Minecraft Toy Story - Can Woody Save Toys From Lotso's Jail!? [14]

Minecraft Toy Story – Can Woody Save Toys From Lotso's Jail!? [14]

Minecraft Toy Story – Can Woody Save Toys From Lotso’s Jail!? [14]

In this episode of Minecraft Toy Story Dolly needs Woody’s help to save Chuckles the Clown! He was kidnapped by Lotso and is being held in the Jail! Can Woody save him! FIND OUT!

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I'm coming mom bye woody yeah oh my goodness well there Andy goes for the day and he took all his toys out with me looks like I'm the only one left today I mean it's good that the other guys get some playtime since you know favorite toy always gets the most but hey guys what's going on it's your boy sheriff footy and welcome back to a brand new episode of toy story here on minecraft if you guys are new here make sure you do me a favor go down below and smash that like button let's try to give her 1000 likes on today's video that'd be absolutely amazing if you guys are new here you're not gonna want to miss out on these incredible episode so make sure you do subscribe to the channel cuz yeah you guys not gonna wanna miss if you really don't want to miss it make sure you also do me a favor and hit that notification bill as well but yeah your boys here for tease all alone today and he took most of the toys to go to the park or whatever what a kid what a kid him those toys deserve to be played with ah it's good I got a day off too don't have to worry about any toy issues or anything like that I could just enjoy the nice outside woody woody what the dolly woody we have a really big situation woody oh my goodness dolly it's my day off what the heck could be going wrong woody it's Lotso what loud so man I haven't heard that name in a long time what's he doing he he got his revenge he took chuckles the clown and he put him back in Sunnyside weep what he did night yes he did chuckles is trapped oh no that's really bad that's really bad listen buddy I have a whole thing to run Bonnie's home I just sneak over here it's give me moments until she realizes that I'm gone if she realizes Charles is gone too it's not gonna be good it's gonna be good what do you need to do this for me Eddie's going on leave yeah yeah he's gone oh we're supposed to be my day off but I'll do this Thank You woody thank you so much go get chuckles back all right I will I will oh my goodness I can't believe I gotta go do some off-day but I lost so spec man I thought that guy was long gone but I guess I gotta do me a little bit of you mission Oh let's do this I'm gonna go get lots o alright you can't do this please Bonnie is waiting for me sorry boss's orders Lonzo the prisoner is away and well well good good good chuckles welcome back to Sunnyside you won't get away with this someone will come rescue me just like they always do Lotso your reign of terror is gonna be over soon oh but my reign of terror in going anywhere I'm here for the long run now twitch can you do me a favor anything for you boss I bow to you you make sure this guy doesn't leave you hear me he's been a bad boy he needs to be locked away uh yes yes you look ridiculous Lotso what is that thing even on your arm I don't know some key put it on call me mega Thanos so now I just roll with it so have fun at Sunny sad I got other businesses to attend to welcome back old friend chuckles hahaha this is no laughing matter twitch please do me a favor break me out of here cannot do sorry boss's orders come on please please no I have to stand guard no no no Oh oof Here I am Sonny shot now if I were locked so I probably put him back where he put my friends you know if he's holding chuckles somewhere I know chuckles was an old friend but I didn't know he won't steal capture him I mean come on that's kind of weird but anyway come on gotta work my way up oh man these steps are big forgot this place so many bad cold memories but it's alright as long as I save them now where is he let's see oh there he is oh no there's a guard wait just twitch I got this won't be one mono e mono I knew someone was coming woody please help what who is woody oh hello there Sheriff woody can I help you I believe that there's not enough room in this town for the two of us and that clown he's coming with me I am sorry strict orders from overlord Lotso to not let chuckles the clown out of Sunnyside I must obey he holds the Infinity Gauntlet now infinity what a future I don't know it's a new thing that he's about I I'm not really sure will anyway sorry got to go around gotta go around no no intruder alert must get Lotso must get Lotso must get lot so what they actually had all about woody doesn't matter quick break me out of here yes sir come on you got to come with me we have