Markdown tutorial

Markdown tutorial

Classic tutorial on what Markdown is and how to use it.

so hello and welcome it's Steven from pop makes comm we've recently added a new notes editor to our site and it uses a system called markdown so this is a very brief markdown tutorial to help you on your way into writing brilliant notes within pod medics so this is what I think you need to know firstly what exactly is markdown you also need to know how to write markdown and we'll go through some headings phrases emphases and lists etc but the main thing is why would you want to do this and how is this going to benefit you we'll also touch on that so bullies markdown well markdown is a writing tool that essentially allows you to write plain text and tag formatting such as bold and italics and lists as you go along using the punctuation marks based on your keyboard it was originally developed by a gentleman called John Gruber and Adam Schwartz and the overriding design principle from our town is that it's very readable and when we write for websites we usually tag things using a code called hypertext markup language or HTML and this is not very readable at all so the idea of markdown is that you can use simple punctuation marks to denote formatting and this will be then transmitted into HTML and you might be thinking well why would I want to be doing that we'll go through that in a moment so Deming fireball is the blog of John Gruber so I do recommend that you visit this site so why write in markdown well there are lots of reasons to my team markdown but I feel the most important ones are that when you write that your formatting stays where it should so sometimes you may format something in a word processor and then try and place it on a web application or in a different application and your formatting gets all screwed up so one of the best reasons to writing markdown is that your formatting will stay where it should whether it's in plain text or whether it's imported into a web application or another desktop application it's also very very fast a type and there's no mouse required you can do it as you're typing never take your hands off the keyboard and I think that's great when your text is formatted in markdown it's very easy to read the tags the punctuation mark tags don't get in the way and when it's marked up as you or should say really markdown in its plain text form the punctuation marks still mean something so that even when you've tried to make something look bold it still kind of looks bold when it's marked up and you'll see that well later let me show you a preview it's also very easy to write so it's it's not particularly difficult the punctuation marks are accessible and everybody's keyboard and when you get used to it very very quick for more information you can go to the pod medics site at Potter makes dr. aqua calm and read a blog article that I've written about why I like to use markdown so let's get into it and let's first talk about headings now there are various levels of headings going from the top level heading a second level heading third fourth and so forth and the way you donate heading levels is by using the hash sign so this hash or pound sign in front of the text that you want as your heading will give you a top level heading if you put two hash signs in this will give you a second level heading and so on and so forth so for a six level heading you need to put six hash signs it's a bit of a mouthful phrase emphasis so the things we use to emphasise phrase are bold and italics and to write at the tala size text place an asterisk before and after the text you want to appear in italics and this will give you italicized text for bold text you can use two asterisks and this will give you emboldened text listing items so for our unordered lists which are a list of bullets you can use the minus sign you can also use others like the plus or a single asterisk and we'll go through that a bit later this will give you a bulleted list for ordered lists where you want numbers to appear you can simply just type the numbers 1 dot and then space at the list item that you want we'll give you a bullet point that appears as a number in the text so that's very easy and intuitive you can also write links and the way that you do this is that you write the name of the link that you want to appear in the text in square brackets and then you put open a parenthesis and you put the URL of the link that you want it to link to and you also put the name do you want to appear when the mouse is hovered over their text and you can put this in quotation marks before you close the parentheses and this will give you something that looks like that and when you click it it will take you to the link that you've specified within the parentheses there are lots of other things such as code blocks quotations images and horizontal rules but I probably won't show all of them to you it's probably best to go to either the Wikipedia page or John goobers page and let's have a look at a preview now so okay this is how we're going to do our preview we've got two panes here and I'm using an application called notational velocity alt and in the left-hand pane over here you're going to be seeing what I'm typing and I'm gonna be typing the text that I want but I'm also going to be typing the formatting in line with the text and you'll be able to see a preview of what that gives us on this right-hand pane here the preview pane so let's start with a simple heading so if you remember to do a top level heading which is what I want for the title of this note I'm going to use a single hash sign and then I'm gonna type the the title of my note so there's my title and you see on the right-hand side it's giving us a top-level heading then I can write this is some more text about the note so that's just a normal paragraph and you donate paragraphs just by separating something on a new line and then probably I want here I'm gonna have a second level heading something like that so I'm going to do two hash signs and next heading so that's if you notice on the preview this is slightly smaller than the top level heading this is a second level heading donated by these two hash signs here okay so let's just write some more text so Paul you do this you need to these three things : ok so we're going to do an ordered list now so I want bullet points but as a number to create the list we need to do a new line and we simply type the number for the first bullet so number dot and space if you don't like the space it won't work oops this thing let me press return to give us a new line another number another dot another space that thing another press return or enter another number another dot another space the other thing ok so you see on my preview it's giving us a nice and ordered list with numbers and then we'll write another paragraph the other things you need to know and we're gonna do an unordered list here so again we want a newline to have some spacing and there are a number of characters you can use for this you can use an asterisk and then write some text that will give you a bullet point here and I can also replace this asterisk with a plus sign and that will you see the preview doesn't change at all but you can also use the minus side and this is probably my favorite because on my keyboard I don't actually need to press the shift key or anything and it's just just right there I can press it so then press return and I'm going to do another I'm gonna do the minus sign if you see on the preview it's actually formatted is bold so far but if I carry on typing then it will give me my bulleted list back lets make just one more bullet point just one more very gay so that's bullet points so how about if I wanted to make something bold I wanted to emphasize it and make it bold I could if you remember bold was two asterisks so that means when we type our text we enter the two asterisks in line as they terrestris here bold and two risks and that gives us bold text okay and how about I tell us so remember it was one asterisk so ITA LIC and there gives us an italic word just like that so it really is that it that simple I'll show you a couple more things what I find useful sometimes is a horizontal rule and the way you can do that is just by pressing the minus sign loads of times going over the page and then pressing enter and that gives a horizontal rule so we can buy something underneath this so let's say for more information please visit and and then we'll do a link so to do an ink you open the square brackets and then you type the name of the link thee as you want it to appear in a text so for this I'm going to write formal X and that's all I really want so then you can close the bracket the square bracket that is and open a normal rounded bracket and this is where you write the actual link to the site so HTTP was a force class I'm going to link it to our new b2 site then you close the brackets and that's all you need to do and here over on the preview you've seen that it goes into a link and if I click it there and hover over it you can see that the mouse cursor changes like that if we click on that little takes to the site but also you can add a hover text over it so if you the way you do that is you go into the bracket do a space and open some inverted commas and then you type the text that you want to appear when you hover over so let's just say the new site and then we put inverted commas over and it doesn't change the look of the link as it is in the text but when you do hover over it you do see that this this new hover text comes so that's it that's quite a nice touch and that's really all you need to know to get started with markdown it's really quite simple once you get to use it and it's really great way to rent all of your pod medic's notes and ensure that all your formatting will stay in the same place and once you get used to it is really quick and really useful I think probably the best way to get used to markdown is to just to go and have a play with it and you can go to our site and make some notes or you can just google markdown demo and it'll take you to a page where you can have a play with markdown and try out the syntax and and do go to the daring fireball drug groomers site and to read about the syntax and there's also a very good Wikipedia page that you can read about all the different things you can do because I haven't show you all of them to you here and just have a play so I hope this is useful for you we're looking forward to seeing some notes written by yourselves on Padma let's calm and good luck

