NFL Rookies React To Their Madden 20 Ratings!

NFL Rookies React To Their Madden 20 Ratings!

Madden 20 rookie ratings have finally been revealed! Find out which rookies are rated the highest, and which ones got snubbed! For more Madden 20 gameplay, news, features & more…be sure to subscribe!

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calimary and I'm not happy with my battery that's tough what's going on everybody sara trade with her back here with some more madney 20 News so today we have gotten a lot of the rookie ratings revealed some of the top rookies at each position the top rookies overall we also got a new video from EA Sports of the rookies reacting to their ratings so that'll be playing in the background some screen shots as well and I will play the full video at the end of the video with the sound on so you can watch that as well but if you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe make sure to turn the belt icons on because in a couple weeks I'm gonna be dropping that exclusive Madden 20 gameplay I'm gonna be going to EA being able to get some footage for you guys that no one else will have so if you don't want to miss that you just know make sure to be on the notification squad so looking at the ratings soap one thing to keep in mind with the ratings this year in the video that I talked about a couple days ago they did spread the ratings out a lot this year meaning you're gonna see a lot of these rookies come in with significantly lower overalls and you've seen in years past you know past couple years most of the first round guys a lot of times are in the mid 70s sometimes high 70s and you had multiple guys in the low 80s you're not gonna see that this year you're gonna rarely you know see guys in the high 70s you're gonna see a lot of guys in the 60s and think that it looks a little weird but they're just spreading those ratings out trying to make the ratings matter a little bit more trying to make sure that players aren't just all hovering kind of you know too many players hovering in the same you know tier I guess you could say so the top rated rookie this year is actually Quinn Williams of the New York Jets the defensive tackle I think him I think that's fair I think you could argue that he was the best player in this draft he even though he did go three and one of the best defensive linemen coming out of college that we had seen it says here that he has an 89 strength rating but they don't really go to and depth with all the individual rating that just mentions the strength then you have a who is this guy here at oliver is a 79 overall again another one of the better defensive lineman industry have a lot of good D lineman in this draft says here that he has 77 power move and 84 pursuit rating then it's 78 you have Nick Bose of who you could also argue as the best player in this draft personally I think I would have probably rated him too high but he's a 78 overall it says here that he has 91 acceleration combined with 79 finesse move and 84 hit power so that's pretty good starting out for a rookie he'll you know most of these guys are definitely gonna jump up probably into at least the low 80s throughout the year as they kind of put their skills on display then we got a bunch of guys at 77 overall we have Josh Allen of the Jaguars he is a edge rusher defensive end and it says that he has actually 86 speed 91 toughness 85 pursuit so 86 speed that is actually pretty fast for a pass rusher but he is definitely one of the fastest guys in this draft you also have Hollywood Brown which is Antonio Browns cousin he is the wide receiver of the Baltimore Ravens and he actually is coming in with 97 speed 95 acceleration which is pretty darn fast because you know he has been kind of you know they've they've been really what's the word I'm looking for you know they haven't just thrown a lot of speed out there for guys like they used to you know back in some of the older man you'd have multiple guys with 99 98 speed they're kind of they hold back on that speed a little bit and only give it to guys that are true burners and Hollywood Brown is one of those guys so he is coming in at 97 speed so that should be fun for Ravens users and then we have TJ Hawkinson uh tight in for the Detroit Lions also a 77 overall here says that doesn't actually touch on any specific ratings for him it just kind of touches on his height and things like that but he's definitely it's a it does say he has 89 jumping though so he's definitely one of the more exciting young tight ends to play with in Medan but I know you're probably wondering like guys like Colin Murray so we're gonna go top five quarterbacks now that they touched on so Kyler Murray is actually you're gonna be surprised because he's number one overall draft pick and last year Baker being the number one overall draft pick I believe was like 81 overall Colin Murray's coming in at a 73 overall some people might say man he won the Heisman that's kind of low but again they're spreading these ratings out and Kyler Murray although he did go number one overall we know there's a lot of questions about his game not question marks about his game you know there was a time where people thought he might not even get drafted high at all but then time went on he you know he was the number one pick he does come in with a 91 speed rating though so Cardinals fans you're gonna be able to move around with this guy a lot he is going to have 89 throw power 87 throw on the run so not too bad there he's got just enough throw power to actually make deep throws because again they're stretched out to throw power a lot too so 89 throw power this year is probably you would have probably seen him have something like a 92 93 last year but now he is that he is 89 because they stretched that out so but the speed is definitely what you're gonna be wanting to use him the most for the second quarterback is Dwayne Haskins at 72 overall for at the Redskins he actually has 89 throw power as well I would say hit maybe that should be a little bit higher but either way he's gonna be the number 2 rated quarterback Daniel Jones of the Giants is actually a 65 overall so if you're a guy playing Giants franchise mode you're definitely gonna have to build this guy up which i think is cool you know the Giants are good one of those good rebuild teams in the game right now Daniel Jones has a lot of room to grow at that 65 overall so you're probably gonna still roll with Eli Manning for the first year if you're one of those guys playing franchise you've got drew Locke who is a 67 overall for the Denver Broncos 88 throw power which I mean again they stretched it out so they doesn't sound like a lot but that's actually not bad and then you have will Grier at a 66 overall for the Panthers backing up Cam Newton says here that he has 85 acceleration 81 to throw on the run I don't know why they just pick out these random ratings like did it they should just show like the most important ratings for every QB but it's like they just touched on very specific random ones which I don't like how they do that but that's usually how they start the reveals running backs so the number one running back rookie for Madden 20 is gonna be Josh Jacobs of the Oakland Raiders I believe he played for Alabama don't quote me on that but I believe that's where he came from 85 truckin 83 break tackle 83 stiff arms that's really not bad for a rookie right there so he's got definitely gonna be even though it's 74 overall sounds low I mean at 85 trucking 83 break tackle he's gonna be pretty useful at least in the short game then you got Devin