MTF App Reviews: iTranslate Voice

MTF App Reviews: iTranslate Voice

OS: iOS (iPhone)

This is my review of iTranslate Voice. Not only can you translate by typing out what you want to read in another language, but now you can speak into your iPhone and have a conversation in two languages! Watch the video to find out what I mean.

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hey guys welcome to this episode of MTF app reviews today i'll be reviewing i translate voice it's an app for the iphone that allows you to translate using your voice and you can also have a conversation with it in another language now this is very useful if you're having a conversation with a foreign friend or someone who doesn't speak the language but then you can both understand each other now this app currently is on sale as of may 12 for ninety-nine cents on the App Store but the price could go up depending when you watch this video for now there's a sale and introductory sale of 99 cents so let's get into the app as you can see it has kind of a like a siri-like interface at first with these two icons now I have English and Spanish since they're both languages I'm capable of speaking up here you have a Settings button that allows you to choose which two languages you want to have dictionary results detects and a speech it auto speaks and speaking of auto speak yes my volume is up and then all you have is like several different options including tweeting about the app sharing it reading it okay so let's get into the core app now I'm going to try to see if I'm going to be able to do this right because sometimes it doesn't understand some words I say like plans it's I'm confusing it for something else so let's try hello como estas how are you good and you see it confused it I said good and you but it said I thought I said that let's try one more time good and you there we go I'm fine comma thanks for asking oh that was a mistake I knew I fellow speaking ink I thought I was supposed to speak English my dad muy bien gracias por prey on dad very good thanks for asking ok so that was a mistake that I made before my dad ok so as you can see this can be very useful especially if you you're talking to someone who doesn't understand English or some other language that you're speaking and you don't want to have to take out everything they say also this might be useful if you're in a foreign restaurant or somewhere else where they happen to not speak your language as you can see this is very serious pecially in the interface but that isn't a bad thing after all um this app only has a few languages and I'll go over them in a sec for now you can use these three different types of Chinese Danish Dutch the three English's the two French German Italian Japanese Korean Norwegian polish Portuguese the two Portuguese Russian the three Spanish and Swedish now there's a few down here that are languages with dal recognition which means they don't support voice recognition right now but you can type out the language and it will come back only as a text response so this app is very cool I do see this having a very good purpose I hope they add several more languages especially to voice recognition because this app can truly become a number one app very quick that was my review of translate voice I hope you enjoyed it have a good day

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  1. You voice is fine! I did not have a single problem understanding you, so please ignore the negative comments about your voice.

  2. I use this to learn bad words 🙂
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