Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal Player Ratings | Did The Youngsters Steal The Show

Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal Player Ratings | Did The Youngsters Steal The Show

Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal Player Ratings | Did The Youngsters Steal The Show? (Ft Troopz & Kelechi)


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[Applause] aft v1 military also that old-school line it started through our first player ratings of the season I'm gonna get away we get on with troops air troops great all-around performance you know you could say it wasn't silky wasn't smooth but listen to come here gritty and to come here to new course or never an easy place even though we know they've got any issues never easy place to come and get your you know your season underway up you know so decent performance so this gets started um Lynn Owen go nine he didn't do nothing wrong blow you understand every time the ball come in the box safe hands you get me cleared it when he needed to good with his feet you get me those even one time when was outside the box and he fought about going long and then he came in the box understand so yeah I'm a nine for me blood we go on the left hand side manual written a shift you know if you misplaced fastest yeah and this is a victory or angry make the noise seven as well I forget that one little yeah seven seven two mistakes and he needs to privilege from looking like you taste Calum chambers should they turn off pieces well you know and he wasn't really really solid I'm wondering why was them Louie's gonna be played 40 was again I thought anyway y'all stick to what you're saying but I fought I've always a commanding performance by chambers especially you got remember they're up against that guy Joe Olivia and he was huge man quick you know I mean that's not an easy god to me even though he's one man upfront but um all right so seven four chambers are Socrates a maybe even nine broth you understand because he Boston you get me I think even the reason why chambers played so well was Socrates is coolness he was so calm today block and iced and everything what came in the air women in the sign when they got in when they got behind us it was Socrates I was getting back to making him challenges you understand for me like I said I'm an captain him or lacquer captain material blood you get me I don't want to see the Shaka guy with the armband blood I don't want to see it bro you lost an bellerian he loves the club but he's not a leader you get me he's not ready for that armband yet Socrates is ready for it blood nine nine nine nine because my man of the match is gonna get a ten so don't worry about that it's moving to the midfield Jaco a few mistakes you know in the first half but I grew into the game so six six I mean if you quality balls to be understanding yeah if you miss may pass in the first of all in the second half green confidence yeah so six Joe will ten straight ten straight ten yeah Bostick blood my mother the much blood will look blood my man-of-the-match blood time what Darwin is coming to me will ten blood everything he did today but amazing like I said even in my fan cam when he batted up Shelby blood you understand it shows fight desire passion everything you want in a midfielder blood understand he plays different anyway anyway anyway [Laughter] for these guys sure now you sure it won't make a tear in your money much you know what it seemed that got me major is that he did like he had a couple of times when he brought mandolin and in the final ball was just absolutely shocking black seemed to overhear everything today I mean but listen we've got a bear in mind it's the first game in a season five I think five is fair I'm not gonna go and lower than five since we won in it so firemen you need to improve Mickey blood seriously blood Makar I said I make a cool name shitty you get me shit Atari I'm blood the other side I remix his name bro but call it he's just been shocking bro and I son I don't I don't know what's wrong with that guy bro seriously I don't know Alan he's just been very frustrating but and that's the thing if I straights mumbling because you see when he has them you know glimpses of it and you're like yeah on your and then the fighter boy you're like bro why are you doing okay Reese Nelson seven I think he played really well doesn't really please you know shots given girl shot given girls and his drives we should really really well and some determination from long balls as well so yeah we solid seven he did really well premiere yo name you understand match-winner go so far ball first game of the season last season he took a while to warm up missed a few sitters emember he missed one bad when I gets Chelsea blood this year it looks ready blood yeah nice that looks ready blood we got my boy Table nine I fit nice to start living it ain't miss no one right so substitutions Ceballos his class in a few give angles here nothing too major one helps with clean of the game you know bottom line shenanigans so six pepper salt and pepper Oh Caesar bro Pepe six maybe a seven blood you last night he had that look we had few little turns blood heat when he done tree man and the ref blew the whistle I thought why you blow it he was off blood you understand seven okay Martinelli stretch the play he loved it yeah he's a baller mom he's gonna do well so six manager today nine you understand nine block we we never looked like remember last season blood we were getting opened up we never open up today blood understand I think he picked the right line up you get me he's gone me two teamed us he's gone with him preseason the manda have done well in pre-season we got to use them as war blood you get me if it's that PP I know that you know I get this feeling up who said he did I and I know just because we want if we had lost would you have completed on the bench you know would you have done that you know the only man I was in the started was Mickey Mickey was the only issue I had with it everyone else ours like even when Jack are in the middle I was I'm happy with it one was Mickey because even in preseason blood he's been shocking I understood the starting lineup because preseason right these guys have played well and you've got a lot of new players he's alright you say yeah we want to pay pay and that Bay really played Pepe he's not even had a preseason let's remember that when we signed him he only just come back to lil from what from his holiday so he's not even at a preseason know friendlies nothing on sub a us again he's only had one preseason game some Toreros played like a twenty minutes so I could I really when I saw it at first something inside of me said I'd love to see those guys in but then something else was saying to our fully understand what he's done and I saw yesterday with certain teams putting in a lot of new players they didn't do too well yeah I mean the team overall because these guys are gonna have to jail so I think he he done it he done it he made the right decision I think it deserves that night because you know and listen not an easy place to come to and getting a result so yeah last season blood we did win in our season now but our way from last season was shocking we understand we've come here one first game of season away clean XI as war blood look like a clean sheet Lawson I don't think he was really under much pressure today I feel a lot of control fans today 10/10 I mean I mean luck as it has a new song I'm struggling to learn this song you know they already found me so for Danice abayas I'm l'homme and this man demand a high so slowly ten did really well and also comes to coming on that is whether he's not is whether oh my god ten ten the referee free you know why you know much times if you got fouled lunch in that first half blood by the same man never no yellow card blood free family with the shock I put him down mucus we are a heaven watching the match so that's where he sees what you see I mean if we gave me look I so cannot new parents so listen arm is a great win to get the season off to a great start for also a new course of a new course offense a is a lucky win I think we fully deserve to win that game and armed it's almost a Burnley looking forward to it now with the really good thing about so far this season is that because of the sign is that are coming all the Oscar fans really looking forward to the season and also also I send respect to all the Newcastle fans who did a boycott on that today lot of problems at new course I openly can resolve it this is too big a club for owners to be missing around with they really need to sort it out you