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  1. Thanks for the useful introduction on Markdown In the first sentence, I wrote Markdown with one asterik on each side and the result appears bold. Is this some sort of syntax similar to Markdown?

  2. Italic + bold together is 3x *
    horisontal line u need only 3x minus – or ===

    I rly wont know how i can start paragraph from tabulator or normal not bulet list without formating
    – hi 1 hero dialog
    – hello 2 hero dialog
    – what i must do if i not wont bullet list and ordered list only start from minus?
    not bulet coz this is better when u write dialog for books or some simple script.
    Also 4 spaces or 1 tab is not start from paragraph only code block txt… This is rly somtime pain it the ass markdown is cool but not perfect if i must add some other tamplete or css if i wont write simple book…

    I think i must write css or tamplete for my personal setting. Then program will be good.

    I use iA writer for windows i buy program and my problem is i cant export to PDF program tell export ok but file not egsist this is super anoing. Again genius from apple cant fix so simple problem… Then why he sell windows version?

    I rly wont ullysses on windows this i think is best distract free word procesor for modern os. But personaly i still use WordStar 4.0 for dos. This is best word procesor ever made and i love that but i must convert all my txt to plain txt file then edit all again in modern txt editor this is only minus… But program is rly from a STARS. Thanks for vid, cheers from Poland.

  3. hm

    regular κανονικά
    bold έντονα
    italics πλάγια
    bold italics έντονα πλάγια
    strikethrough με διαγραφή

    # Heading1? 🙂

  4. I purchased this app recently, and I can honestly say that I appreciate the way it helps us with our ability to write documents that are ready for the web. Markdown has been impressive thus far. Thank you for sharing this introduction with us.

  5. How do you set up Markdown??? – i went to github to learn to learn the set up and did not understand….. can you explain

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