19 thoughts on “Medical Residency Applications Advice Tips from Program Directors

  1. He passed USMLE all steps in first attempts with low scores. It is doesn’t means he is without knowledge and also three years residency is learning phase. Why these criminals don’t understand.These type of program directors are not themselves are doctors but indirectly murderers. Now I lost my friend and there are plenty others victims of RED FLAGS will suicide.

  2. Red flags! Before disqualify any US IMG with 10 years of experience please also suggest other options to survive with family in USA? One of my friend he committed suicide while in depression because of these red flags he didn’t qualify despite applied consecutive 5 years.

  3. It seems that they do not look at each applicant as a whole package! They just choose the easiest way and filter them. PDs who are doing this will miss many good applicants. Having high scores does not necessarily mean that a person could be a good doctor. The "whole CV" should be considered.

  4. some of this is useful, some of it is cynical crap. Especially the I don't read personal statements, they can't help you only hurt you crap. I wonder if he bothers to take a history from his patients or just sends them to get a CT when they walk in the door. I also loathe the comment about a high score on the USMLE meaning less for those who have more time to study for it. The boards are not a trophy or a race to win. They are indicators of a candidate's knowledge base and clinical reasoning skills. A candidate who has the time and takes advantage of it to study slowly and steadily likely has a greater grasp of the concepts and a stronger foundation than one who crams for these exams. A couple of these guys, I tell you, were they PDs in my department, they wouldn't be so for long. It is sad to admit, but I have found over the years that although medicine is perhaps the most "human" of professions, too often physicians are the least "human" of professionals.

  5. Fabulous video. Thank you for sharing!!! I need your help with this question, which may sound dumb. Will be soon applying for residency in IM (GME applicant). Was lucky to have opportunities for substantial research in digestive diseases/cancer and radiation oncology in med school. I am drawn towards GI as my ultimate career goal. Is it ok to share my ultimate goal during IM residency interview. Since lot of schools probably trains majority of IMs to meet the needs in primary care, urgent care, hospital medicine and so forth. Will I be impacting my chance for IM if I share upfront my underlying intention to do IM is to get into GI?

  6. This feels somewhat like a scam. So many img doctors are pouring money and effort out to take the steps and equal amount of money to apply to residency, only to hear imgs can be filtered out based on certain factors with a click of a finger. Hospitals should rather be just upfront… and inform applicants that if you failed this or that dont apply.

  7. This is the most IMG non friendly crap that I've come across so far. A bunch of pretentious program directors on a power trip of their lifetime. Smh

  8. How is paid clinical experience looked down upon? IMG's have no other way to get away rotations in the US without paying 1000's of dollars. The only way it's free is if we do an observership, but of course that's not favorable either. What a lose-lose.

  9. Hi. I'm an IMG, just recently emigrated to the US on a green card. I'm 6 years post graduation. How are my chances in view of when i qualified? Dr Lieber says 2 years, that worrisome. So i know not to waste my time and resources. Any replies are welcome

  10. As a family doc. I do not find the internal medicine docs knowledge or training to be more profound then ours. In my humble opinion if you are an IM and do not choose to go into fellowship..then there is no sig difference. Both at that point are doing primary or hospital work. And in that case, at the risk of sounding bias… IM’s have not received training in Peds -obgyn, nor were they required to manage and deliver at least pts babies to graduate from there program.

  11. I am very greatfull for the valuable information… I'm a canadian foreign medical student studying in romania. I don't have a very good grades in first 3 years in basic sciences. however I'm trying make up for it by learning as much as possible to score the highest for the usmle steps.. research is very hard to find considering they dont provide any funding here nor time… I would love to get into research and internships but opportunities are limited in Romania. besides my personality and usmle scores what suggestions could you give me to make my CV look stronger considering my transcript is bare average? If i score 240+ does my transcript take away from my application? I also graduate in 2019 so I am limited with time. I would greatly appreciate the input! 🙂

  12. is it just a coincidence that to find no comments here?? dont worry guys PDs dont have the time to gp through you tube comments section ;p

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