Monsoon Gets Stormed | BattleBots: Resurrection

Monsoon Gets Stormed | BattleBots: Resurrection

Team Monsoon won the match, but lost their weapon. As they race to repair it before the next fight, Mecha Rampage catches fire and Bail Spear has a last minute emergency in the BattleBox.

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in the BattleBots arena armor is shredded sparks fly and robots are torn to pieces when the smoke clears the teams are left with the carnage that remains today monsoon weapon Goes Down mecha rampage gets lit up and bales fear loses control can their bots be repaired in time for the next fights or will their championship dreams and here this is battle bots resurrection team monsoon led by captain tom brewster of the UK took to the arena with their vertical spinner bot wielding a weapon capable of hitting at almost 250 miles per hour though they were ultimately able to defeat Team Red Devil they left the box smoking and unable to spin up their weapon with only a matter of hours before their next fight they pull their BOTS back into the pits to investigate so the idea was we were upside down the bar would have been spinning the wrong way trapped them that's why the bastard I think the excitement of the arena and the opponent for least bits is enough to keep us going meanwhile team captain Christian Carlberg runs a wide horizontal spinner called mecha rampage unfortunately it was the one that was rampage during its first fight resulting in a massive chemical fire in the box he and his team pulled the butt out of the match to see if they'll be able to salvage it for their next fight tomorrow you have 500 pounds of robot you're going up against and when you have 250 pounds here you have 250 pounds here between you and pulling you you're not gonna be able to spin up we're gonna give it a night to cool down and then we're gonna take make a rampage apart we're gonna take it get a better idea of where the fire started and what's going on and how are they fix it that's right like those are amazing batteries when they go bad they go bad in a big way back over at monsoon team member tim is diagnosing the source of the smoke from the last fight against red devil if its motors that go you smell the lack of straight away if it's lipo's there's a hell of a bigger burn and you know who smoked for ages so what we've got is the jeweled belt control on here the belt had been trying to spin up the weapon but the blade was blocked causing it to start smoking and that's hard ox it's pretty tough stuff now we know this works punishment so we're gonna have full serious come get us but they will find it one on top of rushing to make repairs team monsoon also has to start talking strategy for their next fight against the crusher bot petunia later today and team captain tom has a plan look at the fight I think we might be okay we've got plastic lids which if they go through they could get our life pose and that could be a big ball of fire of course I reckon if we go up there front wench and if we turn just a little bit we were able to clip there crusher and rip it clean off as next door neighbors in the pit t monsoon and team petunia have had time to evaluate each other spots and petunias team captain Misha some advice for Tom before their next match tomorrow 18 kilos left to put armor on when you take this one out so that's my plan for you guys if you want to survive better do what I say do you think we should take off the weapon yeah yeah you know the name of this robot junior Junior's flower flower yeah flowers like the rain that was innocent and anybody flowers like monsoon a little bit but too much rain and that thing diagnosed the cause of the fire Christian is now racing the clock to rebuild the bot and make the electrical changes necessary to not burst into flames again you were burning up because we are putting too much current through the system so we need to lower that but if you lower the current you lower the power you could compensate by raising the potential raising the voltage we're going to change a battery pack and do a different chemistry lipo pack that should have a little bit less fan flow we can rebuild it and I can't guarantee we won't catch on fire again but that's not a bad thing there's a lot of fun T monsoon is also facing battery issues coming out of that last fight we've discovered that the dry batteries aren't high capacity enough essentially right the batteries have got a lot flatter than they would have back home there were gonna be some people here that have some batteries I went to a store and something was about four times more expensive than we expected it to be it looks like we'll be blowing off another team with store-bought batteries out of their price range and only a few hours left before their next match they pay a visit a team hyper shock one of the veteran BattleBots competitors batteries when did you say your match was second session during that see if they fit put connectors on so you have them and if you don't need them then give them back and if you do need them in yo go for it Thanks after quickly installing the new batteries and racing time to get their bought back together monsoon makes their way into the test box with the brand new batteries still untested a failure here could be disastrous for their upcoming match against team petunia luckily the drive operates at full potential but the weapons still need to spin up in under 10 seconds for them to feel comfortable enough to fight while monsoon heads out on deck another bot already in the battle box is facing major issues team bale spear led by captain Earl Pancoast has built a large wheel bot designed to pierce the opponent with a metal spike but before the match even starts they spot smoke coming from their drive motor and are forced to pull it from the battle with only 15 minutes to get it working before they're disqualified several teams have come together in the pit to help the mag was seized up it looked like the chain was too long inside and it locked over the mag motor super hot so we had to replace the mag member in that side I got a new duct tape you want zip ties in the shuffle some of their key supplies got left outside and have to be fetched before they can finish hello in this this goes on this nut I'm in you know I'm gonna dump got a rotate like double the duct tape I got to do this bill again we're having Oh peace it Rinder and about four different teams come together and help me had Red Devil team helping me here I had crackin team I had ultimate there Destructo bombshell and I'm sure there's more that I missed in the four people that were helping with minutes ago the crowd outside roars with anticipation everybody tries to say well who do you want to beat up who do you want to fight you do you want to kill and that's really not what we are we all just want to help each other and have good matches my pale spear and lays motionless expands now somebody needs help by jumps in with only seconds to spare team bail spear heads out towards a week [Applause] with enough hairs be enough for fail spiritus you buy will monsoons batteries fold up against petunia and we'll make a rampage go up in flames again find out on battabox

28 thoughts on “Monsoon Gets Stormed | BattleBots: Resurrection

  1. Monsoon was vicious! Easily one of the most vicious vertical spinners in there. I hope they return! I also hope Team Carbide competes this year with Cobalt with the same upgrades they gave to Carbide. Cobalt will be an absolute MONSTER if it returned with the upgrades Carbide had in Robot Wars. If Cobalt meets Tombstone, it'll answer that burning question of whether which one would be more likely to win between Tombstone and Carbide (Using Cobalt of course).

  2. For those who haven't seen all these episodes:
    1. (This one) Monsoon, Mecha rampage & Bale spear
    2. Witch doctor & Petunia
    3. Hypershock & Kraken
    4. Skorpios & Axe backwards
    5. Bombshell & Monsoon
    6. Ultimo destructo & Raven (a bot who failed to make his bot on time)

  3. Although Monsoon lost in the tournament, all I have to say is one thing to the team: Don't be ashamed. It's only nature, running its course. Your memes… end here.

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