MUSCLE TECH  Protein & Hydroxycut reviews

MUSCLE TECH Protein & Hydroxycut reviews

Six Star Pro Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Plus, 32g Ultra-Pure Whey Protein Powder, Strawberry, 2 Pound

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite , 100ct, 100mg Coleus Forskohlii, 56.3mg Yohimbe, 200mg Green Coffee, 100mg L-Theanin ,200mg C.canephora Robusta (Packaging May Vary)

MuscleTech SAMPLE Hydroxycut MT Performance Series Hydroxycut Super Elite, 3 Count

okay guys it's me Westby again and we're gonna do a little review here on these Hydroxycut super elite pills and I've showed them before in a previous video and they're but they work really good I'd say they're close to the same as what the Hydroxycut pro clinical is but they do give you a little bit more energy they are let me pull one of these out of here they are the ones though that are actually liquid filled now most of them that I've took are not liquid filled they're like this over here that I was also sent to review which are the hard for you late okay well the hard core elites let me get one of these are it makes it rough on one hand of course I have not gotten the tripod yet hopefully within the next week I'll have it not guaranteed but hopefully I do [Applause] okay now like I was saying this is the soup really and it is liquid inside of it this is the regular hard core and it's it's got the beads in it and the pro clinical which I can't get to it right now but the pro clinical is just a plain white pill okay well this one right here is super relate like I say it it works about the same as the pro clinical does there's no jitters or anything like that it you can tell it gives you good energy you get real good energy from it and for me when I take on I'll take it about 12:00 noon and I can actually tell that I've took those until like six or seven o'clock at night and I mean they're they're great honey they do exactly what they're supposed to do now in this one which is like I said the hardcore chelate okay this one works good and it gives you tons of energy but if you're not working out as soon as you get done taking it well I say within 30 minutes after taking this if you're not working out or doing some kind of exercise they will drive you crazy you will have so much energy that you won't know what to do you'll start getting jittery you'll start getting anxious and I mean it's just a whole different animal taking these here and like I said if you take them in 30 minutes later you do the workout then you're good to go you don't have the jitters or anything but if you take it and you don't work out after taking this pill then yeah you're gonna be running around like a chicken with his head cut off wondering what you're gonna do but there they act fast they got a fast response time to them once you take them not quite as fast as this one though that liquid it does start working quite a bit faster than what the hardcore or what the pro clinical does okay now there's not a lot more that I could really say about these it's just that they do work I mean they do what they're supposed to be if all you want to do is lose weight and trim them up these right here are the way to go like I said in the past video I've toke Hydroxycut for probably two and a half to three months off and on because you're not supposed to take them every single day you're supposed to cycle through them you can take them for like a week straight and then stop for two or three days and then take them again it doesn't say that on the package but that's what you're actually supposed to do with them if not there is a chance that they can have an effect on you but I've way from 198 pounds down to 176 pounds since taking the Hydroxycut pills so they definitely do what they were supposed to do okay now the other thing I was going to review on today is this it is the six star it is made by muscle tech it is the hundred percent we protein it is elite series which get that focused in on earth well it's got the sixty grams of protein but it's only sixty grams protein if you do the two scoops you only do one scoop is thirty grams but if you do two scoops it is sixty grams protein and it does have two thirteen point four grams of BCAAs okay it is gluten free and like I said it's that strawberry smoothie and I'm telling you that strawberry smoothie is probably one of the best flavors that I've planted this stuff it tastes really really good okay now I'm going to put some of this in my cup it goes to six ounces of water rather you do one scoop or two scoops it goes to six ounces of water okay I'm one of the for some of this into my shaker cup and get it ready and I'm gonna show you how it mixes up and everything so I will be right back with that okay here we go I was gonna show you what it looked like that that's the powder and it's a pretty good sized skate I'm only gonna do one scoop right now but all right there's one stew that's quite a bit but that is one ski okay here's my cup put it in there okay what I do that lead right there it is how the shaper cup that I've got has the lead like that on it and I have found that that lid works a lot better than what the blender ball does because I have some it's got the blender ball in it and to me I'm in the blender ball works good but it does not work as good is what this one does I