My Top 6 Tips Before Playing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered!

My Top 6 Tips Before Playing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered!

My Top 6 Tips Before Playing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered!

In today’s mission, I give you my Top 6 Tips that you’ll want to know before playing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. From the Junction system to Triple Triad, these tips will help you get started on your journey through the game!

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25 thoughts on “My Top 6 Tips Before Playing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered!

  1. Damn man. Just bought this game and spent more time trying to learn these mechanics than actually playing! Hope I can get a firm grasp on this combat/lvl system otherwise I’m about to have a bad time.

  2. How do I abolish card rules on Disc 3 as I have Elemental in FH, Same in Galbadia and Elemental and Same Wall in Esthar?

    1) Balamb – Open

    2) Galbadia – Same

    3) Dollet – Open

    4) Centra – Open

    5) Trabia – Open

    6) FH – Elemental

    7) Esthar – Open, Elemental & Same Wall

    8) Lunar – Open

  3. To avoid leveling up too quickly, take advantage of the "Card" ability. The beach by Balamb Garden will give plenty of encounters for 6 AP per encounter so the you can level up your GF without over-leveling. (Plus, it's a quick way to get the "Move-Find" and "Strength" abilities)

  4. What a shit final fantasy. Actively encouraging you to not lvl and not use your magic???? Forced into mastering a dumb card game.

  5. I don't understand why they put a no encounter cheat in the game when you can just as easily learn no encounters from Diablos.

  6. FFVIII is far from my favorite FF but Triple Triad is my favorite mini game in the entire series (followed not that closely by Blitzball, which is followed pretty closely by Tetra Master, which is followed pretty closely by most everything in the Gold Saucer haha).

  7. Yeeeaaah…I'll just stick with Final Fantasy Remake and Final Fantasy 10. Maybe if Square brings Final Fantasy 6 to PlayStation I'll give that a try.

  8. Are you saying not everyone has critical or it's easier/more damaging with the gunblade. Because I can get criticals with Quistis. It's just the timing is a little tighter. I'm doing a Beginners walkthrough. Like what you can figure out easily your first time playing. I never mention not over leveling because you can. What my beginners playthrough emphasizes on is junction magic and making cards out of enemies to get cards. Whether your using cards to play Triple Triad to get more cards or use the ones you have from transforming monsters to get junction magic or items.

  9. Another big part of junctioning is to make yourself invulnerable to stat effects and absorbing/ attacking with various SE or magic

  10. So I just finished playing FF8 for about three hours. There are a couple of things I noticed of the game play compared to the original. 1) the GF boosting mechanism is more sensitive and button mashing isn't as effective as it used to be. 2) the repeating trigger used for Squall's limit brake has different timing in which R1 must be pressed a split second earlier than the original. I found myself using the trigger before it hit the line rather than the the timing I'm used to of the trigger being used on the line. Fortunately the limit break cheat that comes from the remastered version allowed me to practice until I had to get a better feel for it.

  11. : Could they, somehow added removed content?
    Like Selphie's Percent and Catastrophe Slots?
    And an alternative to Chocobo World; similar to the one included in the PC version.

    And maybe extend Laguna sequences?

  12. As someone who's played a shitton of FF Games, but never actually played VIII, this was super helpful!
    It sure seems completely different than your usual FF Game so I wonder whether i'll end up loving, or hating the junction & draw systems.

    (…and tripple triad.)

  13. Does he say that "….firing the Gunblade properly will give you a critical hit with a multiplier of 1.5 as opposed to with standard 2.0"? (Or something to that affect) Well, isn't x2.0 better? I'm confused, can anyone explain, please?

  14. When it comes to minigames, I'm NOT a favor of Triple Triad lol – I much more prefer to draw and card enemies and level just a smidge before getting to the end boss. By a smidge, I mean I may not be level 6 or 7 but I won't be more than maybe level 20 (if that high). I DO love Blitzball though and would play that a trillion years before even playing Triple Triad even a nanosecond lol – I tend to lose when I play Triple Triad and can't figure out the technique – like what to do to actually score points and thus win. Great video as always and good tips! One of my favorite games 😀

  15. Genuine advice: you talk a little bit too fast. I had to rewind a few times to get what you were saying. Otherwise a great video though

  16. Most Bosses scale to a point. They have a max level. For me, I like to keep encounters on until my average party level reaches next boss max level. It keeps the random encounters from being too easy or too hard.

  17. I’d love to finally play the remaster. Been wanting one for this game for the longest time. Too bad a hurricane is coming my way the day it releases…

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