL I've ever played. Glitchiest goals every on online versus mode and unrealistic play (impossible to get puck with a slash or trip), and that's if I can even get into a game. Every time I try to play a game its cuts out before it even starts saying "lost connection to opponent". Awful soundtrack and user interface compared to previous years

  15. This one is the fucking WORST NHL game ever pure Trash and its not competitive for online versus If I had to vote for rating I would give it a One Star this EAspots don’t make us come to you’re company and break shit GIVE US THE REAL FUCKING GAME STOP BULLSHITING 😡

  16. So, in BAP or LTL or whatever they call it now, do the announcers still state that the other team has a powerplay when it is your team on the PP, talk about how great the last ten games for the visitors have been when they are 4-4-2 and it's the home team that is 6-3-1, and do your AI team mates still wrap the puck up the boards around to the neutral zone *exactly on the side there's never players on their team*, pass directly to the CPU team on defense, constantly crash the goalies for absolutely no reason, and does your team mate AI goalie still stand like a statue when the CPU decides to tie the game up, so your goalie gets scored on by a 20 mph wrist shot from 50 feet out? Does the AI still skate to the boards when it's your shift and routinely just keep skating into the boards, never letting you on the ice, giving the other team a PP until they score of there's a whistle? Do your linemates still insist on going offside 3 plays out of 10, when they should simply slow down and let you carry the puck, and when you slow down to let them carry it into the zone, do they still pick that precise second to pass to you, which you must miss since you'd have to be offside to get it, and does the CPU then brilliantly steal the puck, race down ice, and turn around and score on you? Does that still happen?

  17. This is such a stupid game. Every, and I mean EVERY FUCKING GAME, when i am up late in the 3rd period, it is impossible to get the fucking puck from the opponent AND it is impossible to complete the same passes I've been making all fucking game, without either being intercepted or hit/tied up, before being able to receive the puck and make a hockey move. So fucking unrealistic. And, of course, the AI turn into fucking wizards at the end of the game, when it comes to poke checking and lifting the stick. Un-fucking-playable.
    End of rant
    PS fuck off EA you dumb pieces of shit. Hire a game developer who has actually played hockey.

  18. It would be really nice if you could have full customizable abilities for created teams including designing your own uniforms.

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