Singletary for the bills he is a 72 overall he's got 90 agility 89 Excel in 86 Duke moves so again I mean that overalls low but some of these other ratings they're definitely sound pretty decent for the overall being that low the third guy is gonna be Myles Sanders of the Eagles he's coming in with 89 speed 83 Juke move so you know the Eagles are still kind of in search for that number one back I mean it's gonna be Jordan Howard for this year but you know they're still trying to find that that's that true stud back there the fourth running back rookie is gonna be Darrell Henderson junior 72 overall for the RAM that says here that he has 95 acceleration 85 tjuku that's pretty decent right there and this one's kind of surprising to me so the 5th running back is actually David Montgomery 71 overall of the payers and I think you could argue that he is you could argue that he was the best running back in the strap I would I would argue at least top two if you want to go behind Josh Jacobs but kind of surprised to see him coming out of 71 I figured he would be more kind of up there with where Josh Jacobs was at but he's actually coming in at a 71 overall and I think he's gonna be actually a really good player in the league says here that he has a 71 catch rating because he definitely he does catch the ball good little bit and that's that's a pretty good catch rating for running back especially a rookie running back 71 means he'll he'll hold on to that ball a pretty decent amount but doesn't actually go into any of his other stats and now lastly of what was revealed the top five rookie wide receivers so we already know that Hollywood Brown is the number one rookie wide receiver because he's actually a top-five rookie overall at that 77 overall again 97 speed 95 Excel he is gonna be a burner number to no surprise here DK Metcalf 76 overall for the seahawks he's coming in at 95 speed as well and for a guy that size that can move like that that's pretty dangerous he's gonna have 77 strength 81 break tackle 94 jumping I mean we saw him at the combine we saw him just in pictures he just he looks like a massive monster like there's someone that size that can move that quick he's gonna be one of the more exciting guys to watch this year the third rookie wide receiver is Nikhil Harry 74 overall of the Patriots he's coming in with 84 catching that bed that's all he said about him the fourth wide receiver is JJ something Whiteside I honestly don't know who this is and I how to pronounce his name but he plays for the Eagles it says here he has 89 spectacular catch 87 catching traffic which is nice and then the fifth wide receiver rookie is a team of Butler 72 overall Arizona Cardinals says he has an 87 spectacular catch 84 catching traffic and an 80 break tackle all sounds pretty decent so that's all we've gotten so far I would definitely like to see more of the defensive guys some of the like the corner backs and the safeties and the linebackers and things like that but that is all they have revealed so far I will play the the video now at the end here hope you know this video make sure to subscribe like if you're new and as always I will see you guys next time okay so hold up one second EA did just now officially put the entire list of rookie ratings below I'll link this below in the description but we can just look over this real quick we already talked about the top rookies and the top guys at some of the positions you can see here kind of scrolling through here we've got Dexter Lawrence defensive tackle for the Giants here 276 he's one of the higher overall guys Brian burns outside linebacker for the Panthers 88 speed so that's a pretty darn fast linebacker we got herb Smith jr. of the Vikings tight in 85 speed another pretty fast guy there at tight in got fire and Murphy junior cornerback of the Cardinals coming in 88 speed not too fast but you know that's 75 overall for rookie quarterbacks not too bad we've got Christian Wilkins another DT 75 overall a little bit on the slower side Noah Fant a tight end for the Broncos 89 speed that is a super-fast tight end you could see some other names here got Jerry Tillery another one of those good defensive tackles Devon white this is a big name actually surprised that he is not one of like the top 10 rated rookies such a stud but 92 speed is just absolutely crazy 91 Excel 74 overall for the Bucks going down trying to just find some other names to jump out at me greedy Williams one of the best quarterbacks in the draft even though he did kind of slip 73 overall a little bit on the lower end but 93 speed he's gonna definitely be able to keep up with most wide receivers got Devin Bush of the Steelers middle linebacker another blazing 91 speed guy so I mean you lose shazier but then you bring in another absolute burner at middle linebacker they're just kind of scrolling down here just trying to see if any other names know about Darnell Savage junior ninety three speed another really fast defensive back at free safety for the Packers you've got and see if any other names and to see rat early one of the more exciting guys in this draft a little bit lower I thought he would be higher as well eighty-eight speed not too bad but that's hard your secondary is gonna be pretty crazy I think he's gonna jump up this rating pretty quickly this year DeAndre Baker another one of those good corner backs eighty-eight speed guy Miles Boykin wide receiver 92 speed Parris Campbell out of Ohio State ninety-four speed he is a burner wide receiver for the Colts I'm just kind of scrolling down to see if any other names kind of jump out at me not really so I'm just gonna go real quickly here and I just want to sort by speed and just see who are the fastest rookies we know that we have Hollywood Brown at that 97 speed but let's see when this loads however long it will take so yes Hollywood Brown 97 speed we got me Cole Hardman another wide receiver here for the Chiefs 95 speed so you got him in you got Tyreke now so that is pretty crazy you're gonna have Andy Isabella for the Cardinals 95 speed Metcalfe for the Seahawks we already know is 95 speed 94 speed for Campbell and that's I mean no doesn't a serious burn is we got a bunch of other guys here it's pretty much all wide receivers and cornerbacks and until you get to Darnell savage at the free safety the fastest running back is gonna be Tony Pollard of the Cowboys at 93 speed so just wanted to add this on the end of the video because they did drop it after I had already recorded the video so now we're gonna cut to the rookies reacting to their ratings finally and as always I will see you guys next time this is man 20 rookie rains did you have you guys seen my block from my perspective and your my so 9-3 from your perspective but it's our tablet disrespect I'm lucky maybe six five seven is Louis it's gotta be any overall yeah bitch to see how we get to 6363 catch it change that what path you see me drunk alright 72 what was the highest overall receiver Oh uses famous I'm changing my speed from 97 to 98 wait what was caller 73 73 I should have made a lot more money shit like Jew what's the lowest you can actually be who has the highest drink Louis is strength 77 okay I give myself 61 I'm about that I'm finna go all type of videos up of me lift enough don't let my mom see this dog a fan Oh baby can give me being a race did that make sense we were at the same time yeah hey man not do me wrong baby meet justice baby I had a one hand catch I'm sure went viral I'm on man this is crazy Carla Marie and I'm not happy with my battery that's tough no I'm happy with it it's cool yeah

