MJX X400 Mini QuadCopter Drone Review - [Setup, Flight Test, Pros and Cons]

MJX X400 Mini QuadCopter Drone Review – [Setup, Flight Test, Pros and Cons]

Here’s a full review of the sporty MJX X400 QuadCopter:

In this review I put it through it’s paces. Out of the box assessment, outside night and day flight testing and come back to the bench for a final wrap up pros and cons.

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hey guys thanks for tuning in so today we're going to be taking a look doing a full review of the mjx X 400 mini quadcopter now this is a review model from light tech comm I'll have the links in the description of where you can pick one of these up if you're interested and so what we're going to be doing today is basically just kind of doing out-of-the-box assessment showing what come showing what comes in the box taking it out doing some flying also going to do some night flying some park flying and then coming back and kind of giving you my final thoughts pros and cons assessment of what I liked about it what I think could be improved and just kind of an overall afterthoughts we're going to go through some some battery flight time how long the battery lasts range testing all that kind of stuff so the X 400 kind of looks like a direct competitor to something like the x5 C the syma x5c a little mini quadcopter and it's got kind of a nice and sleek look it's got more of a sport look to it I like the way mgx has been kind of doing this kind of unibody sport looking construction to their quads and their hexacopters for that matter the X 600 is a really nice looking multi rotor that I've actually reviewed previously but anyway this is another one in their line and it'll be anxious to see how this performs so anyway in the Box you get the quadcopter itself the landing gear which I've already put on you get the prop guards this would be good to put on of course if you're just kind of starting out training and you would like to prevent your blades from breaking too much from crashing because you are going to crash quite a bit when you are learning how to fly you get the charger this will charge your light pole which is a 750 mah 3.7 volt lipo and for props for extra props in the box and you know that's that's really good of the manufacturer to to include for extra props in the box because these these kinds of mini quads they're kind of catered to the beginner and it really helps the beginner if they give you four propellers because you're going to be crashing you're going to be bumping you're going to be breaking things while you learn how to fly and it's just you know it just makes sense to put these in the box it probably only cost the manufacturer a few more cents to put them in so I really appreciate them when they do put them in anyway you also get this little bag with a screw driver and some extra screws for the prop guards and anything else that you need instruction manual this will go through obviously everything that the quad can do I'll go through all the different modes how to fly it it's your basic construction manual and last but not least the controller so this is kind of the normal mjx kind of mini full-size look-alike controller and they've been doing pretty good on this controller it's got quite a bit of features you can change the controller between mode 1 mode 2 mode 3 and low for just by just by pushing this button here you can go to to stick mode 2 to 4 and then you can also change to mode 1 in 3 I believe it's called it would be 1 and 3 just by pushing these buttons here are these levers here what that does is it kind of changes the what the sticks do on both sides so instead of it having throttle here there'd be throttle here and just basically you can tune it any way you want so I'm really I'm really impressed by mjx and making one controller that can satisfy everybody's needs of control and the X 400 is advertised to have a headless mode and return to home function as well kind of specialty functions so what the instructions say is you hold this button down until you hear two beeps the lights on the quad will flash underneath and you'll be in headless mode which will allow you to no matter which direction of yah you're in you'll be able to pull it back towards you go left will be left right will be like right forward will be forward no matter which direction a guy is that could be helpful if you were losing orientation and you need to come back keep in mind that with this kind of toy grade quad headless mode you always want to launch and have it turned on with it facing away from you because it just kind of remembers its direction general direction it's kind of just a very simple headless mode and return to home so when you are in headless mode you just click this button once on the left side and that will initiate the return to the home function and it will bring the quad Jill just kind of fly back to you and hopefully until you put any kind of stick movement um input and then it will stop and then it's got this kind of throttle limiter which would be good for a trainer so you've got you can turn it all the way down so it really limits the throttle or you can turn it all the way up to have the full throttle potential and they have this kind of beginner intermediate and advanced mode here and with the X 600 I have I didn't really care for the advanced mode because what happens is when you do tilt or pitch over 90 degrees 90 percent it will just start flipping so it'd be nice for really calm day but I really didn't find much use for it and the other mjx vehicles I have so we'll see how this one does in that mode but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like it in this one either let's go ahead and take this thing out to the park get some night flight with it so we can see the lights and kind of come back do a do a pros and cons final assessment on everything it does have this one doesn't have the camera or the fpv module but you can buy separate from mjx the camera this would be a plugin for the camera and or the fpv module and then you can just mount them on the bottom here so anyway let's get out there get some flight video from a hat cam and come on back and see how it did got to be 300 feet Oh Wow range seems really good we got to be close to 400 feet still in full control completely off the throttle just kind of floating down not sure if this is good for the props but it's spinning them backwards just going to gliding back on the throttle all right Wow nice nice Claudia like it Oh Oh pilot error all right so we're at the park and do a little test of the mjx that's 400 sir timer you he was the audience like this is on rate two intermediate rate got a little breeze coming from the West and miles 5 to 10 I'm going to try a couple of features here first is going to be the headless and that's just done by holding in the right top trigger here to beat freaking yah and pressing forward back left right seems like headless is working good and then when you're in headless mode you can do return to home let's try it you just hit the left trigger one time and it's going to come back in your general direction yeah so it's just in the general direction it's not going to come specifically you're right back to your location so let's try that one more time should be right here pressing your left trigger and it's coming directly back at me now cool and you can just stop then you can just hold the right stick to get out of return to home holding the right trigger get back out ahead looks cool very similar to the x600 hexacopter all right let's drop the throttle see what happens falling back on the throttle all right seems pretty good like it that's the max speed there run a little bit of wind right flip okay so it drops a bit when flipping so you got to push the throttle up to keep it up let's do a hover and then flip now you see how it drops so you are going to have to preferably push the throttle up when you flip full blast for a sec apply by right up coming on seven minutes no blinking lights yet pretty easy to fly so I have cycled the stock battery probably about three times now