NFL Rookies React to Madden 20 Ratings: Ft. Kyler Murray!

NFL Rookies React to Madden 20 Ratings: Ft. Kyler Murray!

Watch as top 2019 NFL Draft picks see their Madden NFL 20 ratings for the first time! Who is the fastest rookie? What is QB Kyler Murray’s overall rating?

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[XBOX SOUND] This is Madden 20 Rookie Ratings. Dude, have you ever seen my block? From my perspective,
I give myself a 93. But from your perspective… Bro, this is totally disrespectful. I don't know,
I'm a rookie. Maybe… 6th pick! High 70s-low 80s? He's gotta be like 80 overall. Yeah, I'd be interested
to see how I get 63. 63? He can throw!
I'm better than him! Catching. Change that. What pass did you see me drop? Alright… 72? What was Hollywood? The highest overall receiver. He's just fast! Alright, I'm changing
my speed from 97 to 98. What? What was Kyler? 73? He's 73. I should make I lot
more money, shouldn't I? My juke was the lowest
you can actually be. Who has the highest strength? What was his strength? 77 OK, I give myself 61. I'm about that. I'm finna throw all
type of videos up of me lifting. Don't let my mom see this… DK is fast! I'd say DK can beat me in a race. And that makes sense. We were in the same time. Yeah, OK! Madden did not do me wrong. They did me justice, baby! I had a one-hand catch.
I'm sure it went viral. I'm on Madden, this is crazy. I'm Kyler Murray and
I'm not happy with my Madden rating. That's tough! No, I'm happy
with the score. Yeah. [XBOX SOUND]

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