48 thoughts on “NFL Rookies React To Their Madden 20 Ratings!

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  2. They did Danielle Jones dirty, 63-64 that is a joke he’s a top 10 draft pick Yeah we get the fact that he may be a player that might sit the bench with a clipboard for the year but there’s no doubting he is one of the most talented, and sitting behind Eli is only going to make him better – that 63- will have a nice 20 point bump by week 3 – when he start and lights it up !! – they hate one him soo hard just cause haskin should of been the Next quarterback, but no one said anything when the Giants jumped and grabbed Evan Ingram was a third round selection I think at best in that draft Let’s just face it the Giants operate differently than other teams and one day maybe we will understand it lol but ea destroyed jones , I guess we’re going to be given the balls to saquon 130 times a game until we get that overall of at least 10-15 points – smh 64 ! Drew lock is higher(67) – even will Grier (66) wtf is ea on right now smh

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  5. Hey guys just to let you know, Darnell Savage is a 72 overall for madden 20, but I used the exact same ratings for madden 19 and he was a 75 overall…. I haven't completed any other players yet, but this helps ease my mind when I see a lower rated player, they will still play better than what you'd think.

  6. I hear what your saying Eric but the madden ratings the last few yrs have sucked. I’m a ravens fan an we stay getting hated on.

  7. They do know the way they perform in the NFL games that they play in Madden 20 automatically upgrades them during the season after that they'll rate them on their entire performance of this year right?

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    Also, I know Daniel Jones was a pick that literally everyone is laughing about, but a 65 OVR? You can't even develop that. I'd say Kyler Murray should sit at a 77ish while Daniel Jones gets a 72, just so you can actually make use of these players at some point in a franchise.

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  15. Montez Sweat ran a 4.4 at the combine. Fastest front 7 guy. Top 5 pick until the heart rumors. Any love for this stud?

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