and it is fully charged well what's fully charged for the flight and the controller is also fully charged with some rechargeable batteries I always do my test of a fully charged battery so we get a good good range determination okay there we go so the blinking light started eight and a half minutes and let's see how long it'll last before it comes down all right so last time I tested it gave about twenty seconds to land I think the lights must have been blinking a little bit but it does give you a few seconds to land ten to twenty seconds well good test so let's get back to the bench and do our pros and cons what do you think honey let climb this one whoo all right let's try it till the battery goes up goes out if you can get it up pretty high and then you can go flip don't go too far away though there's some wind there you go I'll come back try another one good job come a little closer good job when you go get it back hey guys welcome back so we got some flight video at the park and also got some night flight video at the house we're able to see just how well the thing flew and actually let my little daughter fly it a little bit and you're able to see kind of how how easy it was for a child to fly it as well I would have to say that compared to say something like the syma x5c i'd say that this is definitely faster and of course it has more features like headless mode and return to home be it they're very simplistic headless and return to home they're only going to go in the general direction that you are but I have to say that this is definitely faster and not as stable as the syma x5c c-max YFC is just known for having that super stable flight but not a very fast quadcopter this one kind of takes most of this abit stability and kind of puts it into high gear and gives you a much better range I was getting actually for about 400 feet of range which is amazing for a small little toy quad like this I was actually able to take it 400 feet about which seemed like 400 feet directly above above me at night at my house in the park I didn't want to do too far range but it seemed like also about a 45 degree angle from you it would actually maintain that about 400 foot range and then what's cool about it is when you go out of range this the lights start to blink a little bit so at night it's perfect if you're up high you can see the lights start to blink when it's going out of range and then it will actually kind of start to drop and then right as soon as it comes back into range or rebind with the controller and you have full control again so I really like that like that feature I think they did a good job on you know the range and what it does once it goes in a nada range and it is a pretty fast quad it's it's not the fastest but it's got enough tilt and roll in order for it to fight a pretty good breeze of wind I think I was fighting it and maybe around 10 mile-per-hour variables at the most and it was doing just fine I still really don't like that advanced mode the advanced mode just seems kind of worthless for me it does have a if you hit this this top button here one time on the controller when you are flying it will do just a forward flip and I really wish that mgx would just kind of make the single click on the flip button and put it in flip mode and then any direction you push this tilt and roll stick it should do a flip I just really wish they would just go into that kind of thing like other manufacturers have done instead of having their own little advanced mode where 90% does a flip it just seems more difficult and then you've got a click through all the way back to get out of that mode so I don't really like that I wish they would just kind of do away with that mode so maybe they're listening and if enough of us ask them to do away with it they don't like it and maybe they will kind of go to the normal type of flip but anyway getting back to the flight the headless mode was good it did really well as long as you launch with it pointing away from you and start it up and launch with the pointing away from you it will come back in headless mode the return to home will come back in there's the general direction of course if you're flying way off to the right it will only kind of come back in this direction so I'd recommend if you do kind of fly away just make sure that you're kind of positioned if you're going to if you're going to fly far you're just kind of starting and you can lose Orion and easily try to go just directly in front of you until you learn kind of how the orientation works and all that stuff but those modes did work very well what I really like the big Pro was the controller having that all different modes for all different types of flyers is a really big bonus in mjx corner so I think I think a lot of people will be really appreciative of that getting into the flight time I only tested the stock battery I don't have any batteries that are larger three point seven volt that will fit in here but it did get eight and a half minutes of really hard flight at the park outside at night time taking it sky-high that four hundred feet to test the range and I was really impressed by the eight and a half minutes for the stock battery that's impressive an impressive time and I just can't get over that um the range on this thing it was really good it was actually I want to say about twice as good as the X 600 I got to review but anyway all-in-all it's an easy to easy to fly quad it has the performance if you wanted to go a little faster it's got decent flight time the range is unbelievable for as far as I'm concerned for for a little a little quadcopter like this and the styling I like the styling it's got kind of a neat sports styling to it I really like having a switch right on top here mjx seems to do this with all their quads now is putting this switch right on top and that's really convenient a lot of quads like for example the q7 FY three to six kind of the syma x5c replica doesn't have any switch at all it's just you plug it in and then it's on I really like how imj X's has put the switch on top easily accessible and you don't worry about it turning on right when you plug in the battery you can set it down for a while with the battery plugged in and then just davonne when you're when you're good and ready another thing that they did was this kind of modular design on the motor the motor mounts which is actually really simple to change I think there's another couple of videos on YouTube I think quadcopter 101 did a little quick little video on how to change the motors real simple you just pop these two screws off open that up and then take this screw off and really all you do is you pull this whole assembly you kind of tug this whole assembly it pops out and then there's a plug right in here that you can plug your new motor right into and then you just basically unplug that slide your motor up and out and slide your new motor back in plug it in snap this back together put it in one two three screws and you're done so I really like that kind of modular design that MMJ xrc has has incorporated into this as well so any of you guys really fun quad I would say this is definitely a competitor to the syma x5c not quite as stable but it is faster the range is at least twice as far as the x5 C and it also has more modes on the controller and you have those options to do all the different types of control modes as well force a left-handed people right-handed people people who like the throttle on the left and right you can switch all that from the controller anyway guys thanks for watching again this was a review model from light take comm I'll have a link on description of where you can pick one of these up if you're interested and I hope this review was helpful to see if you wanted to go ahead and get something like this I sure liked it I'm sure you will check out my other videos subscribe like comment I do a lot of reviews on quad copters and RC in general and also some tech like cameras and I'm going to be expanding a lot in that realm so anyway guys hope you liked the review and I'll see you the next one thanks for watching

