Lull Mattress Review | 3 Best & Worst Features (2019 UPDATED)

Lull Mattress Review | 3 Best & Worst Features (2019 UPDATED)


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Lull Mattress Review | 3 Best & Worst Features (2019 UPDATED). In this video, Jeff covers the Lull bed review. This is an all-foam bed in a box that has a memory foam top layer. Jeff makes sure to discuss feel, firmness and which types of sleepers this online mattress is best for. Ultimately, he thinks the bed accommodates all sleeper types, including back sleeper, stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Thanks for watching this Lull mattress in a box review.

Lull Mattress Review:

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hey everyone I'm Jeff Roselle from the summer yard and today we're doing a video about the Lowell mattress this is one of the most popular bed and abox mattresses out there and we haven't done many videos about it I'm kind of disappointed about that so in today's video we're just going to cover the three best features of the bed and the three worst things about this bed so that way you have both sides of it now we did do a full mega review on our website and I'll leave the link to that down below in the description basically there's a bunch of stuff you want to check out in the description below I do hope you find the video helpful though and if you do make sure to give us a thumbs up right Jadey thumbs up thumbs up comment any comments down below in that comment section I'll see you in a second all right so like a lot of these bender box mattresses with Lowell you get completely free shipping it shows up in a box you get a 100 night trial period so you can test it at your own house nobody telling you what to do which is awesome and then you get free returns if you don't like it and a 10 year warranty so that's kind of the basic stuff you'll get with a lot of these online mattresses I would say the three best things about this bed number one is that it just has an accommodating feel so we see this with quite frankly a lot of mattresses but this has a little bit more of a unique feel in that it has a hint of memory foam without having that overwhelming stuck in the mud feel to it so it's pressure relieving still pretty supportive but I think universally comfortable so most people will lay on the bed and say yeah it's it's pretty dang comfortable it should be good for all sleeper types back stomach side and combination and just overall it has an accommodating neutral foam / memory foam feel so just kind of right in the middle there it is unique in the sense that you can tell as memory foam but it's not going to be overwhelming for you it's not gonna be like a traditional memory foam bed where you sink in slowly over time and start sweating that's not what this like it actually only has like a one and a half inch layer of memory foam so I think it's pretty subtle and I overall I actually like the feel of the bed the other thing is durability so we don't have a mattress roll later here but we checked consumer reports and they have one and they gave this bed a great or an excellent in terms of durability so that's over 10 years of use did it show any depressions or stuff like that but they gave it a great which by the way matches the same rating that they gave Kasper and some of these other online mattresses so in terms of durability it's gonna be pretty good for anybody that's like under 225 pounds or 250 pounds so if you're petite or medium sized should be great in terms of durability and the last thing at least on the positive side is the price so the MSRP for this bed is about $900 for a queen-size mattress but Lowell always offers a discount whether in cart or on the mattress page and they usually bring it down to about 750 to 800 for a queen-size mattress so if you just compare that to Lisa or Casper it's about you know anywhere from like 50 to 100 then Lisa depending and anywhere from like a hundred to two hundred dollars cheaper than Casper so for a similar feeling bed you get it much cheaper if you go through a lull so I'd say one of the advantages is price look it's not a cheap mattress it's not like you know it's cheapest stuff the needle or zionists or some of these other guys but it is pretty affordable so I count that as a positive thing now what I count as a negative thing is where the bed is manufactured so according to lols website it is made in various factories throughout the US and China so I guess it's not entirely made in the US now all the phones are still certipure-us certified so they're still safe to sleep on and it has to meet all these rigorous standards but for anybody that only likes buying american-made wool I can't 100% ensure to you that this bed was made in the United States because apparently sometimes it is going to be made in China the other thing is that it only comes in one firmness so if you want a particularly soft bed or a really firm bed that's not going to be the loyal' mattress because it only comes in one feel and it's about a medium on the soft to firm scale so if you want anything at the ends of the barbell you probably can't go with the low mattress I'll link some other beds in the description or a list probably our best mattress lists down below in the description so just one firm is level you can't choose super soft you can't choose super firm and the last thing and this is just me being nitpicky but it's kind of annoying and you can actually feel it a little bit if you're like active in your sleep it has a loose cover so I mentioned this when I first tried out this bed like over a year ago I just was like I don't love to cover it's soft it's nice but it's so loose that it kind of can bunch up on you and I know that's not a huge deal because you're putting sheets on it and most people probably won't feel it but it is it's just loose loose or them with most beds again if you're super active in your sleep kind of moving around you might be able to bunch that that a cover up and it could make you mad so that's the little mattress again I did do a full review this thing a whole review on our website and that'll be linked in the description I hope this was helpful though I'll see you next time have a great

27 thoughts on “Lull Mattress Review | 3 Best & Worst Features (2019 UPDATED)

  1. I bought a Lull about a month ago. I really like it. For me, the loose cover thing isn't a factor. I have a pillow topper on top of it and it's really comfy. If there's one little and I do mean little negative, it's that there's a faint smell of foam still hanging around. It's not really objectionable and when I get off of my lazy ass, one day I plan to pull back the covers and spread a little baking powder on it for the day. Overall, I would recommend it.

  2. Bought this mattress and it was too firm for me. I love memory foam but the bed has only 1.5 inches of memory foam and isn't enough to support myself. I am 6'1 190 195 pounds. when trying out this bed I woke up with shoulder pain and back pain. If you are 6 feet tall and over 190 this bed will feel very firm and offer little support for side sleepers. This is just my opinion, I tried the bed out for a week before returning. Also wanted to also say I think your guy's reviews are great! but it would be nice to also hear from someone 190 200 pounds speak just because of the weight differences when trying out beds will have different opinions to give.

  3. thinkin on this but WOW you REALLY sank deep when you sat on it…not much when laying which is good but when you sat on it it went down real deep

  4. Maybe I should start stuffing an oversized pillowcase with 3 different cuts of foam and sell it for $800 too. Sounds like a good hustle.

  5. praying that your reviews and videos will finally help me get some pressure relief. I dont have a ton of money and have actually been in tears trying to find a bed in a box mattress that helps me finally get some sleep. Thank you for everything you do. Im desperate for a good nights sleep

  6. needs a mattress cover we call them fart sacks then fitted sheet I have had this bed for almost 4 years its still good washed the cover a number of times it unzips

  7. I've had this mattress since Sept 2018. I'm super happy with it. I had a medium Zinus before hand and it was much more firm than this one. I woke up with back aches on the Zinus. Also I put bamboo sheets on this one and for me it's perfect.

  8. This one seems like it's worth a second look, especially for the price – I'll have to check out your full review 🙂

  9. I really like these quick 3 worst/best videos on individual mattresses. They've helped me to figure out my contenders easier!

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