Mark Wahlberg Gives Terrible Celebrity Advice to Tom Holland | The Graham Norton Show

Mark Wahlberg Gives Terrible Celebrity Advice to Tom Holland | The Graham Norton Show

Get a jacuzzi… get a medical marijuana license…
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Tom knew to Hollywood this is all brand new yeah while I've watched your show so much I feel like I know you know this is surreal to me this is my life has flipped upside down in the last six weeks it's exactly because mark you had this when you know you made it big you went to Hollywood and I mean it's been kind of documented in Entourage but what advice would you have for Tom papa I'm the last person you should ask for a girl but you've never been to jail have you there is a complete role reversal see I went to jail before I had a career so he's going to go to jail at some point during your career yeah don't take any advice for me the first check I got I ran to the Mercedes dealer I bought a car I didn't have money for registration or insurance the police told the vehicle because I was driving without insurance so you don't want any advice for me ladies the move get a jacuzzi I just met all your brothers bring the boys the county license hey you got an excuse me the password pardon oh I will have some done for me hold on there I got four kids I could yelled at and I did tell me how much they hate me they give me a daddy I love you the best dad ever Father's Day card which is nice right then that works that's a beautiful thing but go have some fun good looking guy that's terrible advice but I hear you where Norton here if you'd like to see even more stuff like that that hit subscribe Auto free world but I know what I do in that situation

49 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg Gives Terrible Celebrity Advice to Tom Holland | The Graham Norton Show

  1. 45 days in jail for a 2 year sentence lol, not much of a hardened criminal. Mark Wahlberg is such a disappointment. Guy whose given an amazing opportunity to learn from his mistakes and to recognize how lucky he is and he decides to conclude that "It's cause god helped and he's awesome." Total lack of self-awareness, total lack of objectivity and intellectual growth, and a really self serving set of morals/rules that he seems to portray.

  2. Man, Mark Wahlberg is kinda scary on talk shows. He seems like he's trying to hold down his anger. He was actually kinda positive when telling Tom to enjoy himself and then Graham totally undermined everything he said and he did not look happy.

  3. Ya have some fun. Make some horrible music and music videos. Then turn that into a movie career that when all is said and done just makes you a lot of money and nothing else. Lol.

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