Mark Kermode reviews Entourage

Mark Kermode reviews Entourage

Mark Kermode reviews Entourage. Movie star Vincent Chase returns with his boys E, Turtle and Johnny Drama, going back into business with former-agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold in a risky project that will serve as his directorial debut. But with births, weddings, fights and financiers causing trouble along the way, the road to success is never easy.

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Well, I mean it's no surprise, I do hate it. I absolutely hate it. Ioathe it, I despise it, I detest it I feel contempt for it, I, I just… everything about it rattles every one of my cages. And there's a number of reasons but let's begin with something that was said in that interview when you said to Jeremy Piven – is it fair to say that this how the women are portrayed and he said well yeah, what you have to understand is it's a male fantasy. Well firstly, that's not an excuse.

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  1. Man, Kermode really, really, really got angry on this review, of course according to Simon Mayo that's the Secondary Infection. Although I will watch the TV series instead.

  2. Has anyone ever wrote a Poem about Mark Kermode ? I did, in good natured humour. To see it just simply type in the search bar above this title……..My Ode to Kermode

  3. The funny thing is the makers of this film and the series think all men want to be like this but it's not true. The friends in Entourage are the kind of assholes you see in a bar and say to your friends look at those doucebags and they are hated by most of the others guys in the bar and the only girls who like them are skanks. That fat douch Turtle is only hanging around them because he is a childhood friend of the good looking one and really they all are. I hate to see douchbags like this out at a club are even in everyday life so why would I pay a cent to see a movie about them. I watched about 10 minutes of one episode and was disgusted that idiots like this do excist and Hollywood pays them money. I put this up with the Jersey Shore.

  4. On the plus side, I heard a rumour that everyone involved in this films production now has HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

  5. I dunno what Mark's talking about. He embraces the celebrity lifestyle, with fans fawning over him wherever he goes, getting the best tables in restaurants, studio execs begging him to give their movie's a good review, swimsuit models offering to take him home to 'discuss Friedkin's movies'…… I've seen the photos of him partying with Danny Dyer.

  6. This man seems badly limited by his inability to use profanity in this situation. They should have let him rip in my view.

  7. Sorry but I know people who like this film! This is what people are now it's all me,me,me and about apparent status!

  8. It's actually a real shame the movie turned out the way it did considering the first few series on HBO were brilliant and very much offered up the male equivalent to the fellow HBO bemouth, Sex and the City. But yes, the movie sucked. Big time.

  9. Like most people I'll disagree with Mark Kermode from time to time (and I may sound like a bigot on this occasion to be chiming in on a film I've not seen) but there is something expansive and very meaningful about his commentary on this film which deeply resonates with me in relation to other Hollywood films I've had the misfortune to sit through. His points about the vacuous materialism and permissive misogyny pull at a thread which should really be yanked all the way out – because this absence of self awareness is in essence everything that is shit about Hollywood in comparison with European and International films. Thanks for calling it out and saying it like it is.

  10. This is exactly what I thought about The Wolf of Wall Street.
    I was waiting for him to be punished by Kama but it never happened, and instead we found out that he’d made even more money by writing about his horrible life and selling the film rights!

  11. One of Mark's best reviews, although it does mean that this horrible film is responsible for at least one good outcome.

  12. So this is Marks worst movie of the last 10 years…2 hrs after hearing this for the first time i'm still laughing my head off but he is right.There is nothing quite as savage as a reviewer with a complete knowledge of the English language.
    This rant is up there with Schnepps Transformers Age Of Extinction rant

  13. If you change the context around a bit, he really rips into all these social media influencers and people who flex their money and all that BS.

  14. Your deadpan review style does nothing for me. More passion please!

    (joking for anyone who thinks I've lost my mind)

  15. [I would comment but I am throwing up just thinking about this film and everything to do with it up to and inclusive of a mystical, metaphysical, micro and macro molecular structure and beyond and above. I just can not stop puking. It's been almost 40 years now and it's only getting worse. Thank you.]

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