NBA PLAYERS REACT TO THEIR 2K18 RATINGS!! Kyrie, Joel Embiid, Paul George, DeRozan and more...

NBA PLAYERS REACT TO THEIR 2K18 RATINGS!! Kyrie, Joel Embiid, Paul George, DeRozan and more…

They are not happy about it!!

Kairi what do you think you were reading should be female reading should be we added a few factors cover athlete cover athlete cover athlete then I should at least be like a 95 plus at least I hate to tell you this but we're not 90 right I love it it's motivating me now by the end of season mark my words that will be a 93 plus you guys are gonna stop playing please post play maker software bye-bye I be honest it should be at least 95 because I try to do it myself and I channel I actually read myself and I literally guess the 95 so I basically don't win with me but I think another far you wanna know you're ready you're in 86 but 86 now I'm definitely going on imma be i'ma be modest I should be about that 92-93 battle against the Brian last year went toe-to-toe with he probably 97 98 that just be like 90 to 90 I like it he's practical all right your rating is a 91 or your thoughts I saw it that's not it I mean by uh by the end of the season I'll be like 98 Maggie died Devon what do you think your uh indigeneity ratings for me and with one I think I'll prove myself every year if I get stars low after a few updates it's where I want to be any was 70 points for sure your rating for next year is 86 what are your songs got some work to do I'll take it though it's an improvement at least I'm going forwards that's good D'Angelo what do you think you're and beauty rating should be but it should be a 90 some it might be 80 so it is an 80 what are your thoughts so Carl what do you think you're in the UK a teen rating should be early last year I think was like 87 88 I don't I believe so I mean I think I should be all right so good news you're a 91 really uh-huh I can't wait to tell you well I had nothing quaint about me I do trust the process of that one I do trust a prospect tomorrow what do you think your writing should be I pay my rate should be an IV one on one you know it's many of reasons why you know I'm trying to leave roll socket trying to improve doing the season now with the new updates try to stay updated by month try to get a little bit higher than that all right man well you earned 89 oh that's cool I'd take that I'll take that I'll take that I see words I see it better the updates you

50 thoughts on “NBA PLAYERS REACT TO THEIR 2K18 RATINGS!! Kyrie, Joel Embiid, Paul George, DeRozan and more…

  1. Diangelo was capping at the 90+ then but now he showed he was worth being it today 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Ronnie 2K: D'angelo your rating is 80, what are your thoughts?

    *video cuts *


  3. 1:37 i hate you so much you snake go make out with kawhi Leonard in la u scum. Your rating should be 2 because you left OKC and I hope that's y'all don't make the playoffs and if you do whatever team Russell Westbrook is on he beats y'all. You're not loyal and 2 years after the clippers fail hopefully you got help LeBron and actually be smart.i hate you so much

  4. Kyrie so fucking underrated he deserved like a 93+ or 95. Best pg in the league n they’ll give overrated trash curry a 97 when kyrie 10 times better. Bs kyrie a top 10 player in the league who’s the best pg in the league he underrated af mess around with him so much

  5. The end of the video says Cavs basketball but ur username is Lakers basketball don't think u gonna get away with that.

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