to hurry before before he comes look you can't be that bad it's just loud shoot well well well if it isn't the sheriff sheriff woody what brings you back to Sunnyside oh you're trying to take our new friends yeah new friends more like old friends you've changed lots ooh you're a madman me a madman ah no no no if I was a madman I'd snap my fingers and destroy half for the world but I'm not gonna do that because you're a toy and that's just a toy gauntlet right there yeah yeah partly because of that but sin I just wanted you bag chuckles I wanted you back in my life and why did you lock me in a cage like that you're an animal an absolute animal yeah and we're gonna get out of here oh no no no leave you just got here there is no leaving Sunnyside well watch me I did it once as did I and I don't want to come back again oh except you forgot one one minor detail I'll run it around here and I'll have guards on every single door just like before so you might as well just hop back in your cage Sheriff now that you're gonna join the Sunnyside crew ah never join you luck so I got one job one job only and that's to break tear chuckles out of here ah well just you try okay yeah see you then wait well I didn't mean a figure you get back gear yeah good thinking woody let's just get back out of here wait I didn't mean like that wait come on get back here man come on this isn't funny you can't just leave Sunnyside like this oh yeah watch me who's gonna stop me not you buddy I'll get the guards after you I will woody I'll get the guards they'll be at the gates come on let's just get out of here woody this clown who's the real clown here yeah that's what I'm talking about chuckles now bonnie was very worried about you okay she was she never plays with me anymore so it's good to hear that she still cares well actually I meant to say dolly but uh whatever yeah same thing same thing what'd you say no no nothing new definitely Bonnie all right come on follow me but wait a minute how the heck are we gonna get out of here what if his minions come we got to be quick woody we got to find a way out of this place how'd you come in well I hopped over the wall there was a ladder on the other side but now we're all locked in oh shoot what are we gonna do well there's only one thing to do I use it for emergencies but this is definitely an emergency and what's that booze getting you pair of wings oh that's kind of convenient now come on follow me to the top of this but what do you how are you gonna don't worry about you I'll grab on to you buddy are you sure about this I'm so sure all right then let's do this thing then all right grab ahold all right I'm here all right three two one here we go my goodness let's get out of here what do you were doing it we're flying get over that wall get over that wall all right let's take you back to Barney's house yeah forget you lot so I escaped ah all right chuckles here we are home sweet home woody I can't tell you how much this means to me I mean just to know that someone cares even if it's Bonnie or dolly it means a heck of a lot to me Thank You woody of course I'm just glad we could get you out of there yeah me too to be honest with you me too all right let's go well hopefully uh oh my goodness what do you thank you thank you I'm home Oh chuckles we were so worried you were oh that's a relief uh I was so scared lots out I know come on we'll take you inside thank you what do you thank you oh no problem so long Sheriff yeah feels good doing good deeds it wouldn't be a toy story day unless some toy needed some saving blood guys anyway thank you guys so much for watching if you guys did enjoy make sure to smash that like button down below if you gentlemen sure you do subscribe for more episodes every single day and hopefully we don't got a deal with that bear lot so now that is bad but anyway guys we'll see you all shot the next one see you later good bye

45 thoughts on “Minecraft Toy Story – Can Woody Save Toys From Lotso's Jail!? [14]

  1. Tripolar in the next sonic video please make sonic kill himself so amy can love him again and then he comes back to life as super / golden sonic

  2. 1, Why does Lotso have the Infinity Gauntlet? I know he’s purple but… HE’S NOT THANOS!!!
    2, It’s funny how Tripolar remembered that Chuckles existed and Pixar forgot he was even a character. He wasn’t in Toy Story 4. Pixar also forgot Totoro and Peas in a Pod but that has nothing to do with the video so… nevermind.
    3. If Lotso/Thanos took Chuckles, WHY DIDN’T HE JUST TAKE MORE TOYS?!?

  3. Yeah another toy story episode. But you should make a villain team up,but first introduce prospector because the toys keep angering all the villains.🤔

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