43 thoughts on “Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal Player Ratings | Did The Youngsters Steal The Show

  1. 9 and 10’s for a 1-0 win? You Arsenal fans are an odd breed… No higher than 6’s and 7’s maybe 8’s for the Assister and Aubameyang for his goal…

  2. Willock 10, are you mad.
    Dont get me wrong, he was playing really good but he is far from the 10, max 8. He did not create any big chance I think, he did not have such a impact on the game.
    Overall, it was not the great performance, specially in the first half.

  3. Where do AFTV gather after matches at the Emirates? I'm a Burnley fan and fancying doing an interview on Saturday… 🙂

  4. I'm a man u fan and I love your channel because we can take your banter, its funny and football would be nothing without rivalry. We have both fallen of our perch and are not the teams we once were but you would never see manu fans celebrating an average 1 _ 0 win over Newcastl the way you do. You're a weird bunch. If we had the same performance as yo did we would be finding faults and being realistic. You guys are so gassed. Yo only just beat the relegation favourites and your gassed. You're the same team that got schooled by Chelsea in the europo league final 10 weeks ago and you have never mentioned it since.. What strange fans you have, dt, troops and Ty. Is this a comedy channel?

  5. Wouldn’t have given anyone more than a 7 today. Poor game all round but with that starting 11 all that matter was we got 3 points and a clean sheet which is important.

  6. Yeah guy, I tink we is need a decent ground, because tottenham's ground is well fit, you know wot I'm saying though, I think I is fick ! 😬

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