NEW No Fall damage trick | Must see Tips & Tricks | PUBG MOBILE

NEW No Fall damage trick | Must see Tips & Tricks | PUBG MOBILE

not many people know this trick!

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Outro Music: y o s i – L O V E W shinyujinssi ( )


Phone: iPhone 8plus and Black shark 2

Recorder: ios Screen recorder and Mobizen Samsung

Mic: iphone’s headphone or Earphone Mic with Samsung

Headphones: iphone earphones

editing software: powerdirector(for android) and Lumafusion(for iphone)

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don't forget to hit the like button subscribe to notifications nigga by the monkey mother fall of business oh shit where are you going oh okay so no one wants to speak I'll find you I follow you my friend hopefully it's not about okay I know exactly where you're going now you bastard you went over there I wonder why no matter we will find him and kill him with my pistol I don't want anything else I'm going to go right over there right now you have no idea I'm tracking his ass his next move is over to those houses can't leave those shots missed need to find a way to sneak myself down there undetected what is this guy up to he's probably checking the other houses as we speak all right here is in that building still because you said I missed his head to think he sees me so you got it rotted now and you're not scared very brave one is now he's going to run away from that who thinks it's a grenade oh no we took my breath what do we feel about this fire how about another fire let me try and speak to him hello my friend hello hello do you want to be friends do you speak English do you speak English my friend do you want to get the shotgun kill Emma fpp sat.1 blah Chinese all seven I don't think you spoke English ah this is a trash can in the house this is really out of place babji why would you put that trash can in the hall only if it sounds like a trash can when you hit it it sounds like a piece of brick I need to take this up with Bob gee that's a street trash can and it's in the damn house that is not very hygienic someone just murdered a bot you drove up on a snow bike it's fighting behind me there's Norma snow by money's around here somewhere why is he going there doesn't he want to fight there were a are shots being fired about this direction which more than likely means that the person that was firing the air shots heard my shots as well and it's probably coming towards this direction especially since the circle he has to pass here I guess maybe you have to pass over there here someone what the hell is he doing yes yes I am 24 it looks like you see what is this option after that shot has confused pawns in a row he stopped I think I can hear chatting from here is this guy doing okay I'm going to body shutting now one missed doesn't know where I think it to put it job ladies if it's hit the rock right there think you know not good for you either my friend now there any vehicles I don't think so at least now I have a m4 but don't scare me like that again bot and the zone is pretty far away I should make it though 30 seconds to heal and energy boost and then get a lot of here should be able to do that very quickly why am i turning please bye please don't be a car oh yeah work on your a my friend you should've shot me off the damn bike a long time ago didn't get anything good or do you didn't want this I'm guessing because he wanted to keep the suppressor another likely that's why I didn't want to get the hundred shooter okay 275 behind a rock only makes sense on top maybe the smart thing to do would be this I think the other g36 I knew is right here some Kobe Bobby Johnson Kobe Bobby miss I wonder if I can make it in that Bush and he doesn't see me oh no I think he's right there he's mastered I could already see him hello my friend I'm so sorry for killing you it's so difficult to see people in the candy leaves on my iPhone I see the data my eyes are not working properly let's see if we can get into a position right here can I hit this shot oh wow that was a body shop he is not dead he's standing still or something's wrong with him I know what's wrong with him oh it just moved oh he thinks okay that went always head oh my god okay what do you guys are you seeing this okay let me put it directly on him I didn't know that that's how bad the bullet velocity was in his tongue game I guess I don't know my m24 there's somebody over here with a awm I think I just saw no I didn't that was just the tree like Lee is on top of this thing the snipers ass don't forget to Like and subscribe to impose notifications either got Dodson job from the middle Judy you guys get your name Dona Mirana

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