28 thoughts on “MJX X400 Mini QuadCopter Drone Review – [Setup, Flight Test, Pros and Cons]

  1. So I got one of these o can't seem to get it to fly…when I try it just flips over and or slam into a wall or floor…I tried to set the trim, but that doesn't help. Any suggestions?

  2. hey just Wanna ask how do we rest it's wifi settings, by mistake I put on a password and cannot access it.
    I have a HITHOT MJX X300
    plz tell

  3. Which one comes with the camera cus my uncle got me one that's the x300c does that one come with a camera and it should be her by the 14 or the 19

  4. Just don't use high mode same yaw same speed just auto flip don't use high mode if you don't like the flip

  5. I took the motors out for cleaning, and I completely forgot where it should be. I believe the motors have clockwise and counterclockwise rotation so can you please tell me how to re-install it along with the props? It would really help me. Thanks.

  6. I had my maiden flight. Didn't seem like 8 min. Battery needs some charging cycles to reach full capacity (break in)? Awesome drone. I'm already impressed in beginner's mode. Coming from 1 month experience with a bixler type foamy plane. Didn't think that this would be so much fun!

  7. Hi, nice video. The resistance in the wind and body/material in accidental drop, is better in mjx x400, than syma x5c (with original camera) or similar? I would use x400 with 808 camera or c4002.. or without… for fly. Thanks 🙂

  8. I just received this drone I am really enjoying it, although it has some flaws. I already broke 2 of the prop guards.
    Could you also tell me how to fasten the sticks to the controller?

  9. Hi Dustin
    Nice video. The best part was the shot in the tree. Im glad some of us actually show that footage. Quads are great ways to meet your neighbors and climb trees and structures lmao been there done that. Keep up the good work. Sorry did not hear if it was brushed motors and are they plug and play motors or soldered? Thanks


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