mavic drone repair

mavic drone repair

well here is the drone, im hoping its ok had a test only.did not take long and less than an hour, amazon at £50, but ebay was half that !!!!. so ill have a test for real soon and check camera etc .. cheers

Ross I let me film it too Legg Amazon fifty-pound roughly bit disappointed the fan Johnny by half the price and that's the replies this wibbly-wobbly bond here which is broken which I'm you know at Raj igloo no no chance so I've got a strip descent now strip this down and set the leg off and replaced it and solder the other one back in which I will do I'll just do a little bit of video here than there to show you what a little toolkit on ebay a couple days ago I think a 6-pound delivered Chris needs a little hex screws a hex bolts knots whatever you call them and that's about it so I'll overlook stripping this their usual thing is a few screws there just gives at the back turn this over couple screws here couple of screws there tippin's cover it off as another screw there then hopefully pry off this top section which will expose the warning and the other screws to do this anyway okay don't undo this for me Cheers right on done the 12 screws from underneath and where to other places but since it got come large on when you pry them off enough to just pull the tape back a little bit to expose them I've left them that have little stick back on if not I'll cross that bridge put all the screws in the little keepsake fear on the side there there's only two screws which are different the two small ones they're from underneath here but that they're only a fraction smaller so that's exposed that now all I've got to do now is unsold are the three wires here got them more screws off here and I cut the screws here and that leg will come off a total time now is five minutes Cheers that's the leg disassembled just say two screws there and one in the back that's come out they're obviously gone fishing with solder annoying because of lift stairs just two unsolved of those total time ten minutes Cheers that's them soldered on just checked and I've got to just click them all back in there flip them all in there put the screws in and that's the arm on just took a couple of minutes because I've gone get the soldier night soldier now is not the best one actually I think it's a 6-pound job loss special not brilliant it's important to get a decent one because you want the heat just to heat straight away and this one took a little bit of time you know a few seconds more they need to but anyway I'll just assemble a few things back together and just check it off Cheers all right the only thing that you've gotta be careful of is when you plug in the back section when you when you tell you the part and also make sure it's all clipped together add a little bit of an issue on this front section I've managed to swap over some of the the type here the camera this has caught the bits missing but as you say not not to worry but there you have I think it's not too bad I haven't checked it yet there may be other issues with it we need to help out the tree but I'll have a look up with the props on I don't want starting in the house but I can always start it and not flight if you understand and see if all the motors work and we'll work it from there I'll try and get that sort in the next few minutes anyway cheers folks I've got all night working I don't you want to take up with an obstacle is about there but I see notice running seems okay very dubious of doing anything else now we'll sell it goes in the next few – Cheers magical so just stopped it now it's just cooling down very reluctant to do anything in the house because as you say it can be a bit awkward it's saying an obstacle but what I'll do is do something even more stupid all the soot right on the floor Cheers okay I'm just it in here as well you know and yeah anyway that's all I'm gonna do in the house I'm not gonna do anything else it seemed to were liftoff and I'm happy enough with that so that's took just under 50 minutes to repair I'm just hoping that once I get things organized I'll get back into the air cheers folks

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  1. I don't whats braver stripping it yourself to do the fix or trying it out in the house, hats off to you for both Colin. I'm itching to get myself one, swaying towards the Air rather than the pro what do you think mate?

  2. Nice fix. If it let you take off it must be fairly happy that all is OK. You now have to re-do your trip to get the drone footage you missed LOL 🙂

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