don't know why there's that much of a difference in them but it is when shake this up real good you might see it six ounces of water most of the time this mixes up really good to someone that's there a little bit okay this out of the way for a second yeah I got my radios here on my day this is the only place I got right now to do my reviews because I don't have my tripod yet I'm hoping this backup just so you can see what it looks like mmm god I so good okay that's what it looks like mixed up which you can't see it real good because the bubble was in it but it does mix up it's really really good you don't have the big heavy Trump's in it or anything like that when you mix it up but it does have everything in it that it's supposed to have I mean it does work when I take this I do I can't tell that I've you know gotten a little bit of energy to me after taking it it does make me feel better after taking it now as far as getting the gains from it from a really good workout and stuff like yeah now I haven't took it long enough for me to say that it's the best or the worst or you know there's anything like that because taking it for just a week ain't gonna make that big of a difference but it's not hardly been a week yet but it ain't gonna make that much of a difference on the protein the protein is one of the things you got to take regularly for a little while before you start noticing anything but oh yeah say yeah that stuff's awesome it and it tastes just like it what it says it's my strawberry smoothie and it tastes great but how about this code that's the cup that I got smart shake okay you got it at Walmart $7.99 down on the bottom it's got two compartments right there that unscrew from it to keep your powder in it's got a long piece of gums in this one that hold your pills and stuff in it but what I got to say about this is you know it's it's good stuff I know it's not the most expensive it's not the cheapest I mean there is better that's out there but you know it is it is good if someone's on a low budget and they want to try this you know go for it because it will get you what you want they will definitely get you what you want sometimes you got to you know use it a little more or a little longer than you do the other stuff and I would recommend instead of doing one scoop I would do two scoops of it if you're gonna you know take it after a good workout I would definitely do the two scoops of it but like I said you can buy this at Walmart or you can get it off Amazon which that's where this one came from is Amazon and the products that I've shown here the Hydroxycut Hardcore the Hydroxycut soap early and this here I will have the links on the description of this video where you can go to it and order if you would like from Amazon where I got it from but yeah like I said I mean if you're into working out you want to tone up it gets you know slim it good muscle tone and everything use this stuff right here and I mean it'll get you where you want it where you want to be it especially that Hydroxycut like I said that's that's awesome it works very like I say this stuff here I would recommend doing the two scoops instead of just a one if you're using that as a post-workout shake I would definitely do the two scoops but yeah I mean it's this for muscle tape so you can't go wrong with it muscle tech always puts out a good product I mean it's not their main brand label with you know six star because I think their main brand label is the Nitro pet but this X star just something they come up with it's still really good stuff you can just get it for a cheaper price I say you pick it up just about any Walmart Walmart selves this and they also sell that the body fortress which the body fortress I would not recommend anybody because it's pretty much crap I cannot stand body fortress and it it doesn't do nothing and it tastes horrible it makes you feel bloated and I've seen at times where people was actually gotten fat from taking body fortress so I would stay away from it if you go to Walmart just get this right here but I'd actually recommend getting it from Amazon because you can actually get it cheaper from them but that's all the review is gonna be on for today the next time I'll be coming back for review on this which I showed you earlier before on the other video the nitro tape we isolate gold protein I will be doing that one next and I'll also do this one which is nitro tech we isolate it's the milk chocolate flavor and this one down here is the double rich chocolate flavor okay that'll be my review next he'll probably be a couple days and I'll do the review on these two but for now that's my review on these three and I hope you enjoyed the video if you want to stay tuned for more reviews subscribe to my channel please like this video leave your comments at the bottom tell me what you think about these products if y'all have tried them before and like I said I'll leave a link to each one of these three in the description of this video so you can go straight to Amazon and order this if you wish it's like I said it does work and it's good stuff but for now this is me where's P and this will be my review for today and I hope you enjoyed it so that's all for now now I'll catch y'all on a couple days everybody have blessed day

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